1. Let it go

Find a spot next to a river or creek there should be running water. Sit and relax. Find a dot under the
water and focus on it for five minutes. Let the water run over it, do not lose focus. Become the dot you
are watching. Release everything that you are holding that is no longer serving you. Enjoy feeling the
water taking it all away. Say, “Thank you.”

2. Strengthen Your Connection to Yourself

Stand in front of the mirror. Take a good look at yourself. Stare in your eyes for a minute and then close them. All versions of you, from all dimensions, are approaching. Watch them. It is you as an entrepreneur, a mother, a writer, a lieutenant, a meteorologist, an old widow, a hippy, a philosopher. as a famous mathematician. There are so many versions of you. Learn to connect. Love your intranet.

3. Wear their shoes

List five people from your surroundings that you think have a good life. Now imagine them sitting in front
of you. They all wear shoes. Ask them mentally to take them off. You have five pairs of shoes in front of you. Pick one. Wear it. Close your eyes and start imagining yourself as that person. Walk that life, scene after scene. Feel it. It is a long walk. Keep walking. Repeat the same for each pair. When you finish, go back and wear your shoes. How does it feel? A relief, right? It is okay to appreciate yourself.

4. The sky and heart

Walk outside, find a place to lie down, and watch the sky. Stay in the same position for 10 minutes.
Put your right hand on your heart. Look into the sky. Connect your heartbeat with the sky above you. Follow the rhythm. There is nothing but the sky and your heart. Now expand. Expand from your heart to the sky, the universe, to the multiverses. Do not stop. Travel beyond. Travel with your heartbeat. After a couple of minutes, draw your focus back to the sky. Listen to your heartbeat, but this time hear the noises from around. Look around and say, “Thank you.”

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