Welcome, constant reader, to another edition of The Awakening Times Magazine! July saw the auspicious day of Guru Purnima or the Guru’s Full Moon. 

It’s a day in which everything aligns in such a way so as to facilitate and encourage our growth in consciousness, into a higher state of being; kinder, calmer, more aware, more free, a day of enlightenment and liberation. 

On this day we honor the Guru because he, or she, serves as a beacon that illuminates our path towards self-discovery, and prescribes the precise medicine needed to help cure us of the ignorance of our own possibilities. 

In the Guru, we honor our potential and the best parts of our humanity.

We are proud to present all the stories in this month’s edition, but we are especially grateful to be able to bring you stories of the Guru and the divinity which is ultimately represented by the him, or her.

Wishing you all health, happiness and great enlightenment!

The Editors

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

The Early Birds Club – Kids, Balkan contingent continues to make strides in the direction of a happy and healthy society; making early rising a fun and interesting prospect for children and initiating the day with activities which encourage introspection, concentration and positive purpose.

Animal Husbandry, is it Worth it?

Some thoughts on the economics and psychology behind animal husbandry and how difficult it is, even for farmers who feel for the plight of the animals they raise, to extricate themselves from the self perpetuating cycle.

The Joys of the Present Moment and Small Things

Every situation we find ourselves in is a fresh, new moment and with it comes the opportunity to explore a different attitude towards life and a different aspect of ourselves, in accord and in harmony with the given situation. Siddha Vaasi practitioner Stephen Grissom shares a case where getting stuck in one situational attitude causes us to miss the others, to the detriment of our well-being.

A Peek into Akka Mahadevi’s Life and Works

The Himalayan School of Traditional Dance shares the story of Akka Mahadevi, expressed in poetry and dance, whose extraordinary devotion to and intoxication with divinity, is as stirring today as it ever was, even a thousand years after her time.

The Unity of God, the Soul and the Guru

A personal understanding of unity beyond seeming duality and the role of a guru in the life of a seeker.

On Letting your Children be Themselves

Homespun advice on how to spot the inherent talents and inclinations in your children, how to give them room to explore those talents, and how top support them in their journey of self exploration and self expression.

Longing, Grief, Grace and Powerful Purpose

A deeply moving story of lifelong grief transformed into powerful purpose. Follow Dirk on his journey from the depths of despair, abandonment and alcoholism to the heights of joy in service as he is called across continents by Sathya Sai Baba, to be rescued miraculously from his own terrible, self-destructive sadness and empowered, in turn, to rescue young innocents from the unspeakable cruelty of brothels of India.

A Glimpse of Existence beyond Boundaries

It’s far too seldom that we get a glimpse of the state of being enjoyed by an enlightened Master; a truly boundary less existence wherein distance means nothing, no horizon is beyond reach, no realm inaccessible, the life and lives of the universe are laid bare, and communion and merger are the standard forms communication. This is the story of such a glimpse, granted through the grace of the Guru and generously shared by an earnest seeker, for the benefit of all who care to look a little deeper.

What you should know about RTT?

It may take many years to find our niche, but there is always a way in which our inherent can be put to good use, for our own fulfilment and the health and happiness of the people around us.

Mother’s Silky Sheet and Sweet Afternoons

A mother’s tender love is a treasure, as are the quiet moments we take to remember that love and savour its lingering fragrance within ourselves.

Self confidence and how to improve itStasa’s reminder

In the 3rd of seven articles on suggestions for addressing deficiencies and excesses in the main energy centres in our bodies, Stasa gives a yogic approach to healing and balancing the Manipura chakra, the centre associated with self-confidence, power and sense of identity.

FOMO or JOMO, Where do you Stand?

We often confuse the characteristics which make us unique, which may cause us to stand out or to function in unusual ways as weaknesses, but if we are aware of them, accept and express them, we understand them for the strengths they are.

What is the taste of waste?

2,460 tons of food per minute is thrown away world wide, which is 1/3 of the food we produce for consumption. Alarming, isn’t it?

The Awakening Times team visited exhibition about food waste, organized by the Catalan food bank in Spain, and was left speachless with the presented data.

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