Humanitarian, philanthropist, and for many, a spiritual guide, Mohanji embodies a multifaceted presence that transcends conventional labels. His journey through life, from his formative years to his exploration of profound truths, reflects a deep commitment to authenticity and service to humanity. At the heart of Mohanji’s teachings lies a simple yet profound principle: ‘Be you.’ This core teaching encapsulates his philosophy of self-realization, urging individuals to embrace their true selves and embody their unique essence. As we delve into his life’s path, we uncover not only the trials and tribulations he faced but also the transformative power of finding purpose amidst adversity. Mohanji’s story serves as an inspiration, illustrating that even in life’s most challenging moments, one can discover meaning and become a beacon of light, radiating kindness, empathy, and service to others.

The Awakening Times (TAT): How would you describe your childhood, particularly your introverted nature and the incident with your teacher?

Mohanji: When I remember my childhood, it was pretty ordinary. I could remember one thing very clearly, I was a deep introvert, and I was not keen to mix with people. But that was not the impression the world had. The world believed that I had many friends because I never wanted to displease anyone. Even then, I used to accommodate everybody. People thought that I felt happy with them around me, but what I wanted was to be alone.

And I wrote that in one of the classes, the teacher asked me: „What would you like to be when you grow up?“, and I said, „I would like to be alone“. And she freaked out. She said: „This boy is introverted “. Not introverted, she used the word „retarded“. And she wanted me out of the school.

So, my childhood was ordinary, and I did not incline towards education. I did not like many of the classes. I felt that it was a waste of time.

But please, don’t think of me as some enlightened being, that just happened. It was not like that. I had a rough childhood. But, since my father was an orthopedic surgeon, we were well taken care of and did not lack anything.

TAT: How would you describe your engagement with sports during your youth, and what values did you prioritize in competition?

Mohanji: I was very physical those days. I automatically gravitated towards karate, boxing, and cycling, and I used to play cricket. I used to like football, but there were not many opportunities for it, so I started playing cricket. I also used to love mountaineering and many other things.

I used to be very competitive, and I was always focused on winning. But it was never in the way that I didn’t allow others to win. I like to share the victory, and I never felt bad if someone else won. But, I always played to win. Even now I say this, you should fight (play) to win. But never in an unethical way. Because of your skill, you should have the victory.

TAT: How did your curiosity for knowledge develop over time, starting from your university years and progressing into later phases of life?

Moanji: That came gradually. At first, I became interested in poetry, drama, and film criticism, during my university years. Then came philosophy and psychology. I was looking for some deeper meanings, beyond physical. This is why Freud and Jung sparked my interest. But, after a while, I realized that it was all superficial, so I lost interest. I saw limitations in most of these things, and after a while, these things dropped off. And that is the right way to happen in life, things drop off, which means that you are in another phase. You have seen that, in each phase of life, let’s say, 10-15 years, things just start dropping off. What we cared for, what we were interested in, becomes completely insignificant. Then new things come up. That’s evolution. And this is how it was in my life also.

TAT: How would you describe your professional journey and the values you prioritize in your work?

Mohanji: I was very competitive. And I always tell this to people, we should deliver as per our merit. I used to have higher rates, and people used to pay me more because I was reliable. And I always believed that reliability has much more value than any other thing. If you promise something, you should deliver it. If you promise something, and you don’t deliver, you are not respected. Many times I saw that in business. People are eager to gather more and more, but then they can’t deliver. Then the whole thing collapses. The greed factor, I never had that.

I started my career within the shipping line, which only had three ships, and they never kept their time. So, just imagine how hard it was. I worked in sales, and we could not sell, because our company was not able to deliver. They had no capacity. Then I joined another company, and I got the job because I worked hard in my previous company. I always tell people, what is your position, where you are, and that you should use 100%. But, that does not mean exploitation. You have to use your available resources. And with your resources, with whatever you can deliver. This is very important. Otherwise, we miss opportunities thinking that another opportunity will come. Sometimes we won’t get them.

Right now is the time, right now is the situation, use the best of it, and take the next step. This chance may not come again.

For 22 years I was in the shipping industry, and I started as a sales executive, and in about 10 years I was the head of the organization. It was not all within the same, but similar companies. Each of these transitions was 100% hard work. I never had a godfather, I never had somebody recommending me for an interview. Everything I did, I got it myself. I knocked on many doors before I got the job. My first apprentice job in sales was a regular 9-5 job, but, after my regular hours, I would continue working at the port. Just to learn the subject better. Morning throughout the day I would be in the office, and evening time at the port.

I never went home before 3 AM, and I would always be back at 9 AM. It happened like that for many months, and this solidified my career.

After some time, I was invited for an interview. It was the interview for a job in the Gulf. They called me and said that there was a vacancy, and asked me to apply. I did not have sufficient experience required for that position, but after I attended the interview, they were impressed. They asked me how I knew all the stuff. It took five years to understand all that. What happened was, the experience I might have had in five years I compressed it in a couple of months, by working hard.

I always believe in working hard. Even now I work hard. I don’t deny anything, I don’t miss an opportunity. Also, I always believed in empowering other people. When you grow, you should help others grow. That is the real feeling.

I never had a position where only I grew. We always grew together. This has been my philosophy.

Number one is hard work. The second is, to help everybody to grow. And, when I see a problem, I tell people, if you can sort it out, do it, if not, come to me, and we will sort it out together. The second thing I always say, because I was handling managing positions, if you can not do it with me, I will do it for sure. But, if you are with me, we will do it together. So, I make it a point that I have a clear picture, that I have clarity and target, and I will do it. I will achieve it. Mostly what happens is that my confidence runs on others as well. Other people become confident, because they know that I will do it.

Even now, people connect to me because I add value.

Now I’m not looking at the financial aspect. Money has to come, and money will come. I don’t chase it, and I don’t chase targets. This is all different now because I’m in a different world. But earlier, I had targets, and I always used to achieve them. I’ve been quite successful. That’s how I got all these jobs. In about 10 or 12 years, I was the CEO of a company. Sheer hard work. You need to know your subject. This is very important. I started with the shipping carrier in the cargo, then I moved into tankers, I handled cruise ships and the navy, and all have different logistics. They’re all different, but I could manage everything. I also managed countries, even the ones that are very difficult to handle like Iraq. We were handling British Petroleum tankers. So, you need to be very clear that this is something you can do. Secondly, you should be able to apply it completely. When you take a job, head over heels for it. I used to go to the eccentric level, but I would always complete it. And that’s why people used to pay me more sometimes. I would tell them, my cost is a bit higher than the market rate, but I’ll deliver. And people have said that if we work with Mr. Mohan, it means we can sleep peacefully.

Business should not be looked at as business, it should be looked at as a passion with ethics. Ethics is very important. Never cheat, never steal. For example, it’s okay to say I’m charging you so much because I have a cost. This is okay. But hiding the cost, then trying to extract more, and trying to manipulate, I don’t believe in it. I believe in ethical business, where you are not exploiting the Earth, you’re not exploiting your partners, and you are not exploiting your staff. All people are happy, and the Earth is happy. We are adding value to the world, but not at the cost of taking from Earth. Taking from Earth in the sense of misusing, like the use-and-throw items. I don’t believe in it. I believe in products that have a long duration. So, that Earth is feeling better. Make furniture, make materials, which can last longer, and avoid all wastage. This is one of the norms in our group, no wastage. For example, if you have food, make sure that those who do not have it also get it, which means share. Be conscious about what you consume. And also, please remember that whatever you do, do not cross the boundaries of conscience.We have an immune system, an immune system which is conscience. Do not do things which are beyond conscience, or which destroy it. If you do that, regret is inevitable, and it will damage your further journey, reputation, etc.

In my work life, I had about 22 years of work life, I had many turbulences because as I said, I never had a godfather, everything was hard-earned. I had never played politics against anybody. I never thought that it was important to fight against somebody in the office. Instead, I challenged myself to do more and better, which provided me with a lot of stability.

TAT: Can you share your spiritual journey and the pivotal moments that led to your transformation? How did you navigate the shift from a successful corporate career to seeking deeper truths in life?

Mohanji: As I have said earlier, I was very busy most of my life, I have always worked a lot. Even on the holidays. I would take up jobs and finish them.

By the mid-’90s, at 35 years old, I was the head of a multinational company. Whatever money could buy, or whatever position I could achieve with my hard work and effort, I have achieved.

But, something told me that this was not it. The question comes to you, is this what you want out of life? Is this it? I had this question, a deep question, what is this whole thing?

Then, I naturally gravitated towards some books, and some of these books were philosophy-filled books. Not that I understood them, but I started feeling there was another world out there. Something more tangible and something a bit more realistic. Then I started exploring it.

And, when you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s not easy to find it. Even if you found it, you wouldn’t know. So, I was on this kind of journey. And then, in 1995., Ammu was born, my daughter. I was very close to her. And she died in 2000. She died before she became 5 years old. When she died, the deep thought that happened in my mind was… what is life? What are we trying to prove here?

The most precious thing I had… something money can’t buy, that feeling, that connection… she gave me a different dimension of existence, and then she just left.

I had a huge vacuum in my mind. What am I trying to do here? What is this whole thing about? Naturally, it started as escapism. I wanted to escape from this whole thing. This world which you are used to, these habitual activities, the habitual world, the situations you are familiar with, I wanted to get rid of all this. This is all nonsensical. It does not give me satisfaction.

All of this was also a real lesson about life, relationships, and even behavior. After Ammu had died, people who were used to me – to my certain set of behavior, started seeing me differently, because I had lost interest in many routine things.

In 2000, this was the first time I went to the Himalayas. I went there to escape from everything. But then, as I was there, I started exploring deeper realities. I never had a guru, nobody guided me with any practices.

I used to love going to a cave. I was sitting and meditating in that cave. When I say meditating, do not think I had any structured meditation, there was no such thing. I was connecting to my spine and I was sitting there and I got some feeling that connecting to the spine was the stairway to heaven. So, I started my practice of concentrating on my spine.

However, I had to leave the cave because I was the head of a company. When I came back, I had converted one of my rooms to be my cave. That was my space. Soon, my consciousness started shifting. I started getting connected to different aspects of my existence. Again, I did not know where I was going, I had no destination ahead of me. It was just exploration, all the time.

Then, at a certain point,  I managed to attain a space where there were no thoughts, just perfect silence. Thoughts were like waves. All the time, new thoughts…unending. And then I went deeper and deeper and I attained a space where I’m still. No movement, no thoughts.

And I could truly feel that, experience that. I always tell people that if you cannot experience something, it’s not good enough for you. What you need to achieve, what are we here for – is to experience life. This reaches a stage where you experience completely, the truth is that stillness is the source. It took a while to get there, about six years of practice.

Firstly, you detach from external noises, and then internal noises – anxieties, fears, thoughts, then as you detach from them, slowly you are sinking.

That’s why I understood the importance of a Master in life. Because if somebody has already achieved all of that, it is helpful. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I had to do it all myself. The beaten track is sometimes helpful because that person can hold your hand and take you there, or pluck things out from you that are not necessary.

I did not have that privilege. Then I understood, If I can’t directly experience something, I should not pursue it. People talk about an external God and they talk to God. But these things change when you go deeper into your silence; the understanding of God changes. God is a presence. Non-interfering presence. And we are like bubbles in God. We are all like bubbles of God and in that sense, we are all God. But, we have a constitution, a name, a form, and an identity, so we are called different names.

But deep within, beyond that, you go deep inside, what do you see? The same stillness is everywhere. So, I realized that this is exactly what I wanted all my life. What I was searching for was this truth which is me. It is not any experience, any activity, a practice, or a guru. Not even God. God is a presence, this air is a presence. How do you know there is air? When there is no air, you realize. How do you know there is God within us? When it leaves the body, we realize it is God’s presence. God is presence and has no form; any form can be God; we can all attain the same thing; it became that simple. If I had read many books, I may have not realized that. But I experienced it directly. This is why I am telling people, that if you have found you, you have found ”it”. If you have not found it, that means you have not found you.

All my life, I have been an acute introvert, anti-social. That does not mean I was against society, but I did not feel connected to it. Even now, I have only a few friends I can talk to. And when I make a friend, then I am fully with them, I am one with them.

As I was getting more and more introverted with my new findings and these new experiences, at one point in time, I decided I could not live like this. Because I was not adjusting to anything outside, this world outside, made of noises. Noises are fine, they come like waves from the ocean of silence. But I am not able to connect to that world of noises, either as a necessity or as a habit.

What to do then? It became clear to me at some point that I would have to leave this job. I planned to go to the Himalayas and merge with that. This was my idea and I was mentally prepared for this. To detach from all of these activities and go to the Himalayas to be in a cave or something. This was a big fascination for me, as I used to go there to the Himalayas very often.

But, on many occasions, I was sent back by…somebody…saying that people are waiting for you. You have got to go back. So, I came back, and people started coming to me. I had never invited people, I never asked people to come to me, they just started coming to me naturally. And what I used to tell them is – if you found you, you found everything.

TAT: How do you interpret the perceptions others may have of you, given the diverse roles and connections individuals may hold with you? Who is Mohanji?

Mohanji: I believe that nobody can put anybody in one bracket, in one frame. We are all many frames. So, who is Mohanji depends on how you connect to my energy. If you connect to me, as a friend, I’m a friend. If you connect to me as a master, I’m a master. If you connect to me as a father, I’m a father. How do you connect to me, that’s what I am. It’s the same with the whole world, I’m not special. If you connect to the world with love, the world connects you back with love. You connect to the world as fragments, the world is fragmented. If you’re unified, you connect to the world as unity, then the world is unity. So, what is Mohanji here? What you are, that is how Mohanji is. That is the answer. Mohanji could be anything, but how it matters to you depends on how you connect to Mohanji. If you love me, I’m love. If you hate me, I’m hatred. If you love me conditionally, I’m conditional love. If you love me unconditionally, I’m unconditional love. I’m a pure mirror, I reflect you as you are. If you have doubts about me, I will reflect doubts on you. If you have love for me, I reflect love to you. If you trust in me, believe in me, I reflect that to you. All I can be, all I can do is to show you who you are. What’s the use of showing me to you?  I am another being. You are another being. What is your reality? Your reality is what you are now. Your daily experiences, your thoughts, your expressions, your concepts, your emotions… This is your reality. My reality could be different. We are separate because we have to experience different realities and different things. So, what I am has no value to the world. What I am in terms with you, you have value. For me, I look at it this way. How do I add value to society? To everybody who comes to me, nobody goes out empty-handed. Physical, emotional, intellectual, whichever level, nobody leaves me empty-handed, this is what I’m looking at. So, how do I do that? I have to understand you. And I have to reciprocate as per what you are. If you’re full of anger, there’s no point in me giving you more anger, I probably take a little bit out of you. If you’re full of love, I can give you more love. So, it’s all case to case, it’s all situational. There is no one recipe, or one medicine for every disease. We must understand that there is no point in explaining. If I asked you who you are, the maximum you would say is your name, whose husband or wife you are, or which place you come from. But is that you? A location, relation, position, or possession, is that you? That is part of you. What are you? It changes. Right from childhood, till now, it is different. We are a universe. We are all universes. And if we try to put ourselves in one frame, that’s a big mistake. And mostly why we are not able to assimilate and understand ourselves is because we are thinking in terms of frames. We are looking at everything in frames. We project to the world, what the world wants to see. That means we are compromising. I would say you project to the world what you are.

TAT: Do you find it difficult to manage the demands of extensive travel and various responsibilities across different countries and platforms?

Mohanji: There are activities that you have to do and activities that you love to do. There’s a difference here. Activities that you love to do are connected to your inclinations, your tendencies, and your desires, and activities that you have to do, are connected to duties and responsibilities. So, when you’re focused on duties and responsibilities, you sometimes have to ignore what you love to do. What suits your senses and mind. I look at what I have to do. Okay, I have to go here, I go. But let’s look at this from another perspective. This whole world is a big cage. And we are caged already by our minds. And the world is also an even bigger cage. All the things in the world, all the various aspects of the world, they are all our cages. What do we connect to? Materials, people, positions, relationships, they are all cages, we are never actually getting out of. First of all, we are caged with the mind, then we are caged with the materials around us. The position is a cage, possession is a cage. The world is a big cage. What do we call freedom? The ability to go from one place to the other, the ability to meet somebody who we like, or do things which we like, or buy something or materials that we can possess and own. And this is what we call freedom. The freedom is that you need nothing from the world. The actual real freedom is that you are fine the way you are. When somebody comes to you, you’re happy, when somebody does not come to you, you’re still happy. When somebody comes to you, you do your best for them. If they don’t want to come to you, don’t be sad. It means you don’t have anything to do with them. It is very simple. I live by a simple philosophy. My law is the law of karma. If somebody is coming to you, there is a reason for it. Otherwise, they won’t reach you, they can’t come near you. If somebody does not come to you, that is also karma, there is a reason, and you are not supposed to do anything for them. There is no interaction, there is no transaction. So, I’m not suffering, whether it is traveling, whether it is interaction, whether it is that I have to talk to people, etc. I’m happy that I’m able to do something in the world. Secondly, I’m happy that I am of purpose. See, somebody was telling me recently that a lot of people connected to me are finding their life purpose, that way, I’m happy. If people are finding their life purpose, through our platforms, or are getting benefited through our platform, I’m happy.

TAT: How can one effectively navigate life’s challenges while staying true to their conscience, and how do you envision collective human capacity fostering unity and positive change in the world?

Mohanji: See, challenges are always there. Every day is a challenge, right? Getting out of bed is a challenge. Having a purpose in life is a challenge. Getting out of addictions is a challenge, getting out of habits is a challenge, and every relationship is a challenge. Life is full of challenges. Sometimes given by nature, sometimes given by our own mind. But challenges will be there in life. So, how can you work well? You do what best you can do within boundaries. See, if the boundary is 10 kilometers, you work within 10 kilometers. If the boundary is one kilometer, you work within one kilometer. But do the work. I feel that we have no boundaries. What should bind us? I think all these are mental restrictions. If you get out of concepts, thoughts, opinions, various fears, and various things that we have collected, imagine you are coming out of it. How will you feel? That’s total freedom. But that doesn’t mean anarchy. Like, I’ll go where I like, and I’ll kill people. Don’t do that. You should help people. Because when you help people you are being helped. You’re being enhanced. You’re being expanded. This is important. So, when we live a life, we should live that life fully and completely. And that just means sticking to your conscience. Do your best. If you cannot do something, do not be worried about it, you can say „This is not within my capacity“. This is okay. It is okay to say, I’m sorry, I can’t do it, because I don’t have the capacity. At least in that way, you are truthful to your conscience. But if you promise, I’ll do this for you, and I don’t do it, then you are not being honest to your conscience. We all have our individual capacity. And it’s expandable. For example, you have a capacity, I have a capacity when we join together, and it becomes a much larger capacity. Imagine 1000 people coming together…So, capacity is expandable. And we can all bank on this collective capacity and make a change in the world. One world, one family.

For many years, I cannot see divisions. When people talk about caste, creed, color, and country culture, I don’t see differences. And when people show differences, I feel silly. It’s a big barrier in their mind. How are you different from me? If something hits my hand, it’ll hurt. If something hits your hand,  it’ll hurt. So, we are all the same. We are born in different places, we have different aspirations, we have different ideas, but we are the same. So, I don’t believe in any kind of man-made barriers. Man-made barriers mean mind-made barriers. I always believe all lives matter. We should help everybody, support everybody, and collectively we should live together. And when I say lives, it includes animals, birds, the beings of water, sky, Earth, human beings, all beings. Imagine, there are no human beings in the world. What will happen to nature? Nature will be as it is, and birds, animals, and beings will live as it is. They are all living in tune with nature. They all have their life lifespan, needs, characters, and instincts. They have their nature, and they live accordingly. They don’t deviate. When you look at a tiger or our domestic dogs, they go, they set their boundaries and say okay, this is my area. This is what I’m protecting. They go as per their instinct in nature. We also have instinct in nature. But because our mind can imagine, and innovate, and invent, etc, we have greater capacities. Our brain is more evolved, and that is why we have defined new ways to control things. Instead, we should have used the same mind to liberate ourselves from things. When I say things, it’s materials, its positions, possessions, relations, everything. We have every capacity to come out of all these bindings, but we don’t use them. Instead, what are we doing? We are trying to procure more and more, secure and collect more. What happens then? Bound. We become bound. Only when you are bound you need liberation. If you are mentally liberated already, liberation is natural for you. One important thing is don’t restrict yourself. Oh, this is okay. This is not okay. This is right or this is wrong. Wrong means something that hurts others. If you want to have an experience that is harmless, it’s not wrong. If it is consensual, it is okay. Consensual means, a tree is ready to die, it has its life, and it’s ready to die. In that case, you can chop it and take wood. But when you have a fresh tree coming up, and you just chop it, that is not acceptable. It didn’t have a life. Just like animals, we breed animals just to kill. They are bred to kill. This is not consensual. No animal dies saying, oh take my body, eat my flesh. Nobody should die in agony and fear. The same is true with the anatomy of wars. Greed is the main ingredient. Somebody wants supremacy and they kill others. Why should there be wars? What is the use of wars? I fail to understand why we have to kill people. Religions, for example, do you like to follow some religion? Do you feel good about it? It’s fine. It’s fine. But if for the sake of religion, you kill other people, that is not fine. Everyone should have a chance to have a complete life. And then there is a great symmetry in this whole world. If all of us work together, we can create it. I look at the world as one family, my family. If you connect to me on that level, I respect you as a family member. Then your aspiration is my aspiration. What I create is for you too. We are one species. The whole species is one family. Humanity is the religion.

TAT: Could you discuss the spiritual journey, especially concerning the risk of becoming overly attached to concepts rather than experiencing one’s true self? Additionally, how can one differentiate between genuine spiritual guidance and mere conceptual understanding?

Mohanji: In this journey, I came across many, many people chasing a concept.

A concept like realization, self-realization. Self is something that is already in you. What is the self? The soul, the energy, the presence. The soul is not doing anything. God is not doing anything. It’s just the presence that makes everything happen. Your soul is making your mind function, body function, all the experiences in the state when you’re awake, and state when you’re sleeping, all these things are connected to the soul. And that’s exactly who we are. There is something that is already within you, and you’re just realizing what’s already within you. But it is a huge concept. There are so many books, so many people are talking about it, and then what happens? They are getting addicted to concepts. And when you get addicted to the concept, the problem is you don’t know what you’re looking for. And you’re expecting one particular experience, it may happen or it may not happen, it may come or it may pass by, but you miss your originality this way. So, in the spiritual journey, this is something that I have found very interesting. So, many people are following their notions and concepts.  Somebody has said something, some books have said something and they miss their individuality. They completely miss their individuality. And I have seen some masters who looked like nothing very, very highly evolved masters who wanted nothing from Earth, who wanted nothing from it. But they are here to give. Their presence itself enlightens people. Their presence makes life powerful. But, don’t think that they will give you something in hand. Your connection with them…This is why I said the presence of a master is invaluable, it is very difficult to get the real presence or the real connection. Because we always use our mind and intellect and understanding and concepts, prejudices, all these things come in front before we connect to somebody. But, some masters look like nothing they walk around and they are just ordinary, but they are walking oceans. They are huge containers that contain the ocean of consciousness inside. But you got to get very, very close to understanding that, oh, this is the ocean. Like when we say „the whole consciousness in your palm“. Such people exist. They are God’s men, they are God’s people. People who have swallowed the consciousness, or realized the consciousness from within. See, it’s like an egg. When it’s broken from the inside, it’s a new life. When it’s broken from the outside, it’s the depth of possibility. Our life is also like that, when it’s broken from the inside, it’s an ocean that dwells inside. When it’s broken from the outside, where life, various incidents, emotions, and things, then it’s a damaged life. It’s a loss of a possibility. We need to realize this. I met certain masters who are like oceans, and they love and love and love. They just give love. They need nothing from you. Deep love. Profound love. And you feel great. I have met most of these masters after I was known as Mohanji. So, it was a different connection. People have already started coming to me. I wished that I had met them while I was working hard and practicing to find myself. Even now I tell people that all I have done or that I have done in this life is to try to find myself. And what I deliver to people now is assistance to find themselves. There is nothing I can give by finding me. If you find me, you find another man. Another person. But because of me, if you found yourself, you found everything. And that’s the ocean that’s sitting inside. When we don’t know that the ocean sits inside us, we know nothing. We can know anything outside, how a particular thing is made… We can invent, and discover, all these things are possible. But they are all external factors. When you’re sleeping, it doesn’t exist for you. But here, when you’re sleeping, or you’re awake, the ocean exists inside. And it’s an overflowing joy of the ocean. The overflowing joy, the ocean of consciousness, overflowing joy. And it’s self rejuvenating. It’s burning all the time. For itself. Not like something external, temporary. This is something permanent, all the time. And this journey only you can walk. You have to find yourself. A person who has found it is a good ally for you. If you find that person, don’t leave, never leave. Because that relationship is the best relationship you can ever have in a lifetime. All other relationships are temporary, emotional, physical, or for a purpose. And once that’s done, it’s gone. But this relationship, where you are completely one with consciousness, that’s great. That is why a disciple and a master relationship is the highest of all relationships. Because what comes out of it, is your true self. So, the whole idea about life…See, there is no journey. Have you observed that? You’re finding yourself. It’s only an understanding, a realization. There’s no journey. We consider practices as a journey. Practices are for discipline. To discipline yourself, you meditate, contemplate, you do kriyas, etc. So that you can connect with yourself. Another aspect like chanting, meditations, and various things, they are for purification. For raising your frequency, all these things are for reaching there, but you’re not traveling anywhere. If you go to the Himalayas, or you sit in this place in Serbia, it’s the same. Where you are, it’s not important, how you are is important. What you’re connecting to is important. If you’re connecting to yourself, and you’re exploring yourself, layer by layer, you leaving things that are temporary in you. All these things, later, what do you see? What do you experience? That’s the real you. And that’s permanent in your waking state, in your dream state, deep sleep state, beyond that Turiya state, any state you take. That’s you. Then you look outside, that’s exactly what you see. You can see nothing else, you look outside you see a potential, realized being walking. But he may not have understood it, he must have thought that he is the body, or the personality, or the name, like we do with God. God is a personality and that particular personality. Because we cannot see God as a presence. So what do we do? We make God as a personality whom we can connect to. We have to limit things so that we can connect through our limited faculties, like the mind and senses. But God is unlimited. You have to understand God and recognize God, you have to make yourself unlimited. This is very important. So, that unlimited state is a possibility living within us. This unlimited state is a possibility. That possibility that equation sits in us. It’s there.

But look at how restricted we are. Why I’m telling this now is because we need to know spiritually. What are we doing here? The whole idea of birth is, first of all, to experience all the sensory things for eyes, ears, nose, and whatever you get in the sensory world. I’m happy that I am of purpose. I’m happy that I am off-purpose. I’m happy that I am off-purpose.  and to process their mind, emotions, and intellect for information, all those things. Apart from all this, there is a big possibility of finding the source which is the source; of the entire universe. You cannot find that in anything outside, including a guru, or a master. You can find a master or a guru who has experienced it, this is fine. But you have to experience it, until then it’s not yours. If I tell you, you are the soul, you are an amazing soul. How do you know? You may believe it because I’m saying so, but when you experience it it becomes your truth. Until it becomes your truth, it’s just a concept. Many books, or most of the books are concepts. Those who understood the presence called God never spoke. Those who spoke maybe thought so, or did not fully experience, or try to bring forth a particular feeling. Okay, this must be God, it must be something supernatural. I would say God is natural. Because it’s in you. God has no interest in the universe, but the universe has an interest in God. God is supreme consciousness. Pure brightness. Brighter than a million suns. And out of that came matter, less bright stuff. That’s what we call matter. From supreme brightness, came less bright stuff. Only from Supreme brightness can lesser brighter stuff come out. Only from a huge matter can come a smaller one. But the huge and the small have the same ingredient. An atom and the universe are the same, both are similar, and they all have the same structure. So, if you understood the atom, you understood the universe also, creation works that way. So, when we are bound by concepts and notions, and look at our boundaries, our moralities are very, very small, very basic, two dimensional. This is okay, this is not okay. It’s not so. What is okay is what you experience and if you go beyond, that’s okay. What are we here for? Why did we take the body? To experience, experience existence. That’s why we have taken the body. We are here to experience existence. And we are going about doing that. All the things happening in the waking state, all the things happening in the dream state, are all the same thing. Experiences. Various experiences of existence. You go to many countries, but you’re in the same cage. You’re carrying the same mind, demanding mind, asking for new things, asking for more things. The same mind goes everywhere. You’re not going anywhere. I traveled from here to America, I traveled from here to South America, North America, Asia…oh, this is great freedom. There’s no freedom because the same mind asks the same thing. Unless you come out of the binding senses and the mind, there is no freedom. Look at spirituality or the concept of spirituality. If you want to experience freedom, you need to understand that it’s beyond your mind and senses. You don’t need to go anywhere. Somebody asked me recently, Mohanji, you traveled to many countries. Which country do you love most? I said where I’m loved. Where I’m needed. Where I’m accepted and appreciated. That’s the best country for me. So, places are places. But where does your heart stay? It’s where you’re wanted, where you’re loved, where you’re accepted, where you’re honored, and respected. This is where you belong. Simple, isn’t it? What I mean to say is that there’s no point in knocking at the wrong doors, thinking they’re good, and thinking this is spirituality. People call sensations as spirituality. Yes, some sensation happened. I meditated. I had hyperventilation. So, I attained a sensation. But then back to your old mind, old senses, and the same things you need. We create comfort zones to maintain that, and we call that spirituality. Many people leave everything and escape. That’s escapism, not spirituality. If you don’t like something here you go elsewhere, that doesn’t guarantee anything. If you have a clear purpose, and if you’re asking for silence, and to nurture your clear purpose with clear understanding, it’s okay. That is to align you. So, any method, any practice is to align you. But if you understand a person who has attained that silence, he may not even tell you, or he may even mislead you. If you understood, that this person has attained it, then cling on, that’s a good idea. Again, he will only allow you to cling on, as long as or as much time, as you achieve the same. Once you achieve the same, you’re independent, you are free. That’s real freedom. That’s a spiritual journey.

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