The July issue of the Awakening Times brings great wisdom and knowledge on spiritual topics!

In this Special edition of The Awakening Times, find out more about The Early Birds Club, inspired and founded by the humanitarian Mohanji! EBC is a club for adults, teenagers and kids, with the aim to both inspire and create a whole new generation of stable and purposeful people who can make great contributions to this world, based on positive values such as kindness, compassion and unconditional love! This edition also features stories of Yoga, Spirituality in Practice, an insightful journey to loving yourself, and spiritual insights on our soul journey.

You’ll find all this and much, much more in your favourite spiritual magazine.

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Live a Purpose Driven Life: Mohanji on The Early Birds Club

Learn about the relevance of Early Birds Club (EBC) from Mohanji himself, the globally known humanitarian and philanthropist and the founder of EBC. In this article, Mohanji draws our attention towards spending quality time with ourselves which, he says, is how we can add value to the world. “Only through you, you can reach the world.”, says Mohanji.

Stability over Comfort

What are the two basic foundations for a successful life? What is the time when our body regenerates, and when does our mind rejuvenate? In this article, you will discover how eating early, sleeping early and waking up early can change your life!

Cultivating a Yogic Lifestyle: An interview with Dr. H R Nagendra

Early Birds Club interviewed Dr. H R Nagendra. He shared his rich life experiences in the world of yoga, starting from his education in science & technology to his current stature as one of the most respected yoga personalities globally. He is renowned for bringing a scientific approach to traditional yoga, with research papers published in some of the most respected medical journals. He gives practical advice to people on how they can inculcate a yogic lifestyle, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Empowering the Youth with EBC

Early Birds Club for Kids and Teens bring about a transformation into children’s lives. It makes their living purposeful by gently guiding them through entertainment and creativity towards good values such as respect, unconditional love, responsibility, compassion, kindness and stability. Find out more in the following article!

The Journey to Loving Yourself

Eva Feldman shares 5 steps to recognizing and loving yourself. Eva shares her earlier concepts of what it means to love yourself and breaks social barriers on self-love and appreciation from that of fulling ones’ live with material objects, to going deep within oneself and acknowledging the self within.

Yoga, Spirituality in Practice

In this article, Dejana Vojnovic speaks about yoga as spirituality in practice. As an ardent follower and practitioner of Yoga, she shares her experiences of yoga, power of mantra chanting, and being in oneness with the divine.

A Pearl is a Pearl

In this article, Tijana lovingly shares the idea and sentiments of acknowledging all beings with equality, as soul beings with emotions and an equal right on earth.

Archaeology of the Soul – Part Four

Continue the journey with Vesna on her self-discovery and find out more on a story of an accelerated course of self-transformation.



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