Our Incarnation in this realm of matter consists of four things: Spirit, Matter, Our Physical Body, and Vibration.

It is also interesting to note that although Spirit can exist without matter (which it does in the Spiritual realm), matter cannot exist without Spirit. Therefore, from the first moment of our physical conception within the womb, Spirit becomes bound within matter.

And, as all is vibration, and as we are a combination of Spirit, matter and vibration, let us take a close look at how vibration affects and interacts with the Spiritual and material aspects of our being as we Travel through this Incarnation of ours.

What is vibration? Vibration is frequency. The faster something vibrates, the higher its frequency. The slower something vibrates, the lower its frequency. Keeping in mind that everything vibrates, let us now explore vibration in both spirit and matter; then let us look at what happens when the vibrations of spirit and matter are combined.

Matter: All matter consists of atoms; and atoms vibrate. Measurements of material vibration inform us of the following:

The earth which we occupy has a resonant frequency of 7.83 cycles per second. This is a very low rate of vibration. It is also interesting to note that the Mantric syllable “OM” also resonates at 7.83 cycles per second.

Our Physical Body: Our physical body, depending on which body part is being measured, vibrates at a frequency between 2 to 100 cycles per second.

Therefore, both the earth and our physical body vibrate at a very low frequency; a very low rate of vibration.

Light: Imagine this: we cannot see light. We can, however, see the material things that light casts its rays upon. In other words, although we cannot actually see light we can see the effects which light produces. A pitch dark forest becomes a visual wonderland once the sun rises above the horizon and its light illuminates the variety of plant and animal life contained within the forest.

Yet, although we cannot actually see light, we are able to measure the frequency of a light wave. Light, which we cannot actually see, but does in fact exist and illuminates everything it touches, vibrates at a frequency in excess of 100 trillion cycles per second!

Now, it is NOT the intent of this article to get technical. The purpose of describing the frequency of light is to present the idea of how rapidly light vibrates in relation to matter.

Spirit: Spirit, the active intelligent aspect of our being, vibrates at an infinitely high frequency: a frequency that is impossible to measure; a frequency, or vibration, that is infinitely higher and faster than the frequency of light. If we think that the frequency of light, which vibrates in excess of 100 trillion cycles per second, is fast, well, the immeasurable frequency of Spirit makes the frequency of light seem as if it is standing still. WOW!

Insights and Observations:

Now that we have looked at vibration, matter, our physical body, and Spirit each separately, let us now try to imagine what happens when the infinitely high vibration of Spirit unites with the incredibly low vibration of matter; especially at the moment of our physical birth.
Let’s use a metaphor: Imagine a high-speed drill (Spirit) and a block of granite (matter). If we bring the bit of the drill into quick, strong contact with with the block of granite, and try to force it through to the center of the granite, the drill bit will shatter!

This shattering of the drill bit Symbolizes the extreme trauma that Spirit must experience at the moment it enters the matter of our physical body.

universe-manAlthough Spirit does combine with matter (our bodies) it must provide one heck of a shock for Spirit. And, some people feel this so strongly that their Spirit has a very painful experience while it is trapped or confined within their material body.

This is why mystics and other spiritually advanced individuals dedicate themselves to having their Spirit leave the dense matter of their physical bodies in order to return to the paradisiacal realm from whence it came. A physical incarnation to these individuals must indeed be a painful and traumatic experience.
But, as most of us are not mystics (at least not yet), how does this union of Spirit and matter within us affect this Incarnation of ours?

Quite simply, for those of us who are on a spiritual Path, this union of spirit and matter within us torments us with a constant tug-of-war between our higher spiritual faculty and our lower material faculty. Although we wish to experience spiritual bliss (high vibration), we are confronted daily with the material pull (low vibration) of this realm of matter which we occupy by way of the people we meet and the Events we must contend with.

Our Spirit is a being of extremely high vibration and it wishes to bask in the higher vibrational arenas of peace, Harmony, freedom, kindness and Brotherly Love. However, while our Spirit is trapped within a physical body it is constantly being tormented by the lower vibrational feelings of anger, greed, envy, hatred, and physical desires. And… to top it off, our Spirit must also contend with the even lower vibrational level of this planet upon which our physical body travels upon.

This puts the higher-vibrational aspects of our Spirit in a constant tug-of-war with the lower-vibrational aspects of both our physical body and the planet which we occupy. This is why we find it so difficult to keep our Thoughts and Actions focused on the blissful attributes preferred by the Spiritual aspect of our nature. For while Spirit is attempting to focus our mind and behavior on the more sublime aspects of our Incarnation, matter is working just as hard on pulling us down into the more gross aspects of our Incarnation.

This is the challenge presented to us: Do we focus on allowing our Spirit to vibrate as quickly and highly as possible by focusing our Thoughts on the higher Divine Principles such as peace, freedom, and enlightenment; OR do we allow ourself to succumb to the lower vibrations generated within the realm of matter? Our nature is dual: Spirit and Matter. The realm of matter is also dual and it is constantly presenting us with a barrage of “either-or” Choices.

Thought precedes Action! Are we the Unattached Observer who is “in this world but not of it” or are we the victim of human folly? Do we open ourselves to the sublime or to the tragic? Do we focus on peace, freedom and contentment or do we focus on anger, hatred and fear? Are we raising our consciousness to the higher vibrations or are we surrendering ourselves to the lower vibrations?
The Choices we make are ours and ours alone. And it is the Choices we make that determine the experiences and the Destiny of this incarnation of ours.

Our physical senses can only be Aware of those experiences which occur within the vibrational range of our physical senses. Everything that occurs outside the vibrational range of our physical senses in considered to be extra-sensory or meta-physical. Both of which mean “beyond the realm of our physical senses”.

Because something occurs beyond the realm of our physical senses does not mean that it is unbelievable or magical. It simply means that our physical senses cannot acknowledge these particular vibrations. We cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or smell things that are beyond the vibrational range of these physical senses. This does not mean that these things, these experiences, do not exist; for they do exist. The only thing that prevents us from knowing everything…The only thing that limits us from experiencing the infinite…is our physical senses! Once we transcend our physical senses the infinite is ours to experience and enjoy.

And this may very well be what those individuals who have had Near Death Experiences have come back to tell us. For the Spiritual realm is not burdened by the narrow vibrational restrictions of the physical realm and the associated effects that burden both our senses and our consciousness. The Spiritual realm is sublimely and knowingly Infinite!




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