Dear constant reader,

Many captivating articles await you in this edition, some of which are dedicated to Lord Dattatreya because today we celebrate Datta Jayanti.

Mohanji and Dattatreya: personal insights about connection with the Master and the Tradition
Myriad facets of Dattatreya: connect with Dattatreya by connecting with nature and seeing the divinity in everyone and everything
Milarepa and the demons: Face your fears like saint Milarepa
A life of devotion: Story about Saint Mirabai
4000 kilometers walk from Kanyakumari to Kashmir: spreading the message of peace and love
Empowered Course: What is it and how to enroll?
Stasha’s reminder: last in the series of articles about specific yoga postures for chakra blockages
Ignorance and the question of evil: philosophical musings on ignorance as a root of all suffering
My life with animals: a personal story about connection with animals
Magical furry beings: what do we know about cats?
Forgive me and thank you: a tribute to parents

We hope you will enjoy the content we have prepared for you.
Grab a cup of hot tea and enjoy reading!

Happy Datta Jayanti!
TAT Team

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