Written by Mina Obradovic

I know many people won’t believe the words in this article, but I will proceed with sharing it because I feel that it can inspire one or two people, and that’s sufficient for me.

For a long time, for years, I had a wish to know the answer to the question, “Who is Mohanji, beyond the physical body?” I asked Him to reveal Himself to me, to show me what His real form is, His real state.

I always believed Mohanji’s body is a joke, that He is playing with His physical body, that He’s not just that. By bringing a body, I have always believed that He’s playing with us, because this body seems very ordinary, and He is not that. One of the many times when I had asked to know His real form was in Rishikesh in 2017. I learnt that He was always trying to show me, but my emotions always came in huge waves, and He couldn’t do anything. If our cup is full, nobody can pour water into it.

I had experienced that He isn’t his body before, because I have seen Him inmany places at once, but I have not experienced it in as much detail as I experienced this time.

A few weeks ago, I visited Him during His private visit to Novi Sad. I always try to go to Him expectation-free. When I was sitting near Him on the floor, I asked Him, “Who are you, Mohanji?” He didn’t reply. He was on His phone, finishing His work. At one moment, He told me to touch His feet and see what I see in His body. I have seen before that His body parts are not ordinary. I know this through the eyes of Mai-Tri (https://mohanji.org/mai-tri-method/). 

1. The Universe in Him

I touched His feet and the first thing I saw was that something was spinning. I looked closer and saw they were planets. I sharpened the focus more, and I saw the vastUniverse contained in His physical body, with all the galaxies and planets. My body was in Novi Sad, but my subtle body was suddenly teleported there.

I saw the Sun and other planets there. Everything was inside Him. The Earth was so small, like a dot inside His body. The Sun was also very small. All the planets and galaxies were available to me, like buttons that I can click on and teleport to whichever one I wish. I had many options. Within this zone, I could go anywhere. It was all in His body – planets of various shapes and colors.

If you read my blog series “Montenegro and Me” (https://minaobradovic.wixsite.com/understandingtruth/post/montenegro-and-me-part-1), you will know I have a special feeling for the Sun. I realized that I can rapidly move around the Universe, I had no physical body. It was as if Mohanji had organized a feast for me, one for which I’dbeen waiting for years.

I found the Sun and deeply wanted to know the inside of it. I understand that it is a rare opportunity to be able to travel like this. In normal terms of a karmic being, this is impossible. I set the intention to go to the Sun and I immediately found myself there. I was inside, everything around me was bright, but it didn’t burn my body. I didn’t feel any heat because I had no physical body. While my physical body was in Novi Sad, the subtle body couldn’t be burnt. 

2. The Sun: The Inside

Inside the Sun, I saw people in human form sitting in a circle, and their bodies were golden. Everything was so bright. They also had no physical bodies – nobody did. There were about 30 of them and I understood that they all live there. Some of them were smiling, some were blessing, and some had their faces normal, focused, with eyes closed. In the center of that circle, there were beings in non-human form, dancing. They were smaller than humans and their arms were moving in rhythm. They looked peaceful and happy. They were like some small animals or helpers. While they were dancing, – I didn’t see,but rather felt, – movement on Earth in the same rhythm of their bodies, and assumed their dance was not just dance. It was work.

I began to understand the variety of the Universe. Mohanji gave me this experience to understand that small emotions like possessiveness, anger, and guilt are not worth it. They are so small compared to our real potential ,and we get stuck there.

It was like a puzzle for which I kept collecting hundreds of pieces, scattered around the Universe. What does this space look like, what is this planet, who are its beings, how do they look, how big is the Universe, in which all galaxies exist, etc. Piece afterby piece kept falling into my lap without much effort. To say Mohanji is something, isit’s  useless, unlessif not  experienced. I was given this to have that experience it alone. I kept digging.

I already started being familiar with the inside of the Sun, but I didn’t see any entrance. I wondered whether new beings also come through ansome  entrance, or whether it’s always the same beings always. I saw that people live there. Some new people come too, provided their frequency matchesis matching that of the Sun. The frequency is like a ticket there.

Around the circle, I saw small fire circles, flying in the air. Some beings were playing on them, jumping from one to the other. I felt that they were also working, not exactly playing.
3. The Sun: Body and mMind Pull

The vision of the Sun began to fadestarted fading away. I felt Mohanji’s pull, almost telling me, “Don’t go too far.” I set the intention to stay in the Sun some more. I knew my time was limited. Mohanji never gives such experiences for long. He shuts the show down before you know it. I needed to be quick.

I tried to enter the Sun again. I managed for a short while, but then I felt greatso much of  attachment to my physical body. It kept pulling me back. I tried, and again, I was pulled back. I felt like a feather pulled back by steel. Like a bird in a cage.

The Sun felt beautiful. I wanted to stay there, but I was being dragged back to my body. I asked Mohanji to cut the connection to my physical body. He tapped my back with His palm once. As He tapped, I felt a jump out of mythe  body, a very intense one. I didn’t feel any pain, but when I started moving inas  energy form, my physical body slightly moved left and right as if I was plugged ointo electricity.

I was there again. It worked. But then I felt pulled by the mind. I felt many thoughts in mythe  mind, and my presence there was disturbed. It was like losing connection onin  a television picture. Back and forth, I was struggling to stay in the Sun without the binding of body and mind binding.

Thoughts felt like heavy stones. I never experienced that they are so heavy. Even one thought was so disturbing in that state.

I had another request for Mohanji, but I wasn’t sure whether to articulate. I decided to be natural. I decided I wouldn’twon’t  lose thethis  opportunity. I asked Him to cut off the mind. He tapped my head, and I felt a jump to the Universe again, near the Sun. I went inside again, effortlessly. I was fully present now. No body. No mind. I saw more of the inside.

4. The Sun: More Segments

Initially, I thought that what I was shown was is the whole inside of the Sun,; this circle and those people and beings. Then I looked and saw that it’s was just a small portion. There is huge space next to it, around it, above and below it, and there are many more “segments”. They looked like separate rooms, divided by transparent walls. Even though the “walls” were transparent, you need permission to enter different zones. I tried entering some thatwhich I saw ahead of me. I moved, but Mohanji was holding me, as if I had a tail and He kept me from goingheld me not to go further. I tried more, but couldn’t gain access. Initially I didn’t realize it was Him who was holding me. I wondered why I could not gain access. Then I realized, in some zones, if you entergo, you can’t return back to the body. If I went, I would have landed in different places, and it could ruin this life completely.

Each segment of the Sun, each “room”, was a different zone, a different frequency. We all have a particular frequency to operate in on this Earth. If Mohanji allowed me to change it for long enough and enter some rooms, I would not have been able to enter this frequency again. I had to maintain my frequency, have a glimpse and come back. If He shifted my frequency so suddenly, I would be stuck.

5. Pulled Bback from the Sun

The vision became black and I found myself outside of the Sun. I realized I wasn’t inside anymore. I wondered if this was my mind working again, if it was my fault. I understood that He pulled me back because I could not stay there for long. I went back to the center of the Universe. I was free to go anywhere again.

6. Another Ggalaxy’s Sun

The desire to spend more time in the Sun didn’t get replaced with something else, so I internally repeated it, “I want to visit the Sun again.” I didn’t however specify in which galaxy, and I found myself in a purple-reddish planet, dim in color. I was wondering which planet was this. I realized it’s not a planet, nor the Sun from our galaxy, it’s was the Sun of another galaxy. It was much larger than our Sun and it looked very different, even from the inside. Inside, I didn’t see any people. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t have the permission, or because nobody lives there. I assume it’s the first one.
7. Other Galaxy Pplanets: Purple and Grey

I was back in the center of the Universe with all galaxies in front of me again. I had a variety of options again. I entered a galaxy which had a purple planet. I came closer and it felt very pleasant. I went to check if there were any are some beings there.

I saw them. They were in the form of humans, very tall, maybe 10 times that of human size. One was sitting on the ground, and his body was of a purple shade. He had some symbol on his forehead, also purple, made out of a diamond or a crystal. It was transparent. His head wasHe had some tightly enveloped in some cloth on his head and with a pleasant fragrance. Pleasant, but not too familiar to me. He was focused on something that he was doing with his hands, on the ground. From my earthly perspective, Iit looked like wood engraving, from my earthly perspective. One of his legs werewas  bent, knee was near his face, and the other leg was bent, but resting on the side.

I feltwas feeling happy to see him. It felt like there are many more beings in the Universe whose frequency can be similar to ours. Even though there are planets of lower frequency too, I realized Mohanji only took me to only to positive planets.

When I finished checking the purple planet, I felt like discovering more. I was looking at where next to go next. I knew my time was limited. I quickly moved to anothersome other planet. It was right next to the purple one. It was grey and the beings who live there had no shape, no eyes, nothing. They looked like bubble-gums, changing shape while walking.

8. Back to Earth, Moving with the Whale

I wanted to dive deeper into this Sun, but I felt another pull from Mohanji not to go too far. I then came back to our galaxy and back to Earth. It took only a second to move away from that galaxy, locate ours and reach the Earth. I found myself flying above Earth. Gravitation had no value. I could literally go anywhere, visit anything. But one and only craving is always clear, to merge with Mohanji’s consciousness.

In some moments, I was afraid He would cut off thethis  experience before I gotget  thea chance to enjoy all of it. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. But, He didn’t stop it. He always fulfillsed all themy   desires of my life.

I entered the ocean to find a body through which I couldcan  experience expansion. For a few years, for me, the ocean feels very close to what Mohanji’s consciousness feels like. It’s unpredictable, so deep, to stay in it you have to be fearless, to dive deeper you need to be fearless, and it nourishes without expectation. I felt excitedment. I was looking for a suitable body in the water through which to experience the ocean. I was looking for thea  body of a whale. I couldn’t find any. I looked, and a shark appeared in front of me. I entered the body of the shark and started experiencing the life of in the ocean.

I felt strong and confident. I kept swimming. I was so fast and my body was fit. The shark caught its preya pray and started eating the some animal. It felt uneasy to participate in that. I left the shark’s body to look for a whale. I was looking, and in the a distance, I saw one. I entered and started swimming. I was swimming and swimming, and it felt enormousso huge to be in such a huge body. The water was moving as I was moving. Such a huge amount of water was moving, because I was so huge.

I continued swimming. After a while, I wanted to jump out of the water and come back. I felt most of it, but not fully. Mind was creeping in. I continued swimming. I dived into the depths of the ocean. It was becoming colder. Darker and darker. I changed the course, returned back to the surface and jumped again to see the Sun. This time, the experience was much clearer.

The jump – I felt it totally, big body, large strength. Seeing the Sun – I felt it in my eyes and on my face. I felt as if I was saluting the Sun. Going back in – I felt it fully; too. from theThe  heat of the Sun to and entering the cold water again, feeling its freshness all around me. Feeling my huge size. I felt it all.

Two attempts to jump out. One was not fully successful, and the other was successful. In between, diving deep in the ocean occurred. Diving deeper, must have changed something.

I felt that the way I entered the whale is the same way how other beings enter our body. Some beings who do not have a body enter the body of humans, and we call them entities or spirits. The body of the whale already had a soul, but I moved with it and experienced the body.

I continued swimming. As I was swimming, I saw a large barrier in front of me, something like some wide wooden object, a part of a ship perhaps. I realized that I couldn’t move anymore. I tried breaking it with my head, and I couldn’t. I kept trying. Then I realized and felt – thatbut I wasam  not “Mina” there. I wasam  big and strong now. I can break anything. I am bigger than the biggest ship. With this awareness, I hit it with my head again, and it broke into pieces. I continued swimming.

How was I not able to break it initially? My Mmind had dragged me back again to identifications. Believing deeply that I am this body, I am this form, I am this name. This is why we usually fail, because we don’t believe we are multidimensional. We think we are only this dimension, but we are many. Experiencing the big whale moved my limits and dissolved a portion of my identifications.

9. The Ending

Mohanji asked me if I ‘m was done. I couldn’t forget that feeling of expansion. I felt another pull from Mohanji to come back, so I set the intention to go back to my body. He tapped my back and I was back in the room, of in Novi Sad.

I finally saw, experienced, witnessed and understood who Mohanji is. He is the whole Universe and all its galaxies. It’s all inside His body. His body is a big joke, and for Him, this very life is a big joke for Him. When I saw that the whole Universe sits in Him, I wanted to check how much of this energy is used by Mai-Tri practitioners. I saw it’s such a small portion, and if Mai-Tri still gives huge results,. Ccan you imagine what is  the rest of it? If one cup of the Atlantic Ocean had the power to heal 5000 people, wouldn’t you wonder what the huge rest of it can do? This is the point. When you are the source, you have no shortage of energy. There is no amount you can possibly give that can be a loss for you.

One of my big wishes was fulfilled. Mohanji never forgot what I asked for in Rishikesh. He played a fool like He always does, but giving me this experience five years later, proves His stature.

I was 100% sure that He’s not what He seems to be, the physical body. People could have explained to me, but experience is experience. I have touched Mohanji’s feet many times before, and I didn’t see anything. I only saw the body. To experience this, it also needs His decision to show us. is also needed

In the end, I thought – then about whether are all these emotions are worth it.? No. Ownership, emotion, possessiveness, me and mine, my house, my car, my dog, it’s not worth it. I was settling into the realization that there is a huge possibility ahead of us. Maybe I cannot go back to this state again by myself, but I can have the remembrance, and that helps.

In the beginning when I first went, I didn’t want to stop. No country could have given me this experience. No regular person either ralso. The feeling of not wanting it to stop happens when we are expanded. For it not to stop, we have to shift ourthe frequency. When we shift the frequency, but oncey one time, it remains’s already shifted. “You can’t sit in first class all the time and think you will be in 10th class. You’ve got to riseraise to the that level of the 10th class. Once you reach the 10th class, do you have the inclination to go to 1st class? Once you reach a certain frequency, you don’t want to come back.,”, says Mohanji.

I asked Mohanji why does He looks so ordinary. But I already knew the answer. Real masters never show themselves so easily, it’s us who have to discover. Even if they perform a miracle, we need to discover where it’s coming from. Which level of consciousness. If we want them, their state, we really need to have determination.

Also, imagine, Mohanji’s original frequency is silence. If He sits in silence, how would the show go? How would it work? Is it possible? People cannot connect if there is no response from the master, that’s why they take bodies in the first place. So, yes, Mohanji is playing the a fool, in an ordinary man’s body. That’s because He has to work with the frequencies here, of differing ent natures.

10. Possessiveness cChallenge

In order to understand this story even better, I will give you a small flashback to earlier days. For a long time, I struggled with possessiveness towards Mohanji and a few other people. It was an old pattern and my biggest challenge in this life. Over the years Mohanji told me multiple times that this has to be deleted completely, otherwise I will have no progress in life. I needed to settle the understanding that I cannot own anybody, into every cell of my system. A few months ago, Mohanji even told me that when I lose possessiveness, I will become powerful. Over the years it reducedkept reducing, but now was the moment to finish it for good.

The experience of a few weeks agofrom the day before yesterday could take place only after I put serious effort into removing possessiveness. In the Empowered series, Mohanji said, “You have to make steps, I’m ready to give the whole Universe to people, but rarely does somebody make serious steps.” I took it very seriously and I’ve done things that were very hard for me for the past few months, only because I knew it would remove possessiveness. Maybe it was not visible on the surface, but my only desire was to get rid of it, because I knew my connection to Mohanji is affected if such emotions stand between us. Through the experience of the Universe, He showed me who He is and what life without emotions looks like. How huge it is. How big our options are. Even the Sun was a small dot in His body. Let alone Earth. Just because we are used to some stinky old patterns, emotions, and we are afraid to step out of them, we stay there and we are stuck. In the meantime, we become stinky, too.

In Conclusion points

Mohanji is the Universe waiting for you to explore. But a seeker needs consistency in connection, with conviction, to enter. Mohanji is easily available, but what are people coming for? Usually entertaining patterns and emotions. If you come for Mohanji and display tremendous patience, this is what you can get. I waited for years and finally got it. Whether I articulated it verbally or not, my heart yearned. A real master always hears our desires, but we have to be consistent.

It was impossible for a unit to travel the entire Universe which has millions of frequencies. All frequencies are not suitable for us. And we cannot access what we want, we can only access what matches our frequency. For example, I probably only witnessed those frequencies which are suitable for me.

My relationship with Mohanji changed with this. I started witnessing Him, the Universe, instead of the unit – walking, talking and playing in the drama.

It was unbelievably effortless to move as Mohanji consciousness. Be it in the a body of a whale, monkey, donkey, bird. This is what expansion in consciousness means. In no time, I could be anywhere. I could enter a whale’s body and feel it, I could have entered a giraffe’s body. I could go to any place, any galaxy, so effortlessly.

With only one tap, He removed body and mind limits. So, it is all possible, everything is possible. Then why isn’t He cutting the mind? Because of karma. Karma needs a mind to perform. Karma needs mind. The cause of birth is karma. But for Mohanji to do it, how fast it was.

Some people will never see, and that’s okay. But if Mohanji is the only point of our connection, if all you need is Mohanji, this is what you become. We get the whole Universe is aton our plate. And the army of great masters stands by us, protects us, and provides us with everything we need to move.

I hope this inspired you to think beyond our regular mind-limited operating frequency. Let us together rise to larger possibilities. The gross will always pull us back because it’s gravitational, but the subtle is levitational. Gravitational is easy, levitational is harder. The gross will always be more interesting to minds, but the subtle is more important.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love!

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