Written by: Jack Barratt

What relevance does a birthday have for someone who is established in that which is birthless, deathless and never-ending? For them, probably not much. For a great Avatar like Mohanji, it must surely feel like every day, or rather every moment, is their birthday. This is because the supreme consciousness is born anew and afresh in every moment. Within the sphereless sphere of pure consciousness, the processes of creation, preservation and dissolution are intimately weaved into every apparently separate piece of time. When something is created, it already has its period of preservation, and also its time of inevitable dissolution, programmed innately into it. Therefore, in the world of Masters, birth and death come together, equally, as inseparable parts of the eternal dance of consciousness. For Masters like Mohanji, stationed firmly beyond birth and death, neither the apparent births nor deaths of bodies are seen as being necessary causes for celebration or mourning; for them, existence, life,  whether in or out of an apparently separate body, in every moment, is itself the only celebration. 

The birthday of a Master should have relevance for us who look up to that Master as an example of what we ourselves are aiming for. The birthday of a Master should not be celebrated as the birthday of just any being who lives an ordinary uninspired life tightly within the safe and comfortable confines of the given frameworks of the society of the time. Rather, the birthday of a Master is the entrance-point of a being who comes to earth solely to provide an opportunity for liberation to those who are sufficiently ripe and up to the task. Thus, the birthday of a Master, and an Avatar especially, is the birth of an opportunity—an opportunity for us. We should see the birthday of a Master as something that corresponds to the birth of the spark of mastery within ourselves. By meeting the Master, we have been given the opportunity to dive into the real life that is only accessible beyond the pale of our illusory personality and limited bodily identity. The birthday of a Master, of a divine opportunity, is a reminder of the opportunity that we have been given to evolve to the same frequency that the Master represents. We should not take this opportunity for granted. We should use the Master’s birthday as a day to refresh our appreciation of that auspicious chance that has been provided to us a result of our own eligibility. 

Having the eligibility to meet a Master is one thing; having the eligibility to remain consistently with the Master and become one with the consciousness that they represent is another thing entirely. As a Master lives his life of automatic divine activity day after day, year after year, it is to be expected that he celebrates birthdays just like the rest of us. We may see more wrinkles on both our own and the Master’s face, and maybe a few more streaks of grey hair on our heads—but do see we progress? Do we see evolution? Do we feel closer to merging with the Master? Because, unfortunately, it is a fact—the bodies of Masters perish just like our own. 

There are some Masters that isolate themselves in caves, subterranean spaces, or even in the sea, and they live far, far longer than what is dictated by the average human lifespan. However, Masters who live in society, amongst karmic beings, usually seem to die in apparently the same way that karmic beings do.  When Ramana Maharshi was suffering from cancer, one devotee expressed that she herself and many other devotees would happily take his physical pain upon themselves. To this, Ramana replied laughing: ‘Well where do you think I got this pain from in the first place?’  Masters automatically absorb and burn the impurities of their devotees, and actually of the whole world, through their own body. What is the relevance of this to us? If we follow a great Master like Mohanji, we should have tremendous gratitude that we still have the eligibility and grace to hold them here with us for one more year. We should never take the presence of a Master for granted. Every day we should use the embodied presence of a Master to take one more step towards merging with the supreme consciousness that they represent. 

We should never let the birthday celebrations of a Master becomes stagnant occasions that resemble those of previous years. If we are following an unfathomably great Master like Mohanji, then each and every year, when the birthday comes around, we should feel like a completely different person. On the path of Avadhutas, a year is a very long time. If we are walking this path seriously, then we should not even recognise ourselves from one year to the next. Avadhutas like Mohanji come with a potential for providing a massively accelerated experience of spiritual evolution to those who connect to them consistently with conviction. May all those of us who call ourselves followers, let alone disciples, make an affirmation today: 

I will make the most of this tremendous grace that has brought another year of the embodied life of the Guru. This time next year, like a butterfly who has emerged from its cocoon, I will be a different, renewed, brighter being. 

Dattaatreya Samaarambhaam Sainaathaa Madhyamaam

Asmad Aachaarya Paryantaam Vande Guru Paramparaam

Om Shri Samartha Sadhguru Dattaatreya Svarupa Mohanaaya Namaha

Jai Mohanji! Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti. 


Beginning with Dattatreya, through Shirdi Sai Baba in between and upto my own preceptor,

I bow with reverence to the entire tradition of preceptors. 

I bow to the fully established Master, who is the essence of Lord Datta, Mohanji

Victory to Mohanji! Om Peace Peace Peace. 

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