By Sweety Vyas

Watching a sunset is calming.  Its incredible beauty fills you with awe and reverence.  The vibrant warm colors help you relax.  As the sun goes down, the effervescent sky is filled with glamour.  When you are stressed, you can simply watch a sunset and it will calm you down.  Try watching a sunset and see how it alters your mood and refreshes you. We forget our petty worries and are energized.  

There is a spiritual quality to sunset, it reminds you of the glory of creation.  Sunset denotes a certain completion and peace.  The day is done and a new dawn is yet to come.  We are given another opportunity to start over again the next day.  I also find that sunset (and sunrise) is also a particularly good time to do your sadhana (such as meditation or chanting).  There is a transformative and restful quality during these times which is conducive to these practices.  As living beings, we are influenced by the energy of the sun.  The sun’s transition times are particularly impactful.  If sadhana is done during these times, it promotes balance and deepens your connection to nature. If it can be done out in the open, it is particularly invigorating.

The beauty of sunset has inspired many.  At sunset, the crimson hue vividly lights up the blue sky. It reminds us that there is something beyond ourselves.

When I admire the wonders of the sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” 

– Mahatma Gandhi  

Sometimes we overlook the simple things in life.  The miracles of life are in front of us if only we take the time to observe and appreciate them!

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