Did you ever wonder who are angels, do they really exits, what is their role? Martina, known as an Angel whisperer can hear, feel and see Angels. She shares with us her personal experience and journey, giving us tips on how to connect and communicate with our personal angels.

How would you explain to people who angels are and how to recognize them?

That is one question that is not easy to give an answer to – how to describe the indescribable? I will try to be concise and simple. 🙂

Angels are pure love and light. I see them and feel them as light and unconditional love. They are also very powerful, so it is possible to feel a kind of authority, but it is gentle and very loving. They love us and protect us. We all have our guardian Angels and they are like a present from God. God loves us so much that he gave us an angel to be with us all the time.

There are so many Angels… Some of them will come with power of peace, some with joy, some with healing energy or something else – but they are all unconditional love and beautiful light. They are here to remind us of who we are, and how powerful and beautiful we are. They will always encourage us, remind us to love and accept our self. They are guides, empowering us to hear our own voice inside. Everything they do is empowering us and that’s why a person can feel only love, peace and joy around them.

When they are near or when we let them be present in our lives we can see them as light (orbs or lights that are similar to stars in the sky). Sometimes I can see them fully, they look a bit like us, but they are so much more beautiful, it’s impossible to describe. They are like some fluid, deep, never-ending light. One can feel the touch of an Angel. Some part of our body will move, or we can feel that gentle energy touching us. It is easy to feel the presence of an Angel, it’s an energy shift, especially when we ask them for a hug. 🙂 Some will feel heat, breeze or something similar. They will never do anything unpleasant. The only thing that can be unpleasant is our own fear – we are so afraid of so many things, sometimes even of something so beautiful as Angel’s touch.

When did the first sign of an angel appear around you, how did it feel?

As long as I remember, God was real for me. I’ve had a beautiful experience with Jesus when I was very young. My first “big” experience with Angels was 15 years ago in my bedroom. I was preparing myself to go to sleep and something strange started to happen. In one moment I realized that I couldn’t move, it was almost like something pressed me. Then all the walls started disappearing and I found myself in some “space” that I cannot describe very well. I saw something like black smoke that is coming towards me and I got scared. Then I found myself on a horse riding, with more horseman behind me. It was like I was in some kind of a movie but it was real. I spontaneously started to pray. At that moment I felt light in my spine. I felt that light went out from my spine, out of my head and then I saw a big, beautiful, powerful Angel with a sword above me. That vision was breath-taking.

Fear was gone in that second. Then I saw many other Angels above me. I felt a power inside and after that I could ride that horse through that dark energy without fear – with strong sense of power and faith. Then everything stopped. I fell down on my knees and I remember I made a vow to God. It felt to me as I if had made that same vow once before, but long, long time ago. It was in language that I didn’t recognise. I’ve surrendered myself into the Gods hands I ask him to guide me, to use me.

After that, I was in blissful state for three days. It was a state of expanded consciousness. No questions, no mind, just pure being. So present, so joyful. I knew everything was perfect as it is. Even my perception of time changed, colours were brighter than ever. When I was walking, people looked at me and smiled. Some of them even touched me. After those three days I “landed” into “normal” state I was before. But I was a different person. Everything changed inside me. All my friends noticed that. It was visible. For a while, everything changed outside of me also. That moment changed me for good.

I had that kind of experience (expanded consciousness) two more times after that. Each time it lasted three days. Why? I don’t know. 🙂

Later I found out that that powerful Angel with a sword was Archangel Michael.

How did you start communicating with them and when and how did you realize that this is something you need to share with the world?

After that experience, I started to hear Angels. First I was communicating with them through writing and then I could see them, feel them and hear them, on other occasions as well. I was very insecure in that period. So many times I thought that I was losing my mind. Angels told me that my mind was being liberated. I had so many confirmations from them, they guided me and they always sent me someone or something to confirm my experience. I was asking for signs from them all the time, I was so insecure. But being the unconditional love they were very patient. All these years they never left me alone in my doubts.

Even then, almost 15 years ago they showed me my path. The one that is today under my feet. 🙂 They told me that I am a bridge of light between them and people and that I should spread their massages. I didn’t want to do that. I was scared and I didn’t want that kind of responsibility. They helped me find courage and strength for that and I started to talk and share messages, but very slowly. In one period of life, I almost gave up. That was a very hard time for me. It was very hard for me to reconcile the world of Angels and the human world. I’ve had personal challenges on many levels but thank God I didn’t give up, I couldn’t. I felt that my soul would die if I stopped. I needed a few years after my first experience with Archangel Michael to start doing workshops, and even more to start doing one on one sessions with people. I think it took me about seven years (it is hard for me to put something in time). People got so much out of those sessions that it was a constant inspiration to go on.

A few years ago I had some doubts about my path. I asked God and Angels to send an enlightened soul into my life. I needed confirmation from someone who is an enlightened consciousness. I couldn’t settle for confirmation coming from any lesser source. Then I met Mohanji. When I saw him I had the same feeling I have in my meditations with Jesus. For me, they are the same consciousness. As always, God gave me everything, an answer to all my questions, hopes, and intentions. And with Mohanji I received so much more. I’m eternally grateful. A few months ago Mohanji told me something I will never forget: “I empower people who empower people.” That is the only thing I want to live for.

In what situations do angels help us, and are there any situations in which they do not interfere?

Angels help us in any situation. But they won’t do something if it will interfere with our growth. Also, they will not interfere against our free will. In some situations, they will help us even if we don’t ask for help. For example – we find ourselves in some situation where our life is in danger. If it’s not our time to go they will interfere.

So many people have questions about their future. Angels will not give answers about future except in situations when it’s important for the higher good of all. In my experience people often have that kind of questions and sometimes they are very persistent but Angels are not psychics and it’s not their job to give answers to that kind of questions. They are here to empower us to be in deep connection with ourselves and the whole of existence, so that we can sense what the best path is for ourselves. At the beginning I had so many questions for them. Now I have less and less. They taught me how to observe, feel and listen.

How has it changed your life? What did it bring you?

I can say that there is a Martina before the experience with Michael and the other one after that experience. Actually, I had so many transformations during the last 15 years that I can easily say I’m not the same person I was 15 years ago. I’m not the same person I was seven or five years ago, or even a few months ago. With Angels, life is a path that is ever-changing, evolving and there is always something to learn, to realize, and to do to broaden our horizons on every level of existence.

Today I can say that I have everything one person can have. I’ve had every experience I wanted to have. And now I want to give that back to the world. I have less and fewer desires and more and more visions for a better, kinder world. I want to be a part of the New Earth and I’m doing something for that vision each day. That gives me meaning.

Also, I can see/hear/feel so much more today. My visions are deeper. I’ve had powerful “conversations” not only with Angels but also with some Masters and other highly evolved beings of the Universe. I don’t know where that will take me. And I don’t care as long as I’m in God’s hands.

What is the most beautiful part of working with angels, and what is your challenge?

The transformation that took part is one of the most beautiful things. Everything changes when we allow them to be a part of our lives. I am blessed with so many things, situations, and people in my life. And the most important thing is that I see the same thing happening with others as well. It is the best thing ever to see that someone changes his or her life after a workshop or an Angel reading. I read so many e-mails and messages about great things people have done after they allowed Angels to help them.

One thing I love is how they connect us. I have met so many beautiful people on workshops and reading, some became my friends and one of them is my partner. 🙂

To be honest, my challenge is sometimes people and their questions. 🙂 Sometimes I find it hard to meet people that are not listening, again and again. They come to me with ego questions and don’t want to hear what Angels are telling them. It’s a bit sad for me when someone, who is in the presence of unconditional love and grace, would then ask what kind of sink should they buy for their bathroom. 🙂 People don’t understand those big expectations and lack of responsibility in making decisions are a part of their suffering. Angels always guide us to our home – God and ourselves. So many people don’t want to hear that simplicity. They just want to know will they be successful in their business or relationship.

Sometimes it is hard to be human with all these spiritual experiences. In some meditations with Angels or Jesus or some other guides, I get this clarity about everything. Everything seems so easy and simple. And then I’m just a human again, again. 🙂 It can be very challenging. But Angels and spiritual guides helped me cope with all of that. I am accepting myself more and more and in that acceptance, I can easily accept everything and everyone. I’m still travelling towards total acceptance. :)))

Can you share a few tips on how to connect to our own angel, how to talk with them?

Just be you. Don’t force anything. Meditate, ask your Angels to hug you, comfort you, to give you a sign. Our Guardian Angels are our best friends and we should approach them like that. Be you, be free to speak with your Angels with an open heart and mind. Meditation helps, not because our Angels need that, it’s because we need meditation to tune into silence. In silence it is easier to hear, see and feel our Angels.

How do your workshops look like? What people can gain from participating?

I love to connect with light first. I believe we must be connected with “heaven and earth” at the same time. At my workshops, we meditate and share our experiences. We learn how to open more and how to see/hear/feel angels and even share their messages. Someone will say channelling. For me that is natural and I know we all can do it. So I don’t like fancy words like channelling 🙂 but that is it.

Every workshop is different. I don’t know what will happen when I sit in front of people. Angels guide me all the time and they give people what they need at that moment. Usually, if there is enough time, I give people personal messages from Angels. That is a favourite part of most of the participants. 🙂

People who are coming to my workshops changed their lives for the better in so many ways and levels. Sometimes they just realize that nothing changed in the outside but that everything changed on the inside. They are different people with different reactions (or no reactions :)).

Angels are also here to heal us, and to help us heal others and the world.

The best thing is that people who come to my workshops are becoming better people, kinder but stronger, more peaceful, joyful. And many of them can see, hear and feel their Angels in everyday life. That is a way of living. I cannot imagine how someone can survive in this world without God. Angels are here to connect us with God and ourselves.


Martina Tisljar is known as Angel whisperer because she can hear, feel and see Angels. She is also an EFT Trainer (Emotional Freedom Technique) and practitioner and facilitator of many techniques. She is certified in many, but her first love is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT. She also loves and uses The Work (she finished The School of Work with Byron Katie) and ACE Flow. Thanks to Angels and her deeper perception of things she creates a deeper dimension to everything she does and has her own way of practising all of the different techniques.

Martina is born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1976. She still lives in Zagreb. She is doing workshops, online events, Angel readings and healing sessions all over the world thanks to skype (and other platforms like zoom, etc.) Her mission is to empower people and spread the message of love and hope. For more information visit her Facebook Page.


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