It takes a lot of courage for a celebrity to step forward and talk about his or her spiritual awakening. Actor and comedian Jim Carrey steps forward to talk about his spiritual awakening which, hopefully, will open the door for other celebrities to do the same. Many celebrities are caught up in the glitz and materialism of the Hollywood life and seem to have a difficult time comprehending basic spiritual values. In this video, Carrey lays it on the line and gives a heart-warming rendition of his spiritual awakening.

In a recent Zionist-owned Time magazine interview, Carrey mentioned how he would be interested in writing a book on his awakening, adding, “It will be more representative of who I am than anything I’ve ever done.  I feel like I know something. These thoughts make me feel like I’m wearing gold shoes.”

The title of the article was called, “Has Jim Carrey Flipped Out?” which basically associates a spiritual awakening with insanity while using neuro linguistic programming to precondition the mind to formulate an opinion before even reading the article.

This is one of the many ways the main stream media tries to formulate our opinions. Despite their attempts, Carrey’s spiritual comments and experiences have earned him enormous respect within the vastly growing spiritual community and also helped to further alienate the main stream media from their target audience, the consumers, who now see through their facade.

The spiritual awakening train continues to gather momentum! Who will be next to come aboard?



3 thoughts on “Jim Carrey Explains His Spiritual Awakening

  1. Wow!
    Surprised no comments posted here. So i hope you post mine. I hope Jim will read it and find my words inspirational.
    1) it is a social stigma collectively, to label spiritual awakening, and unfortunately those, who cannot articulate psychology jargon, lose credibility
    2) what jim is now aware of, is beyond which there is a point to go beyond. I read 150-250 books per year picking up gems of wisdom. Of awakening. I don’t have to search for it. Our true self is present in bursts of short attention, and a simple conversation bringing experiential awareness of the moment, forces the true self to awaken. In that moment, comment on that persons awareness of reality. The magic, of adjusting thought (Urantia) to the present, is NOT spiritual. What is, spiritual, is to KNOW our past and future thought is NOT our identity and causes all sufferring. What is spiritual is to understand that thought/belief CAN and does transform how we perceive. Einstein, Buddhah, Jesus, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, C Jung, and the globe is awakening to a simple shift of awareness…i, witness, thought. I can watch it. Stop it. And choose to live experientially in the present moment.

    3) I envision the need to expose the ancient texts and current writings of the consciously aware, non neurotic people who have left behind their deepest contemplations.
    A netflix series, with actors, playing the parts of these people. What i have gained, through reading that many texts and a few courses, give me the sensitivity to observe and awaken others. I am a rideshare driver. One on one is the place where connection occurs with others.
    4) Jim, it is truly remarkable how you can articulate your awareness. Most, have to write it down. I haven’t read anything about your connection with your body(? To it’s intuitive capability which greatly appreciates ones experiential appreciation. A resource. Two courses. 6 hours. Gay Hendricks awareness sharing of his depth of awakening to learn to love yourself (advanced).
    5) I am not trying to plug, advertise. This is just a comment to muse someone such as yourself.
    The Dalai Lama, in conjunction with scientists, has put together an app of human emotions. So to recognise our windows of present opportunites to have compassion for ourselves, and be compassionate to others.
    6) I think a good long series cross referencing Greek Mythology, theoloogy/ists Joseph Campbell, Allan Watts, the list goes on, is the long overdue awakening needed in the world.
    Happy to know you know who you are not, and realise your impact of loving kindness is much appreciated.

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