The February issue of the Awakening Times brings great wisdom and knowledge on Life Topics!

This month’s issue is a Special issue to mark the birthday of Mohanji, a globally renowned humanitarian who has dedicated his life to serving the world. Mohanji has founded a number of organisations and initiatives, each with a specific purpose and vision, but collectively serving the world with the aim of raising human consciousness. Through narratives of the various facets of the Mohanji platforms, we seek to bring you more perspective on Mohanji’s vision of a kind, compassionate and peaceful world that is united in non-violence (Ahimsa). Mohanji has been active in serving the world since 2003, and with a presence in over 25 countries across 5 continents, his mission to add value to society is growing from strength to strength. As he often says, “My only investment in this whole world is myself, that is the only authentic investment possible everything else has just appeared while we are living here, it does not belong to us.”. We trust you find this issue inspiring and insightful!

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Mohanji – Philanthropist, Humanitarian and Friend of the World

Hein had the privilege of knowing Mohanji for almost 10 years and have spent extended periods, sometimes for weeks at a stretch in close contact with him, with gaps of weeks or even months in between; which is to say that he has seen the constancy of purpose with which he lives his life. He had glimpses of Mohanji’s vision for the world and in it, there is a glorious flowering of kindness, compassion, independence, freedom; an outpouring of light and creativity in an atmosphere of love and of peace.

Social Transformation through Individual Transformation

Service done with gratitude to the ones whom we are serving and helping; is service done to ourselves. We use service as a vehicle to transform ourselves, to explore and express that part of us which is full and complete and therefore knows only how to give. We transform as individuals and society is transformed in turn. ACT Foundation and Act4Hunger provide the platform and lead the way.

Living Compassion – Care Beyond all Man-Made Barriers

Living Compassion is one of the greatest treasures of life and gifts that one could give to the world. Ammucare Charitable Trust, founded in 2003 has been living compassion and unconditional love towards all beings of mother earth. “Care Beyond all Man-Made Barriers” such as caste, creed, countries, communities, colours, species and other barriers created by man. Ammucare expanded its selfless services to various parts of India and extended all possible resources in an effort to bring relief amidst the global pandemic and increasing natural calamities. In these unstable times of physical, mental, emotional and economic unrest; being available to each other, and delivering selflessly, according to our capacity, to anyone in need; creates strength and encourages hope.

Veganism for Healthy and Moral Living

Read this inspiring interview with Georges Hayek from Lebanon, Palak Mehta from India and Sameera Khan from South Africa and find out their story on when, why and how they switched to a vegan lifestyle. Georges Hayek is the force behind Lebanese Vegans on social media. Palak Mehta founded in 2016 – a cruelty-free and vegan online digital platform and print portal. Sameera Khan is the founder of Pure Jovial, a company with the vision of raising frequencies and breaking boundaries.

Invest in Awareness – Spirituality in Corporate Life

HR professional and TAT editor Sanja Stankovic from Serbia discusses spirituality in business and corporate life with Nimika Keshri from Finland and Subhashree Thottungal from the UK.  Usually when spirituality is mentioned in the corporate world, which is not unusual; people think it is something related to religion or life coaching or positive psychology. Sanja, Nimika and Subhasree are using this opportunity to share with a wide community, what spirituality is to them and how they enter into what is called the spiritual world and what God has to do with everyday life.

From Addiction and Depression to Divine Purpose

Laurie shares the profound impact that meeting Mohanji and becoming a Mohanji Acharya had on her life. Combining the sense of purpose, the techniques and the energy provided by Mohanji, with the experience and lessons she learned on her journey through addiction and recovery, she created something unique and beautiful which is a boon to the world and to any who may struggle with addiction.

Traditional Yoga – A Boon for Modern Time

Many of the most important aspects of the magnificent yogic practice are neglected. Yoga is there to transform and uplift and much of that has gotten lost. Mohanji wanted the original form of traditional yoga which has been around thousands of years ago be brought back. In a nutshell, the seed for The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga was born there. The HST> keeps things pure and seeks to preserve and deliver the essence of the practice to as many people as possible.

Inner Transformation through Traditional Dance

The true dance is the dance which, gives you wings, blurs boundaries and expands your awareness and helps you connect to yourself. The true dance is the dance which transforms. This is what traditional dance is about and preserving that, in its purest and most potent form, is what The Himalayan School of Traditional Dance is all about.

Sanskrit – the Symbol of Human Refinement and Rhythm of Life

Himalayan School of Traditional Languages (HSTL) is a global initiative inspired by Mohanji, to spread the light of Sanskrit to reach every corner of the world, thus making the human mind peaceful and aligned. HSTL is aimed at introducing the world to the ancient arts and sciences that were written in Sanskrit and as yet, not entirely revealed to the world.

Mohanji The Universal Friend

Mohanji is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and each person who looks at him, sees something different. Here we present a rare glimpse of him as seen by the heads of some of the organisations Mohanji has founded, who work very closely with him, have see his varying expressions and the evolution of his mission across years and in some cases nearly for decades.

A Window into the Mysterious Life of a Məst

“…some people realise that there is a much deeper version to our mundane existence. They attain the strength and will to explore that possibility. They might be considered as abnormal, eccentric or even anti-social. Through constant self enquiry, they stabilise their awareness within themselves. Separating themselves from the world of noises, they swim in the ocean of the unfathomable Divine.” The beautiful book Məst conveys a living tradition of liberation, selflessness and bliss through the divine life story of the ecstatic Atmananda Chaitanya.


Devi Mohan
Hein Human Adamson
Laurie Ann
Radha Subramanian
Rajesh Kamath
Revathy TI
Ruchika Gandhi
Sanja Stankovic
Usha Lakshminarayan
Vijay Ramanaidoo

Andra Baylus
Bimal Nair
George Hayek
Madhusudan Rajagopalan
Maheshwari Mohanji
Nimika Keshri
Palak Mehta
Preethi Gopalarathnam
Sameera Khan
Soma Seal
Subhasree Thottungal

Mirko Trbusic

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