Living Compassion is one of the greatest treasures of life and gifts that one could give to the world. Ammucare Charitable Trust, founded in 2003 has been living compassion and unconditional love towards all beings of mother earth. “Care Beyond all Man-Made Barriers” such as caste, creed, countries, communities, colours, species and other barriers created by man.

Amidst the global pandemic and increasing natural calamities, Ammucare expanded its selfless services to various parts of the country and extended all possible resources in these difficult times. In these unstable times of physical, mental, emotional and economical unrest being available for each other, and deliver selflessly to the best of one’s capacities to anyone in need gives lot of strength and hope to everyone around. When we take a step, the universe will magically manifest every possible connection, resources and everything needed to pursue our goals. Strong faith, belief that this time too shall pass, helps one survive the toughest phases.

Collective will power and intentions to nurture harmony and peace lead one to experience endless possibilities that allow us to make a difference in the world. Ammucare volunteers and people associated have experienced this personally as working together for a larger goal brings about unity and the positive inclination to support each other, while conducting all the seva around the country.

At the outset of the Covid Pandemic, Ammucare Charitable trust plunged into action to support humanity. Annadaan (Food Seva) has been carried out on a large scale in many parts of India. Our volunteer led actions motivated many people who would otherwise not have taken any risks due to the pandemic, but eventually came forward to support financially or in other ways.

Community kitchens were set up, distributed cooked meals and grocery kits daily to millions of stranded people; daily wage workers, migrants, unemployed and poor. ACT for Hunger, a Global platform inspired by Mohanji (Founder of Ammucare Charitable Trust) also created ripples globally.. The waves of compassion flowed through each seva and were experienced by the people who received support. The spirit of giving is lived by all the volunteers, not only in India, but also globally through ACT Foundation.

Humility, selflessness, caring and sharing are not mere words. This is the belief system that has the power to bring a positive change into the world. A space where all beings are respected, loved and no life is sacrificed for human gratification.

The force of self- motivated volunteers did not miss any opportunity to serve. With increasing life challenges posed by Nature, the volunteers stood strong with human beings and animals. We served food to over 4,66,734 beings until September 2020. Food supplies and ration kits were also served to villages in Sunderban (West Bengal) hit by the cyclone- Amphan. At the time of PitruPaksh (a tribute paid to the ancestors by feeding the needy people) was also done from 1st September to 17th September at major holy sites in India,and we reached 43,000 hungry souls. The 200 priests and sadhus that lost their source of income at Tarapeeth were supported with groceries and dry rations lasting a month.

Ammucare has always stood for animal well-being and believes that we need to honor every species to maintain harmony on earth. Honoring animals and their spaces as they too deserve a happy life, just like humans. Serving animals is at the very core at our heart, and we do this through regular food sevas at animal shelters, or lending support to institutions running animal centres.

This year, Ammucare began ‘Livelihood Initiative’ in Leprosy Colony (Delhi) that aims to empower people to be economically independent, while also giving them an opportunity to serve thousands of animals who are abandoned, injured or rescued from slaughter. In addition to the daily feeding of strays, fodder amounting to 50,000 kg was provided to animals in Delhi at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, 300 kg in Jammu and 48 kg in Thiruvannamalai. Ammucare volunteers were able to stop the shutting of a Goshala, saving 380 cows from slaughter in Bangalore.

Besides this, Ammucare also distributed soaps, masks and sanitizers across India. 2,000 masks were stitched by women at Mohanpur Skill Development Centre run by Ammucare. 200 N95 masks were given to Cancer and Thalessmic ward patients at SMGS Hospital and 500 were distributed to the people in Jammu. A total of 780 sanitization kits and 840 sanitary napkins were distributed and 5 sanitation programs were conducted in the interim.

Children are the hope for a brighter future. They can build a world on the pillars of harmony, positivity and purity. Ammucare has also set up Mohanji KaAangan to work with children on these values and nurture their talents. Launched, Correct Course Academy in collaboration with Youth of Today Welfare Foundation (Ambernath) to promote digital literacy for physically challenged. Allowing people be independent economically has also been one of our key focus areas. ‘Atmanirbhar’, meaning ‘Be self- reliant’ is Ammucare’s initiative to help individuals earn a dignified livelihood. Through this, we were able to support a visually impaired budding entrepreneur with a computer worth Rs 66,000.

Nature’s very essence is the co-existence of all species- people, animals, trees, plants, mother earth… Ammucare is a platform that nurtures unconditional love and respect for all species, while also allowing people willing to volunteer, to find their true calling and express it as beautifully as possible in their unique ways.. Being responsible, being selfless, being truthful in what you say and standing by it fully. In Mohanji’s words, “The only way to pay our debts towards the Mother Earth is to serve its children selflessly. Social service or self-less action of any kind, will relieve you from the accumulating dues. The sun is a great model for liberated existence. Just be the sun. Spread the light. It doesn’t matter who has benefitted. Just keep spreading.”

We serve to realise dreams, we serve to fulfill aspirations. In the year 2020, as Soma Seal, our President says “I have seen a series of miracles unfolding in front of my eyes.” At Ammucare Charitable Trust, will and compassion truly flow in action.

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