Dear Constant Reader,

With immense joy, we present the Sathya Sai Special edition as our heartfelt tribute on the auspicious occasion of Baba’s birthday. To comprehend an Avatar, one must transcend the confines of the mind and seek the profound connection in the sanctum sanctorum of one’s heart.

Avatars transcend the realms of birth and death; they are indifferent to celebrations. Yet, what they cherish is our genuine care for one another and the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants. So, why then do we celebrate?

For us at The Awakening Times, the answer is simple. We celebrate to share Baba’s profound wisdom, disseminate His teachings, and propagate His universal message of love: Love all – serve all, Help ever – hurt never.

We are elated and inspired to share the perspectives and uplifting stories of Baba’s devotees, whom we’ve had the privilege of conversing with. As you flip these pages, you will be immersed in Baba’s realm of love, and, like us, you will be inspired to take immediate action and join hands with others in fostering goodness for all.

As with all things cosmic and inscrutable, there is not so much as breath or a heartbeat which is not accounted for by the consciousness of an Avatar. Every step, every encounter, every connection, every word read or heard, has been divinely ordained and is an invitation to recognize and embody the best of ourselves: perfect freedom, perfect love, perfect awareness. Sai Baba is these things and more still than we could ever understand, with this understanding and with deepest humility, we present to you these precious glimpses of Baba and the people he has touched, in the hopes you will also be touched, inspired and perhaps even moved.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the remarkable individuals who shared their stories and to every team member who contributed to this edition, demonstrating exceptional dedication in just a matter of days.

Happy Birthday, Baba!

The Awakening Times