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In the March issue of The Awakening Times, we welcome you to meet a true Master who travelled to Shambala and remains a silently wondering saint detached from physical needs – Avadhoota Nadananda. Find out more about Shambala and what makes one eligible to access this hidden heaven in our midst; the dynamics and sacredness of the Guru-Disciple relationship; a tale about God’s gift of fearless freedom through the presence of a true Master; profound and in-depth explanation about enlightenment as an experience and a state, how to achieve and sustain it and what is the role diksha plays in the same as per the Oneness approach. Join us in exploring these profound topics and deepen your understanding in order to go beyond the mind’s grip and experience true Grace.

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march 2016 Edition Features:

The relationship of a Guru and the disciple

A personal exploration of the sacred Guru-Disciple relation and how a Guru not only has his eye on the disciple but also ensures the disciple gets all the wishes fulfilled whether it is materialistic, spiritual or of any means. A glimpse how Guru cares for his disciple, performs a sacred Homa for him and thus gifts a new life. For the Guru knows that a disciple’s satisfied soul can easily attain the Oneness.

I AM THERE, WHERE YOU ARE – A story of Avadhoota Nadananda

True Gurus are hard to find for they never seek public engagement. This article gives a glimpse into such a precious soul: Avadhoota Nadananda. It explores how a true master does not seek for disciples, does not build any mission or activities around him, but keeps walking till he reaches the end. A true Guru cannot be found through loud announcements. He never promotes himself nor is fearful about the future. Avadhoota Nadananda – a silently wandering Saint detached from physical needs.

Avadhoota Nadananda

Meet Avadhoota Nadananda, a true authority in ‘Srividya’, who travelled extensively all over India, especially in Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet to meet the sages and scholars of Srividya. After 16 years of thorough research and profound inner experiences, Avadhoota Nadananda reached the essence of the science of Srividya and is now ready to share that divine nectar with the true spiritual seekers through his books “Essence and Science of Srividya” and “Secrets of Srichakra”.


A beautiful tale of a temple, birds and a fakir. A precious story explaining that a true master shall never embed fear in his disciples nor bind them to him, but truly sets them free. The fakir, playing the Guru role in this narration, pushes the seekers to continue their journey without him, without dependency, and teaches God’s gift of fearless freedom where falling does not exist.


An interpretation into the meaning of the best-known image of Indian art, Nataraja at Chidambaram, which symbolizes in the most perfect and inspiring artistic form, the Cosmic Dance of the Lord, in his aspect as creator, maintainer and destroyer of the manifested universes. It explores Nataraja as the symbol of the Atman or our own Self as the highest teacher and Guru of the human mind.

Enlightenment – My Journey Into the Light

How does it feel when our illusions drop away, when ego no longer has any control over us and one becomes an observer of his/her own life? Enjoy this beautiful, sincere experience sharing about the most elevated experience of Enlightenment following the methods of The Oneness University. Moreover, learn about the challenging part of settling into this new state as one goes through the process of working out the issues that haven’t yet been resolved.

Gyanganj – the Home of immortal beings of the Himalayas

Does Shambala (also known as Gyanganj or Siddhashram), a mystical kingdom that guards the most sacred and secret spiritual teachings of the entire world, really exist? Has the time come for Shambala to become more easily accessible to human beings? Learn what makes one eligible to access this sacred and secret heaven in our midst from where thousands of immortals work on transforming and elevating our individual and collective consciousness.

Diksha and Enlightenment

In this must-read article, Kiara Windrider offers elucidating in-depth explanations of diksha and enlightenment, what it is and what it is not, and what it takes to sustain the enlightenment experience beyond a few hours or days so that the actual enlightened state, a true shift in the actual neurobiological pathways of the brain, could happen, bringing end to all suffering. She also shares profound insights about the ‘consciousness scale’ according to which one person vibrating at the higher end of this scale can offset lower level vibrations of thousands, even millions of people.



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