The May issue of the Awakening Times brings great wisdom and knowledge on spiritual topics!

Dive into Devi Mohan’s heartwarming experience on how the Universe Knows, and her time during the Coronavirus lockdown. Read tips on dealing with fears, stress and anxiety from the Mohanji Acharyas and learn all about Angels and how to connect and communicate with them from an Angel Whisperer! Find out about the importance of flexibility and being yourself, maintaining purity through meditation and giving love and light to the world

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Universe Knows

Sometimes we need to lose somewhat in order to gain at a different level, where it truly counts. You can discover more about this principle of losing in order to increase the inner space for receiving what is truly needed, from Devi Mohan’s Coronavirus quarantine experience.

How to Overcome Negative Emotions During Corona

Most of our modern-day illnesses have a root cause in ‘stress’ and where do we feel stress developing first? In our mind and in our thoughts. We then witness it in the body as shortness of breath and after time it develops into something much more serious. Learn more about techniques that can help you overcome negative emotions.

Maintaining Your Inner Purity is What Makes the Power of Meditation

Do you think the meditation is our natural state or we have to do a lot to reach this blissful state? Do we all know how to meditate and is there a really right way for it? Learn how continuity, consistency and discipline in practice affect and change our lives, how they help us to keep our inner purity and enjoy your meditation in order to improve your daily lives.

Be a Candle, Shine Brighter on the Society that Hurt You

In this article, Maheshwari speaks on the importance of shinning bright and be a beckon of love, light and compassion to all beings. She speaks about overcoming pains and forgiving anyone who has wronged you, with the light of unconditional love.

In Conversation with Angels

Did you ever wonder who are angels, do they really exits, what is their role? Martina known as Angel whisperer can hear, feel and see Angels. In this article she shares her transformative and very inspiring story. Read this article to find out how to connect with your angel and how to communicate with them.

I Am Not Being Myself

How often do we hear the phrase “Be yourself”‘? Have we ever actually wondered what it means, and who we are in the first place? How deep do we need to dig and far do we need to expand in order to actually be our true selves? This text is here just to scratch the surface and prompt you to dig deeper and deeper.

Archaeology of the Soul – Part Two

Read Vesna inspiring story on how from being calm, reclusive, polite, living in the world of her own she transited to unpredictable, capricious, someone who takes risks without any logic. Read more about the real war within her: a war between what commands her mind and what screams out of her. The war between the ego and the soul? Or is the soul first and the ego second? It’s like sitting in front of a map of the world, contemplating which trip to take.

Vegan Breakfast Muffins

Isn’t it nice to get your hands busy, mixing and preparing yummy new treats that are also vegan friendly and therefore cruelty-free! Here is a tasty recipe to make your own vegan breakfast muffins.


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