Dear and devoted reader,
after our special printed edition and long travels,
we are back and ready to share our impressions in this March issue.
We wish to, however, first pay tribute to an extraordinary lady who left us exactly one year ago. She dedicated her whole life to serving s great Saint, Sai Baba of Shirdi.
Her name is Dr. Vinny Chitluri, and you can read more about her in an interview we did with her devotee and friend, Deepak Raja.

As you open all other links, you will notice that the energy of Shirdi, the magical city-universe, permeates this March edition. This comes from our repeated fascination with the same great Saint, our beloved Baba, who also enchanted Dr. Vinny.

Don’t be surprised if, while reading, you feel a sudden urge to travel to Shirdi. This is what happens with many holy cities of Old Bharat. When they call, you better pack your bags and book your tickets.

We wish you a pleasant reading and many safe travels!

Tribute to dr. Vinny Chitluri, Interview with Deepak Raja

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