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Spiritual awakening train is gaining momentum, bringing onboard people from all walks of life, including top celebrities. September issue of The Awakening Times brings you various insights and stories that celebrate our global awakening:

Testimonial of the Hollywood star Jim Carrey who speaks boldly about his spiritual awakening experiences; Stories of A-list celebrities who are speaking out on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation; Insights about discovering our purpose in life and how comparison with others does not help the process; The powerful 4-8-12 breath which takes us into the inner space of clarity and presence and much more.

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september 2018 EDITION FEATURES:

Jim Carrey Explains His Spiritual Awakening

Celebrities coming out in public, speaking boldly about their awakening experiences, is yet another sign of the time we live in. Enjoy the ease with which the famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey shares his spiritual experiences. While some will surely ridicule, Carrey is gaining wider respect among the vastly growing spiritual community.

10 Celebrities Leading The Wellness Revolution

Yoga studios, juice detox and other health and wellness products are becoming ubiquitous in Hollywood. Find out which A-list celebrities are taking it a step further, speaking out on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation.

Finding Your Purpose in Life: The Spiritual CV

In the process of discovering our own life purpose, we need ambition, hope, belief and determination, but not comparison. Discover what Manel Blanco has to say about this powerful inner process and the tool of within our Spiritual CV.

Twin Flame Love – from Romantic Fantasy to Spiritual Practice of Love

Have you ever had the chance to meet the special, wondrous someone whose mind, heart and consciousness seem to flow from the same fountain as yours, like the mirror reflecting your true self back to you? Discover why the sacred connection called the Twin Flame is not romantic but spiritual in nature, given to humans to aid our Soul’s evolution and a shared spiritual mission here on earth.

The Mystical Union Of Spirit, Matter, Our Physical Body, and Vibration

Let us take a closer look at how vibration affects and interacts with the Spiritual and material aspects of our being as we travel through this incarnation. Join Joe Panek in a simple but immensely beautiful exploration of the vibratory aspect of our existence.

The Key To Overcoming Anxiety: The 4-8-12 Breath

Stepping back from our emotions and thoughts is the most effective way of diving into our inner presence, the space of clarity that dissipates all anxiety and darkness. Learn the powerful 4-8-12 breath which will take you into that space and allow you to maintain it.

The New Wave of Psychedelics in Buddhist Practice

Are you aware of the current confluence of psychedelics and Buddhist practice in USA? Dig deep into the topic of whether psychedelics like ayahuasca broaden the horizons of those who have become complacent in a routine spiritual practice. Discover for yourself the reasoning behind resorting to psychedelics in the formal dharma practice.

Connecting with the SPIRIT OF PLANTS

How to connect with the essence/spirit/consciousness of the plants and instantly sense their healing properties? Allow Charlotte Pulver to guide you through the process of developing/remembering this subtlety in order to connect with the essence of plants from within.


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