By Dejan Jovanović

Varanasi is a city that is constantly on fire. It is completely engulfed in fire. The fire is alive and in ecstasy there all the time. It allows nothing else, no thought other than that of burning down. Nothing is more important than liberation in Varanasi. Everything else is put aside, both our physical appearance, as well as what we once were or what we could be.

There is no time for analysis, or second thoughts about whether we like this or not. All thoughts are burnt down. Varanasi is a place where the living and the dead walk alongside each other. There is no logic, but that doesn’t matter either. All logic gets burnt down as well.

The longing for liberation comes to its climax here. All the colors, all the smells, all the shapes, all the drama, and all the thoughts feel as if getting dissolved and united in Oneness, the state beyond all dimensions where nothing exists as separate.

Love, Peace, and Pure Consciousness, Kashi Vishwanath.

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