Each plant has a unique code and energy within it on this planet.

When we connect directly to this energy it helps us in so many different ways. Helps us to feel connected to the plant itself and the area it grows within; and enables us to learn about it’s medicine and what it can assist us with. A connection can be built immediately – Between our consciousness, and the consciousness and life force within the plant itself.
You see, plants are aching to connect with us, to be witnessed and for their consciousness to be met in union with ours’.

And at the heart of it ~ All life on the planet actually seeks to be met in union like this. To be witnessed, met and understood. Just like us too.
People right now are desperately seeking connection to something greater than themselves; to feel that peace, calm and rootedness that consumer society will never be able to provide. Essentially connection to Self and the natural world.

Nature is innocent, direct and never lies, so the connection can be sustaining, enriching and truthful. It will always reflect back to you of where you’re at in your Self and what you may need assistance with if need be.

To connect to the spirit of a plant one does not need to go ‘anywhere’. It’s actually about being ‘here’, in your body with how you feel. Your feelings and senses will tell you everything you need to know. You just need to get used to exercising your senses like a muscle and giving yourself the permission to feel. You don’t need an intermediary. You don’t need to take a ‘plant medicine’ to have a psychedelic journey to solely connect with the spirit of a plant. You don’t need a teacher to do it for you, and spoon feed you the information.

Because in existence, all is perfect as it is, and you are perfect and have all the knowledge within yourself to connect with the consciousness of plants and of the natural world. Because you are a part of that consciousness which is within everything too. It’s just about re-remembering if there’s been a deep forgetting throughout your life.

plant-loveTo help you do this if you’d like to connect to the consciousness of any plant; form a deep bond with it and find out how it may be able to assist you in life; have a go at the following.
You’ll often find that you innately know medicinally what a plant can assist you with without even ‘studying’ or reading about it in the books too. We have always had this connection as humans to the natural world, like our ancestors. It just has got lost along the way in the present world we have been brought up in to. You’ll also be given a direct personal connection to the plant which is priceless which can never be ‘formally taught’. Have a go at this practise and then read about the plant in the books afterwards if you want to check what it does medicinally.

A Plant Spirit Connection Practise:
Choose a plant you’d like to connect with. I’d recommend when starting to work with this practise for the first time, it is helpful to connect with plants that are in your awareness already. Be it the ones in your back garden, surrounding area or plants you have grown up around. And most importantly the one’s you know are not poisonous in any way.
Firstly take a few moments to ground and empty yourself of the day. So you can be present with what you are feeling when you meet the plant.
Meet the plant like it is a dear friend. And step by step go through all your senses in meeting it.

You may like to have a notepad and pen to hand so you can write down what comes through. You may receive answers and a communication visually in your minds eye; through direct mental knowing, or you may feel certain feelings in your body. Just be open to what you receive. Try not to judge it and suppress it. Just observe, witness and write it down. It all plays a purpose.
Listening: Take your awareness to your ears and listen in to what the plant has to say. And ask it ‘what is it’s medicine’…listening in to the answers and communication that arises. Write down what is shared with you.
Looking: Next bring your awareness to your eyes. To sight. Taking your awareness to really look deeply at the plant. At the shapes it forms, the variations of colours and details. You may like to draw the plant; as it helps one to really drop into the sense of sight. Relax and enjoy what you are witnessing. During this process of looking ask the plant ‘what is it’s medicine’…and receive the answers through your observing, with your eyes. Write down what is shared with you.

plantsSmelling: Next bring your awareness to your nose. To your sense of smell. Get up close to the plant and smell it all of it, even if it does not have an obvious smell. You will still receive messages about ‘what it’s medicine is’ through your nose. Write down what is shared with you.

Tasting: Next bring your awareness to your mouth. To your sense of taste. Only do this with the plant full well knowing it is not poisonous. Go up to the plant and first place your mouth around part of it, such as a leaf. Do not break off any part of the plant to do so. It will be in your mouth like a ‘tap root’. And you will be tapping into it’s consciousness in this way, asking the questions ‘what is it’s medicine’ through your mouth, through the sense of taste.

After receiving the info in this way; ask the plant if you can break off a little bit of it to taste it more fully, to chew it and receive a different level of information about ‘what is it’s medicine’. If you receive a ‘No’, it is important to listen to that answer and respect it. When the answer is a ‘Yes’ – allow yourself to really chew, taste the part of the plant you have chosen to taste more in depth such as a leaf or flower. Receive the taste and see where you feel it in your body; feel how your body responds to the tastes. Different tastes affect different parts of the nervous system and organs of the body so give yourself the opportunity to really observe and feel. See what information your receive about ‘what is its medicine.’ Write down what is shared with you.

Touching: Next bring your awareness to your body and hands. To sense of touch. Only do this knowing the plant is not physically poisonous. Feel the plant, it’s leaves, all aspects of it which are visible. And allow your hands to receive the information through the sense of touch about ‘what is it’s medicine’. Write down what is shared with you.

plant-watterIntuiting: Lastly taking your awareness to your intuition. You may feel your intuition resides in a location in your body. Be it in your chest, your heart, your gut, your third eye. You’ll instinctively know where it is. Place your awareness there and ask – ‘what is it’s medicine for me’. Allow yourself to really listen in and drop deeper into your intuition. A beautiful depth of communion may be experienced if you really allow yourself to receive what it has to say. Try not to judge what comes into your awareness during this time. It truly is personal and unique what it wants to share with you. Write down what is shared with you.
One does not have to necessarily go through the senses in this order. Choose the order which feels right to you. Though I’d advise leaving the intuiting’ practise right to the end. As by then, you will have really allowed yourself to have received the plant with all of your senses.
When making these connections with the natural world, it is like forming a deep bond and friendship. And if we nurture these friendships, they become friends and allies for life. Each plant may have important messages for you and tell you how it wants to be used in your life medicinally; or as a simple support through being drunk as tea, or added to your food on a frequent basis. Helping you connect to the abundance of the earth and it’s wealth of healing and wisdom at all times.
Sometime during this practise you may even feel the plants’ consciousness and energy field start to fuse with your’s. Plants have the ability to energetically give us a great depth of personal healing in this way too. It is indeed like going to see a practitioner for a deeply healing treatment. Yes, you can receive this depth of healing and communion with the plant kingdom too in life. The key is to just receive, listen and let go ~
And I have a little secret to share with you as I bring this sharing to a close

This very same practise of meeting the spirit of a plant..it can be applied with everything else on this planet too. Yes – to the rocks, metals, waters, mountains, rivers, ravines, trees you name it…
Everything is vibrating consciousness ready to be witnessed and met in union with all life and and your wonderful Self too.
And indeed dear friend you are the Alchemist.
Truth and knowing resides within You. And no where else.
You DO know the secrets of the stars, the oceans and of the plant kingdom too…





Photo Credit: Plant Macro portraits: Dan Leak
Photo Credit: The 6 sense portraits: Brigit Anna McNeill

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