by Biljana Vozarević

As readers may already know, Mohanji, whom sage Agastya and Devi Amma called a friend of the Universe, created the Empowered course to uplift humankind from common members of the human species up to kind humans, who live in harmony with the highest natural laws or, in other words, ground rules of the existence. Mohanji guides people back to themselves, allowing them to get to know themselves. By knowing themselves, they get to know the whole Universe.

 Creating Masters

 Humankind uplifting is very much needed at this moment in time because the system of values is corrupted and people are confused about life. They look for happiness in the wrong direction, such as the outside world and its temporary amusement. Many are dissatisfied and discontented with the source, often depressed, aggressive, or addicted to substances and other material things. Many can not handle frustrations. Plenty of them doesn’t even know their life purpose. 

     That is because most people search for permanent happiness in the temporary outer world, which usually ends up entertaining the mind. However, this keeps people in their comfort zone, not bringing them much-needed transformation. The essential purpose of the Empowered program is to bring change. It is to raise awareness and not accumulate too much useless information. The teachings provided during the course target and allow personal transformation. Afterward, it’s up to a practitioner to put them to good use with sincerity, commitment, conviction, and dedication, guided by our certified trainers. 

     In short, the aim of the Empowered course is to bring back people from a state of confusion to clarity, from insecurity to stability, and from limiting life patterns to liberated existence. The ultimate goal is to guide them to master the mind. That is why the slogan of the Empowered course is Creating Masters.  Mohanji trained a group of people strictly selected by his team. They went through comprehensive training that lasted three months. The training took place after Empowered 5.0, on the 25-26th of October 2022, in Zlatibor, Serbia.

What does it mean to be empowered?

Empowered course

Being Empowered means discovering the truth. We are all prone to opinions and take them for granted. People mostly write from their minds, based on the intellectual knowledge they gained from books, their experiences, mind maps, and mindsets, often influenced by their mood. These are all examples of opinions. However, Mohanji conveys wisdom directly from the Source. That is why we, Empowered trainers, insist on people striving for the truth directly from a person directly connected to the Source. The main part of the program includes watching videos of Mohanji’s teachings. That way, people take direct guidance from a person who already reached the Source. He tells you where to look, but not what to see. What you will see is up to you. You are the path, you are the destination. It is all about YOU. 

     It’s easier to surrender to inertia and gravitation, heaviness, and darkness. There are plenty of teachers who teach you a few techniques that don’t do much for you but allow you to stay in your comfort zone. Our trainers teach you to walk the path, which is the opposite of lullabying yourselves. We take on extra steps to accentuate awareness, starting from the point where we are and further on.

     This is a grand collaboration. Let’s all get together, and reach the truth. This world needs more Masters. Let’s become beings that have never been born and will never die. Become the infinite, immortal, and permanent: the consciousness that is our true identity. 

Who is Mohanji?

     He walks among us as human being. He plays many roles in this earthly life: he’s a family person, a husband, a father, and a son. At the same time, he is a great humanitarian. One aspect of his humanitarian work is feeding the hungry. In 2021, despite Covid restrictions, about half a million meals were shared to hungry beings around the world through one of his platforms, ftACT4Hunger. 

     He is a guide for many, including me. He’s a friend I can trust I can say after being connected with him for 12 years. It’s not only my experience. Everyone who connects with him experiences Mohanji as a friend they can trust, because his integrity is unprecedented.

   How did he get transformed from a family person to one who belongs to the world?

    It all began in the 2000s. He used to be known as Mohan, having a successful 22-year-long career in the logistics and shipping industry. He had everything earthly life could offer. Then, on August, 23rd, 2000, his life pivoted in another direction. His precious 5-year-old daughter Ammu was killed in a tragic road accident. This was a turning point for him. It led him to an intense search for his life purpose and meaning. Years of self-exploration took him to the realm of silence beyond the noises of the mind and the material world. What he found was his true Self. This is when Mohan became Mohanji. Despite being a chronic introvert, he began holding speeches, sharing what he personally discovered through his own quest. It’s all collected and captured in his simple teaching: “BE YOU”. For those who want to dive deeper, he created Empowered. 

      By turning pain into purpose, he founded Ammucare in 2003 to serve the needy and deliver food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare beyond all man-made barriers. He started Ammucare with his own savings and although he was told it wouldn’t last either one year, today, after many years, it still stands stronger than ever. It is active in India and many other countries worldwide, known as “ACT Foundation”. His teachings, meditations, and practices are united in Mohanji Foundation with its headquarters in Switzerland. He founded many foundations all over the world that have activities on all continents.

      Mohanji’s vision is to raise human awareness to the highest level of humanity, kindness, compassion, selflessness, unconditional love, and non-violence. Since there are many different types of people, Mohanji has also founded various platforms to add value to the world offering a wide range of activities. Mohanji’s mission is to bring back goodness and righteousness on Earth and to shift humans from HUMAN KIND into  KIND HUMANS.

Biljana Vozarević

Mohanji Acharya and certified Empowered Trainer

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