This is for all who are on the path towards God!

This occurred on June 29th 2009 while working on my computer. Suddenly I had an overwhelming urge to pick up a pen and write down the following words.

We are able to discard our bad qualities only with time when we pass into the spirit world. The purpose in life is to discard them while still in the physical body; otherwise they will once again accompany us when we come back. This is why those whose minds are very heavy with regrets and turmoil after they have passed, are directed straight to “purgatory,” or, the level of “Quietude and Caring.”

There they can rest for as long as they feel the need to do so, in suitable surroundings and by professional helpers who are trained in such matters. But only until they start to see things clearer and with a lighter mind, will they then be allowed and guided in moving on to another level suitable to their own vibration. It is only with time that those who have recently passed do become accustomed to their surroundings, and their mind does adjust to the vibrations of a much more beautiful and finer world of existence. It is sometimes difficult for those who try welcoming a recently departed soul who brings with them much of their own negative emotions.

But it is only until they adapt to their new way of life, and by listening to their helpers will these souls then begin to see that they need not hold onto the past, but will then start to rid themselves of earthly emotions which do hinder their progress. As soon as they realize this, a change starts to take place in them, causing the healing of ones soul to rapidly progress where they can then move on to much greater and wonderful things.

When I read back over it I did find that it was a little mixed up in parts so I had to change some of the wording for better comprehension. But still it doesn’t take away any part of the meaning.
These words came rushing in on me where I had to struggle in keeping up. After writing them down I then asked whose words are these. The name came very clearly … “White Eagle”.

I am not a person who has ever done automatic writing nor have I ever attempted it. Whether this was or not I do not know, but I do prefer to say it was greatly inspired by White Eagle’s visit.


I have heard of White Eagle though only through the mentioning of his name and that was some time ago. To conclude this story I have to go further back to 2008 where I then met this great Indian chief face to face. I changed beds one night with my son as his was a top bunk in another room. Sometime around 3 or 4 in the morning I woke up suddenly to see an old Indian man wearing a large feathered head-dress. He was standing beside me staring very intently at me with no expression, just a deep solemn stare.
At this early hour my room was in darkness but he was bathed in light. Waking up suddenly to see this caused me no alarm, even though he did look real and not that of spirit. Meaning – I couldn’t see through him as one would with spirits. He was very solid in appearance. As I stared back at him I felt an uplifting feeling of love and warmth enveloping me from the inside.

White Eagle never spoke a word nor did he make any facial expression. Within seconds he then turned and walked away. I sat up quickly in the hope of talking with him only to gasp at what I then witnessed.

The head dress of a chieftain as you would know it to be, is a full head of feathers; these feathers were running from the top of his head and possibly 2 or 3 metres along the floor trailing behind him. It resembled something like a bridal train. Each feather had a personality of its own, because each one would individually move as if it were alive. I was astonished at what I was seeing. Even the vibrations in the room felt strange, I could strongly feel the (difference) in it. It was as if the room was highly charged.

I have never had a chance to talk with him because as I watched after him he left the room by walking through the closed bedroom door. Not more than twelve months later did he make himself known again by what I wrote in the above.

Later I googled White Eagle and found some of his sayings; one such saying which struck a deep chord in me was this: “Never be afraid….the greatest enemy of humanity is FEAR. Be confident in the love and wisdom of God, and remember, if you go into shadow, darkness will not touch you if you are radiating Light”. White Eagle. Quoted by (Grace Cooke).

This saying of White Eagle’s brings back to memory of what The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) said to me back in 2006 when in the astral; (“Do not fear He is with you. Everywhere you go there will be little devils and demons watching you closely. They are sitting on top of all doorways watching your every move. Ignore them. Remember He will protect you. Never fear, you will not be harmed.”)

chiefSix nights ago I found myself standing in the middle of my bedroom in quite a daze. Then after a couple of seconds reality hit hard. I realized that I was out of body standing in the astral in FULL awareness. As soon as I realized this I then felt an approaching presence of something dark and evil. I turned quickly towards the doorway and saw a black formless entity enter. It glided into the room effortlessly and stopped directly in front of me. Instantly fear took hold and it began to rise rapidly where I had no control. Though I must say this fear was nothing compared to the fear I once experienced years back. But that is another story.

The fear paralysed me to the state where I was incapable of any movement whatsoever, even though I was in my astral body. I called on ‘Sathya Sai Baba’ for help but nothing happened. Then I called out to JESUS and still nothing happened.

I remained caught in the grip of fear and it held me tightly. Then something happened, it was as though someone place a powerful ‘thought’ in my mind. The thought told me “Face your fear bravely as this entity has not the power to cause you any harm. The only harm caused is by ‘yourself’ fearing, and this is what’s causing your inability to move. The entity needs your fear, it feeds on it!”

As soon as this information ran through my mind I slowly began to get some mobility. Then this dark force left the same way it came, through the door. But it stayed a little distance from where I was, waiting for me to call it back again by fearing. The next morning in meditation Swami (Sathya Sai Baba) enlightened me of last night’s experience; Everyone fears, we all fear at one time or another. People today live in fear and can’t escape it no matter how hard they try. This is what happens when people get caught up in the world.

When on the path towards God Realisation, we must rid ourselves of all bad qualities, traits and blemishes and even fear itself, otherwise we will never make headway but will remain in one spot. Swami has brought me head-on with this obstacle, (FEAR) – He prearranged it by His Will, but even when we know who Baba is, fear sooner or later will still catch us unaware.

But for myself I must now put in greater effort by facing my demons, be they mine or not. After this experience I had a little trouble finding sleep again, as you can only imagine. But thankfully I did fall asleep and when I did I again found myself standing out of body in a most beautiful ashram – where exactly, I had no idea. I was standing at the front entrance gazing at a most beautiful image of Ganesha in green jade sitting on a lotus flower.  

When I woke up I knew the meaning of this experience; FEAR is an obstacle that must be removed once and for all. And the best way to do this is to completely surrender unto His Will. It’s not easy but when we put a little effort in, He then steps in to help and to further our progress.

Keep faith in knowing that I am always near and nothing will ever harm you. Let go, surrender, I will then protect you as the eyelid protects the eyeball. This is Baba’s Promise to His devotees.

Author: Rev. Wayne E Farquhar,


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    1. Hello Lynette and thank you for your reply. I hope you are well and safe in these difficult times. I have been absent for near a year but decided to tell another story. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. I have a all white eagle that hangs at my home in Erie my horses tree it settle in I just called the dec because 7 eagles are in that tree in their pastor we had a bald eagle down the road but the white one is the most rare and beautiful thing I have ever seen

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