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Welcome to our Special February Edition, a month when we honor our founder and beloved friend Mohanji. This issue is a celebration of success, offering a glimpse into Mohanji’s world.

Each year, as Mohanji’s birthday approaches, we embark on a journey of introspection. We reflect on the impact we’ve made, the service we’ve rendered, and the inspiration we’ve ignited. In this process of self-assessment, we find ourselves not only celebrating Mohanji but also reaffirming our commitment to his vision.

This year holds special significance as we commemorate the tenth anniversary of The Awakening Times. A decade of dedication, determination, and passion has brought us to this milestone, a testament to the enduring spirit of our team, fueled by Mohanji’s profound vision.

In this edition, alongside our reflection on success, you’ll find insightful articles, interviews, and features that delve into various aspects of personal growth, spirituality, and service. From stories of resilience to practical tips for achieving one’s goals, this edition aims to inspire and uplift you.

As we explore the essence of success, let us heed Mohanji’s wisdom:

Success ingredients are:

Hard work









And above all, love what you do for no particular reason.

May these words resonate within us, guiding our endeavors with clarity and purpose. Let us embrace each challenge with love and determination, knowing that true success lies not only in achievement but also in the journey itself.

With gratitude,

Lea Kosovac

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