Are you an artist or musician who seeks to infuse spirituality, wisdom, and inspiration into your creations? Do you yearn for a platform to showcase your unique perspectives and artistic pieces that uplift and stir the human soul? Awakening Times warmly announces a new avenue for collaboration, extending an invitation to emerging and established artists and musicians from all creative spheres to embark on a transformative journey with us.

What We’re Seeking:

Our invitation embraces artists and musicians who wish to share their creative expressions with a global community in search of enlightenment and insight. Whether your medium is painting, illustration, photography, music composition, sculpture, digital art, or any other form of creative expression, we encourage you to be part of our creative endeavor.

Art and Music That Transcend:

We value art and music that transcends borders and resonates with the higher aspects of existence. Your creations should embody depth, purpose, and inspiration, reflecting universal truths that awaken the human spirit.

Collaborative Possibilities:

Collaborating with Awakening Times opens doors to a multitude of opportunities:

Featured Stories: Present your artwork or musical compositions as captivating visual or auditory narratives in our magazine, allowing your creations to merge with spiritual wisdom and insights.

Exclusive Interviews: Share the stories behind your art or music through an interview conducted by our team, offering readers a glimpse into the creative journey that fuels your work.

Cover Illustrations: Lend your unique artistic style to grace our magazine’s cover page, becoming an integral part of our visual identity.

Musical Showcases: Musicians can share their compositions and performances with our audience, fostering a resonance of profound melodies and messages.

Collaboration with Friend Organizations: Showcase your creations with our network of partner organizations and partake in their festivals and exhibitions.

Amplified Reach: Experience the power of your work resonating with a broader audience as we share your art and music through our website, social media platforms, and personal networks.

How to Join the Creative Journey:

To embark on this collaborative artistic odyssey, kindly connect with us at Introduce yourself, share your portfolio, and illuminate how your art or music aligns with our mission of disseminating spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

We wholeheartedly believe that art and music possess the potency to transcend barriers and awaken dormant truths within us. Let’s join hands in the pursuit of illuminating hearts, minds, and souls through creativity that speaks to the depths of human experience.

Together, we will co-create and share the beauty that flourishes at the nexus of spirituality and artistic expression.

Email us at:

With Love & Harmonious Notes,

The Awakening Times Team