Stasa’s Reminder: When we Feel Sad, Lonely & Angry

In the 4th of seven articles on suggestions for addressing deficiencies and excesses in the main energy centres in our bodies, Stasa gives a yogic approach to healing and balancing the Anahata chakra, the centre associated with our ability to love, and the quality of our present, past and future loves. It gives us the opportunity to show love and care.

Summer Breezes & Birdwatching in Zeeland

Travel writer Boris Perišić visits the largest national park in the Netherlands, which has been protecting its people from rising seas for centuries. Nevertheless, they haven’t forgotten the non-human inhabitants of their land. Recognizing the importance of the Eastern Scheldt for the birds, the Dutch have made sure that these inhabitants can continue to feed and breed in peace and safety in the enclosed areas of the National Park.

Intimacy and Secrecy

Ritu Garg reflects on marital intimacy, the inevitability of change in people and relationships over time and the ways in which each cycle and change in people and relationships has its unique value, should be given room and respect, and treated with care.

Confidence on a Public Platform

Tips for Removing Stage Fright & Speaking with Confidence

4 Simple Techniques for Centering and Gratitude

Life just goes better when we feel better; we feel wealthy to the degree that we feel grateful, we handle life better the calmer we are. Here are 4 simple techniques to enhance stability and concentration.

Emptiness and stability

It is never too late to realize our intentions and desires. After thirty years of longing, the author finds a true yogi who introduces her to the world of ancient yoga philosophy.

Count your blessings

We often take many things for granted, not even thinking about how much of a blessing they are. Through the experience of volunteering as an English language teacher for migrants, the author recalls the period when she needed language lessons.

How we approach destiny through Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology, or the eyes of Veda, holds many keys to opening a clear view of meaningful areas of Life.
But everything depends on our free will and the level of our awareness of thoughts-words-actions.
The nature of planets is showing us strong patterns
already brought, but it is up to us how we will react.

Interview with Mohanji Foundation CEO

To mark the ten years since Mohanji left the corporate world and dedicated himself to serving the world, we spoke with Madhusudhan Rajagopalan, Mohanji Foundation CEO, who introduced us to the registration process of the Mohanji Foundation, its specificities, activities, plans, and actions across the globe.

Rise early and soar

In this edition, the EBC club brings a story about participation in the Celebrate life festival in Pula, a wide range of online activities, and presents their volunteers.

Italo Calvino- If on a winters night a traveller

“In describing any book, we have to attain a level of understanding of a multi-fold network of subjective impressions upon the individual experience, for which the linear structure of reviewing might not suffice.”


Sunsets are not only for pleasure. In addition to reminding us of the glory of creation, they also encourage us to sink into the world of silence and deep spiritual practice.

Vasi-Living through the breath of the Universe

In search of fragments of ourselves, we often enter into different relationships expecting they will bring us happiness. The real journey is a journey to the center of self. All searches begin and end there.

Who I am is not the sum of the events of my life

Have you ever felt like the world inside and outside of you will collapse?
The author shares her experience with MTM treatment, which helped her overcome limiting beliefs and patterns from the past.

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