We all hear of it. And we all seem to want it. But what is it exactly? Enlightenment is a gift of the Universe. It is that state of consciousness where the ego is recognized to be an illusion. This is received by energy transference. It is received by Bhagavan in India, or via one of his students who has gone through a 21 day process at the Oneness University. There is some controversy over who may give the enlightenment energy via diksha (diksha means a giving of energy via the laying on of hands or a look.) and how it is received. I believe that diksha giving enlightenment can be also given by others, just as Reiki is given by many.

We receive all kinds of energy throughout our days and nights. We receive energies from flowers, and from trees. We receive energy from our children, partners and pets.

Self realization is enlightenment. We have so many facets that need to be discovered. The receiving of this diksha enlightenment energy can help things speed up. It can even bring you into the Oneness.

For me it began two years ago when Kiara Windrider came to the Netherlands, to promote his book, “Doorway to Eternity”. Instead of talking about his book we were all to receive diksha, something none of us had ever heard of. Kiara had just returned from India and had gone through the enlightenment process. He told us that some people going through the 21 day process were immediately enlightened, and others like himself needed six months before receiving enlightenment. Enlightenment does not mean that you become God over night, but it does mean that your illusions drop away and your ego no longer has control. It is as if you have become the observer of your own life. You still have emotions, but the emotions no longer control you.

When it came time to receive this energy I was quite nervous, because it was so unknown. What would happen to me? Exactly what kind of energy is he inserting in my head? I began to repeatedly chant, “I am a child of the light, I am the light. I am a child of the Universe, I am the Universe, I am a child of God, I AM.”

Kiara came to me and placed his warm hands on my head. His hands felt nice and they felt as if they were sinking into my head! After a moment he left and I was in tears. I felt like we connected, as did all the other participants, with a long lost friend and now he was leaving. My ears began to ring and I felt myself go into a heightened state of mind. I was seeing things beyond the normal.


I went outside into the sunshine because the room we were in was dark. Outside in the sunshine I lay down on the grass and then became enlightened. All separateness disappeared. I saw myself in another dimension, the color of orangey gold. There were others with me. I felt and saw all my illusions dissolve and disappear, while the others looked on. I then became All. I was the stars, I was Mother Earth, I was the grass I lay on, I was the bird in the tree, and I was the people surrounding me. I was everywhere. I saw the past; I saw the future while seeing the present. It was all happening at the same time. Each time I came into contact with a person I could see their faces metamorphose showing me which planet they came from. I could taste when someone was drinking alcohol in my mouth, smokers I felt in my lungs, negative thoughts felt like a layer of dirt in my head, a positive soul with a light aura surrounding them felt sublime and free all over. Throughout my experiencing I wasn’t judging and/or sentencing anyone, I was the observer and I observed from a higher perspective. There was only joy, beauty and grace.



I remained in this elevated state of consciousness for two weeks after which my body and mind began to integrate this energy. I noticed that when I was working with my clients that this energy was being passed on. They began to mention that they felt like an old coat had been removed from their shoulders. There mind became clearer. Some had heart palpitations as their heart chakras opened. Others had headaches as the crown chakra opened up. Some saw a gold ball of light descend, while others saw a white light, a violet light or a blue light descend. All of them felt the energy descend throughout their whole body. Most couldn’t explain what had happened, they just knew that things were different and that something had changed. All of them felt lighter, and as if they received more room to be.

The second time that I experienced enlightenment was when I was to give diksha to a group of 18 people. Actually a gentleman from Sweden was to come to do that as I hadn’t gone through the 21 day course in India. At the last minute this gentleman cancelled our session and I needed to decide what I would be doing with these 18 people. He suggested that I give the diksha. I was worried about what others would think. The Dutch are very much into rules and regulations and I knew some would end up leaving because he wouldn’t be there and they would absolutely not accept that I could give diksha. We arranged a time when he would also concentrate on sending me diksha from a distance as he was too ill to come to the Netherlands.

Before I began I was restless and agitated. Quite nervous actually. I felt a presence very strongly in the room where I was separated from the guests, supposedly to meditate. It was the Universe smiling down on me in her wisdom and love. Never had I experienced this before! I felt myself expanding and joining with her. I felt her communicating with me, giving me the challenge to proceed. It would be a choice that would change my life and the way that I would be living it. I knew that making this choice would bring about some negative reactions as well as a lot of positive ones. The Universe wished me strength with my choice and I felt her emanations of guidance. I knew that no matter what I wouldn’t be alone, even during some major lessons that I needed to learn. So, I accepted the challenge and headed downstairs to my guests to begin giving diksha. With permission from the Universe, I couldn’t go wrong.

Once I was seated in the chair to have people come to me for diksha the energy from the Universe began to flow at such a rate, that I was lifted up out of the chair several times as if I were a feather. Was this for me to believe that I could do this or for the people witnessing the event, or both?

Before the person would arrive for me to place my hands on, I was already communicating with their molecules. Within these molecules was all the information about this person. Their state of mind, health, needs, wishes, and their true state of soul. I was also seeing, very clearly, into the other dimensions where the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels were. I saw Bhagavan and his wife Amma to my left and right, and the Christ in the middle standing right before me. Behind them many guides were busy indeed. I wished to walk around and talk to each of them, but of course I needed to continue working with my clients.


The reactions of the people were very positive indeed. And my life did change dramatically since this day. If things were moving rapidly along before, they were racing along now!

I feel that when this enlightenment occurs our gifts, our strengths are heightened. Receiving the gift of enlightenment is remembering who you really are. It feels as if your soul awakens. And that is because everything that was blocking it is removed. Living your life from out of your heart and soul is very different than from living out of your mind. You see how everything had been programmed and learned. Your view of the world and the people on it changes. Even though you see negative situations on a daily basis, you no longer have a need to worry about it, or think that you are required to act upon it. If you react, it is because you have consciously chosen to. You react as an observer seeing the whole of a situation, no longer out of a formed opinion.

As high as enlightenment can go, so deep your low can go. The higher your high, the lower your low. But even with such a low after such a high ride on bliss, expect that after integration and clearing a permanent state of enlightenment.

It is as if you need to go full circle. You first experience an ultimate euphoric state of being. Then comes along an all time low. You feel confused, lost, and everything around you is (to put it politely) Blah! Nothing seems to work out right, everything seems more difficult to accomplish, no one seems to see you or hear you. You begin to wonder if you’ll ever get back to the enlightened state you were at. Your body feels uncomfortable to you. Your mind doesn’t seem to work correctly anymore. You begin to ask yourself, who am I?

All things need time to integrate. We first need to work out the issues that haven’t yet been resolved. That is what we place into our unconscious. But now we have a tool that we can use. It is the fact that we have been enlightened, and it is that light that we can take with us into the depths of our illusions that need removing. We can take this knowledge and let it lead us into the dark to light our way through, steadily climbing back up and out into the light. Once returned into the light we are again reborn, but this time, permanently.




Author: Monique

Source: cosmicharmony.com

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