Written by Murali Tangirala

How to Spot Talent and Support it

As Indian people, we typically push our children to work towards engineering or medicine. How does one find the true interest of a child of say 13 years old, when they are about to enter high school?

  • Observe what they generally like to do.
  • They might have many activities, but there will be a few which they really enjoy doing. For instance, they take an interest in helping their mom in the kitchen and suggest ideas to her to make a new dish.
  • Observe them for a couple of years to determine if it is a genuine, lasting interest. If they actually read books on that topic and spend time on the internet searching for new recipes or learning about their favourite chef, then they have it in them to become a chef.
  • Make plans for them so that the interest can be pursued.
  • Determine the colleges/universities which offer relevant courses.
  • Encourage them to work towards their goal.
  • Always remember that no pressure should be applied.

A child’s preferences and talents are likely beyond engineering or medicine, and it is fine if they don’t get into one of those fields. There are so many other possible professions, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Athletics
  • Hotel Management
  • Banking / Investment Management
  • Fashion Design
  • Teaching
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts

These are of course just a few among many possibilities. Take time to understand what interests your children and encourage them to pursue their passions, so that they will be happy with what they do in life. Ultimately, that’s what we want;, our children’s happiness. 

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