Written by Rosna Milisic

My name is Rosna Milisic and I am an RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) practitioner, hypnotherapist, IT engineer, Yoga instructor, mother, wife, daughter, friend…

Behind all those roles and that name, is me and my life experience. I was born in Montenegro, below Mt. Durmitor. The first landscape of my life was stone, rock, and lots of snow. The hot highland blood was tempered and softened by Slavonia (Croatia), where I lived for a part of my childhood. I didn’t live the second part of my childhood; we were refugees. In that part of my life, I just existed and I was lost. Montenegrin genes softened by Slavonia were shaped by Serbia during the many years I spent there.

Have I managed to find myself after all these years? I can say that I’m starting to find myself; I’m starting to feel. I can also say that the “Path to Self” is the most wonderful possible path, but very painful, at least in the beginning. Every millimetre of ourselves explored, of our authenticity explored, brings us that much closer to returning to the Source.

I spent 20 years in IT, and IT taught me about life, gave me the opportunity to meet many people and to perceive myself very intensively through interaction with others. It gave me the financial means to live my dreams. I have to admit that I couldn’t, at that time, live my dreams, because my programming and my patterns didn’t allow me to, but I had the financial freedom to support my working on myself. I believe that the money I have spent so far on that is the equivalent of the cost of a small apartment in Belgrade, maybe even one in the suburbs (very expensive real estate).

Like the power of the Montenegrin stone and of my ancestors who survived through the centuries, I too survived, only this time I survived all those fears, programs, patterns, and beliefs consciously, both my own and theirs. I was determined to get out of the vicious circle.

And so my life pulsated with its own rhythms until 3 years ago. Then a miracle called Mt. Kailash (a mountain in India considered to be the abode of Shiva) happened. After that, my life went in a completely new direction. I didn’t do anything; things happened by themselves. I became a wife, an RTT hypnotherapist and a yoga instructor. All that at age 43. Not to mention that I ended up in Australia.

My greatest love, of which I became aware as a child through Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, is psychology. It is my deep passion; I have found it everywhere, analysed it, worked on myself, understood it, and accepted it, but life has taken me somewhere else. However, that did not stop me from dealing with psychology in all possible and impossible ways. And I got the opportunity to deepen, frame, and formulate all the acquired knowledge and experience through a phenomenal tool, RTT hypnotherapy.

In working on myself, I went through countless topics and used different modalities, and they really helped me. RTT went a step further; it gave me the experience of seeing what it looks like when I help someone, of witnessing the transformation in a person. Apart from personal growth through education, RTT gave me a purpose.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is exactly what its name suggests: a phenomenal new method, one of the most powerful for, and fastest at, releasing beliefs, habits, programs, and as a result, the illnesses caused by them. It also gives incredible clarity and awareness of why we behave in a certain way, why we are in a certain emotional state or have a certain illness.

Our body communicates with us in many different ways. Often, our deepest traumas and suppressions are stored in the causal layer of our subconscious mind, and then our body and mind communicate them through a number of symptoms and ailments, whether physical or mental.

RTT hypnotherapy is equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial, not just for teaching you how to communicate with your subconscious mind, but also for directly accessing and transforming whatever blockages may be there.

The method was designed by the amazing Marisa Peer, as a product of her over-thirty-year-long and successful career as a psychologist and hypnotherapist. RTT is also the holder of numerous recognitions and awards for its effectiveness and innovation in the approach to people’s mental and physical health. This technique is a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, and other methods. The most important elements of RTT are hypnosis, regression, and personal recording. These three elements are interwoven with various tools that help clients become aware of how events from the past have affected their state today, that is, their belief system. The treatment actually ends with listening to a personal recording for 21 days, which supports the client, in a very individualized way, in the process of letting go of old states and beliefs, and establishing new, positive, useful ones.

Rosna Milisi

I deeply believe that being healthy is not just the absence of physical pain. We are not just a bundle of memories of our past experiences and reactions projected into the future, but an amazing being beyond all dimensions, capable of being connected to ourselves and to cosmic consciousness, living a truly liberated life, which is our birthright. We align with our highest potential and make life choices from that perspective of all-encompassing love for the good of all once we release the stresses from our body, mind, and all energy systems.

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