Written by Carina Elizabeth Szabo

God, guru, and soul are One.

The statement that ‘God, guru and soul are one’ posed a conundrum to me that required further investigation. As a seeker, I felt compelled to find the answers for myself, not only to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, but also to open a door for my guru’s wisdom and teachings to penetrate my being and transform my life, to be more than who I currently am.

The Human Condition

Suffering is part of the human condition. Those who suffer emotionally, often ask God to relieve them of their suffering, and it is they who become the seekers, driven towards spirituality.

When the Student is Ready, the Master Appears.

It is only when the seeker is ready, like a ripe fruit, that the guru appears in the seeker’s life. The guru is needed to awaken the potential within the seeker. Since the guru has already achieved supreme consciousness, he/she is connected to Source, brilliantly enlightened, with access to knowledge and wisdom that is inwardly sourced, rather than from the external world.

The guru serves as a guide, helping seekers in their spiritual progress towards liberation. Through the guru’s spiritual, psychological, and practical insight, his instructions are tailored according to what is needed for the seeker to learn and advance spiritually.

Supreme Consciousness

God and guru are One in consciousness, it is guru who connects the seeker to God. The guru teaches the seeker about God, as he has attained a level of mastery, and as a master, the guru is more than a human being, he is evolved.

The magnificence and brilliance of God is indescribable, although His energy is likened to that of a thousand suns. Guru similarly possesses a brilliant enlightenment that draws seekers to him like moths to a light. 

Being Omnipotent, God is all knowing, of past, present and future – and present in every atom. The God particle that exists in every atom, exists in you, as it does in me. We are all part of Divine Unity – God, guru and soul – all One.

The role of the guru is to connect the seeker to God, so that the seeker can appreciate his own divinity and free himself from a life of suffering through enlightenment.  Once the seeker has self-realized, attained mastery, the need for guru ceases, and the seeker merges with the Guru and they become One in consciousness. There is no longer any distinction or separation. The seeker becomes the Guru.

Soul is Unchangeable, Always Peaceful

The soul is eternal, immortal, and immune to any changes. It is always peaceful whether it is in a body or not. It is eternal freedom, and it is not attached to the roller coaster called life. Soul, much like the petrol that runs the engine of a car, is not concerned with anything. If there is petrol in the car it runs; if not, it stands still.

The purpose of the soul is to move from being a fragment of light to merge into Supreme Consciousness – a part merging with the whole, referred to by some as liberation. When the soul has identification – flavours and memories – I’d call it an entity. When the entity takes a body,I’d call it  a being. Liberation is only in terms of having a form – from identification to formlessness and dissolution of all identities.

The State of Liberation

When one has really dissolved or attained the state of true liberation, there is no mind present to distinguish between states or to even realise that there is this state. It all merges together and you expand from there to become the entire cosmos. Everything becomes you or you become everything. The soul as such doesn’t have a separate identity unless it is in a form and therefore the soul as such doesn’t have goals. But the soul with an identification, flavours and memories, longs for liberation.

Guru, with or without Form

Much the same, guru takes a body as an enlightened being, a master, to awaken the inner being of the seeker, for the seeker to identify and understand the guru and his purpose. The true nature of the guru is not limited to form, he is formless, like soul and God are formless, so too is guru. This means that guru can appear in and out of form and is not limited to the form in which we recognise him. He can appear in many other forms that help lead to realisation.

God does not Talk to Us

God is non interfering and the most silent part of our life. God does not talk to us, nor does God ask anything of us. Just like soul, God is not involved in any of the activities of the world, however God is the energy that supports all of the the activities of the world. God is present in an atom and in the universe in its entirety.

God is everywhere.



To know how God operates, observe how your soul operates. They are very similar – non-interfering, supporting and providing.

All of the information provided in this article was sourced from gurus and based on my understanding of who and what God, guru and soul are, and answers a question I posed last year, about why I need a guru.


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