It is always a great joy to speak about ACT Foundation and to witness how sincere acts of kindness grow into bigger ones, or smaller scale charity initiatives that transform people’s lives and expand the hearts and horizons of those who make the simple choice – that of being of service to the needy.

As the President of ACT Foundation, from 2007 until today, I have seen many lives transform through the force of love, shared unconditionally, through selfless service.

ACT Foundation is a global charity community which operates in a growing number of countries across the Americas, Africa, Europe and Australia. ACT is slowly developing into a worldwide movement, transcending all man-made barriers of race, class, gender, religion and politics. The heartbeat of ACT is in its dedicated volunteers around the globe, organized in their respective countries, who continue to innovate and find new avenues through which one can reach out to the needy. It is very simple to join ACT and start with small steps until the magic happens and support comes in the most unexpected ways.

It has never been more important to extend our loving hand to those in need.

The mission of ACT Foundation is Social Transformation through Individual Transformation! This is because many of our team members, as they continue with charity initiatives, gradually experience a shift in perspective and approach to life – a huge increase in positivity brings transformation at all levels. Sometimes people find it difficult to believe that love truly is the answer.

After the lockdown due to the spread of Covid19 across the globe, a challenging time for all of us on planet Earth due to unemployment and economic crisis which is yet to be revealed in its full intensity. There are unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression due to life in quarantine, insecurity and other challenges posed by this invisible enemy. In the midst of these global challenges, one thing is clear: the COVID-19 crisis is hitting low-income people the hardest. The health risks and economic effects of the pandemic continue to disproportionately impact the poorest among us. Since staying at home and working remotely is a privilege that most low-income people don’t enjoy, they are the ones who bear the worst of today’s crisis. As per the estimates made by The World Bank, not only are we getting further away from eliminating extreme poverty, but an additional 40 to 60 million people are most likely to experience extreme poverty.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the beauty of humanity

ACT Foundation continues to stand with the needy and most vulnerable amongst us. Our teams of volunteers across the globe are inspired to do their very best to reach out to the needy regardless of the movement restrictions due to the lockdown.

In support of the vision of the world without hunger, on 11 May 2020, ACT Foundation joined its sister charity Ammucare, as well as Mohanji Foundation, in founding a unifying platform for food provisions to the needy across the world called Act4Hunger. More partner organizations, such as the World Consciousness Alliance, and other institutions whose values are aligned with those of ACT, can join this platform as well.

Food beyond species

The motto of ACT4Hunger is “food beyond species” which is an acknowledgment that all species have a basic need for food and that hunger is a universal emotion. Food is the most basic requirement for the sustenance of an individual, be it human or animal. Therefore, alleviating the hunger of an individual is one of the most worthwhile charitable activities that anyone can do as it provides direct and immediate relief.

One of the core beliefs of A4H is Ahimsa (non-violence), hence A4H is unique in that it seeks to alleviate hunger by aiming to serve exclusively vegan food. We believe that it is better to serve food which is produced without cruelty. In our view, alleviating hunger by exploitation and cruelty to another being is counterproductive.

During this difficult year when so many people have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, A4H volunteers all over the world have been busy serving meals and providing food to people and animals all over the world. In the past few months A4H has served over 180,000 meals and donated 27kgs of food items such as fruit, vegetables and dry food to people all over the world. Food has been donated in Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as Australia. Not only people but animals, birds and fish have been fed by our volunteers. The A4H Facebook page captures A4H activities across the world, most recently in the past few weeks there are Facebook posts on activities in Peru, Ecuador, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Bangladesh, South Africa, UK, Canada, USA and multiple cities all across India.

Other opportunities for collaboration include donating for food to feed the homeless, directly donating food items such as dry foods like rice, beans, flour, sugar, oil, pulses etc. and offering the use of facilities, equipment and consumables in order to support activities on the ground.

The long term aim of A4H is to have its own production kitchens and distribution network in order to produce and supply food to serve people all over the world. For that to happen, the support that we have been getting from organisations and individuals all over the world is very much appreciated! For more information on A4H please see our Facebook pages and our website at


Authors: Devi Mohan and Vijay Ramanaidoo

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