by Lori Werner

Shirdi Sai Parikrama

February 13th, 2023

Sai Parikrama 2023, in its 4th year, had over 100,000 attendees walking 14km around the outskirts of Shirdi. The walk began at Kandoba Temple at 5:30 AM and was completed just after noon Aarti at 12:30 PM, as Baba’s Chariot passed by Dwarkamai returning The Chavadi framed photo of Baba and entering the Sai complex Stage area.

There was a beautiful showing of unity, peace, and Anadaan throughout the walk from sponsors, organizers, participants, and the onlooking villagers. The front of the procession was led by a torch bearer and completed by Baba’s Chariot. It was a beautiful bright and crisp day with a cool breeze that felt saturated in Baba’s energy as the participants walked the same route instructed by Shirdi Sai Baba to spread the ground flour around the borders of Shirdi in 1907 during the cholera epidemic. 

The air was filled with a sweetness amongst the loud booming music of modern techno, Shirdi Sai Baba Bajans, and chants ruminating from the tractor-pulled floats and trucks with massive speakers. 

Seva, Anadaan, by sponsors, organizers, and the villagers themselves was plentiful throughout the Parikrama and was truly a peaceful and purposeful celebration for all.

The first Anadaan booth this morning that greeted participants was Baba Iyer himself from Swami Madras restaurant. He was accompanied by staff, organizers, and friends that were cooking onsite in giant pots. A beautiful hot breakfast & water bottles at the beginning of the walk were served.

The original intention to bring the energy of Shirdi Sai Baba forward was felt. What a beautiful example of a response from Shirdi leading the way to bring Tradition and energy forward to protect and benefit the town and its people.

Immense Gratitude for the opportunity to share this amazing experience.

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