The relationship of a Guru and the disciple is even more difficult to understand than the relationship between the mother and the child. A Guru always ensures that he has the view of his disciple if not physically otherwise. It is proved more than once in every Guru Shishya relationship this is the secret that none could decode till this date in the world.

The Guru not only has his eye on the disciple but also ensures he / she gets all the wishes fulfilled whether it is materialistic / spiritual or of any means as it is always said that a satisfied soul can easily attain the Oneness. While the Guru to ensure this at times takes the sufferings of the sad disciple too, which is beyond anybody’s understanding. Ultimately the Guru ensures the disciple is in Bliss.

I had a similar experience today.

Today morning I woke up to a person’s call which is known voice, when I woke up to see it was early in the morning well before the Sunrise. When I opened the door it was Veerji who was telling me that Guruji has come and unknowingly I ran towards the car where Guruji was sitting and I heard the nectar voice stating that he has come to Dhamnod to perform a Havan for the sake of one his disciple who is supposed to be undergoing a complex surgery. When I heard this, I had no words and got freezed as I know to reach my place from Dhar one has to get up by 3 am at-least to start the spiritual offerings before sunset, even before I realized the nectar voice called me to join them.

I did not miss the opportunity to be with a Sadhguru on the banks of Maa Narmada on a Friday, to witness a rare of the rarest ritual a Sadhguru performing to save the life of his disciple where the medical fraternity was not much confident on the success of surgery that is being performed.

I knew many a times that the spiritual power or the Universal Power or Energy (as most of the science students call it as who do not believe in GOD ) has the capability to do any miracle if one believes in that ENERGY.

guruji performin homaHad not bothered about the cold which was spearcing through my body though was covered with a woolen sweater, while the Guru was as usual with his lion cloth on his body and nothing else. For a moment, I thought how the freezing cold affect him as he is the living personification of LORD or the universal being always having the FIRE in him to destroy any evil which attack his disciples.

In 10 minutes we were at the bank of Maa Narmada, Guruji without winking his eyes, got into the bed of Maa Narmada and started preparing for the havan and in the meantime post having a cup of tea, Me, Girish, Trilokji, Her holiness Mai, Golu bhai also reached at the bank of the river. Mai was preparing for a havan on Banks of River Narmada, Guruji in the freezing cold took 12 dips into the river and started performing the Agora Yogini Havan and he instructed us to do Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

Once the havan was offered to the Maa Narmada, Guruji came onto the bank of the river Narmada and started to perform similar havan again and with curiosity had enquired if Aghora Yogini mantra means it belongs to the Agora cult.

Guruji with his mysterious smile explained like this: “Agora is a form of Shiva only, Gupta Yogini is one of those 64 yoginis which means it is one of the forms of Shakti, which means it is a havan of Shiv Shakti which has the power to save ones life.”

While stating the above, he continued, “Aghor, that is Shiv as samay swarup, meaning kaal swarup, which is Shakti’s samay swaroop, Samaya ekh niyantran shakti hai, jo kaal kabhi niyaman karthi hai!“
Shiv kaal swaroop hai, aur, kall kabhi vrudh nahi hota hai, vaha ayu bandhan se mokth hai, atha Shiva sadaiv sham hai, sthir hai, ekh se hai!!“

This way Guruji has cleared our curiosity of knowing the meaning of the aghora yogini and he blessed us by showing the Shiva Shakti swaroop in the havan which was fortunate enough to capture in my mobile. If one observes, the Agni has taken the shapes of Lord Shiva and Amma.

After this explanation to us, Guruji completed the havan and archana simultaneously. Once the puja was completed, he dropped me back at home and proceeded further to dhar, meanwhile the operation of the disciple had started and we all were waiting for the good news of this disciple coming out of danger.

The surgery went on for 9 long hours and was involved with all complexities and complications and finally we did received a call from our Guru bhais that the surgery was successful and the disciple too had come into consciousness. The medical fraternity could not understand the quick recovery of their patient as such things are beyond science.

This is all as of now, once again proving that Guru is capable of doing anything including controlling the TIME.




Terms explained:

Havan: fire worship
Dhamnod: a place in North india
Dhar: a place in North india
Golu bhai: a persons name
Agora Yogini Havan: fire worship
Gupta Yogini: a Sanskrit term related Pooja
kaal swarup: a terms ref. Time
samay swaroop : a term ref time

Samaya ekh niyantran shakti hai, jo kaal kabhi niyaman karthi hai ! “ Shiv kaal swaroop hai, aur, kall kabhi vrudh nahi hota hai, vaha ayu bandhan se mokth hai, atha Shiva sadaiv sham hai, sthir hai, ekh se hai. !! “( time can be controlled, it moves on, shiva represents time, time is truth, shiva is free from life and death, shiva eternal, permanent, everlasting, it is oneness)
archana: Pooja which means worship




Written by Piysh Sharma

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  1. Beautiful explanation of how Guru casually does things which are otherwise complex. Guru can grant grace instantly beyond anything. I feel it is only out of our janam janam praaptham, we can get to meet a Guru and be in his arena of grace. Thanks for the beautiful article.

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