By: Isidora Bugarski

“Medicine advances daily and offers new solutions, but the wisdom of acupuncture lasts
forever,” says Dr. Slavica S. Vasiljević, a specialist in gynecology, obstetrics, and acupuncture.
on her website.
In the interview for EBC Balkans, she shares the main points from her two decades of rich
experience and holistic approach, to remind us how special women truly are.
Dr Slavica believes that most people who choose to study medicine do so primarily because
they want to help others, and then they enhance that desire first with knowledge, and then with
experience. For a while, she was torn between pediatrics and gynecology. Still, it seems that
gynecology has attracted her more because of the act of childbirth, which is magical and
unique, the most magnificent moment in medicine.
What also attracted her to gynecology is some kind of intuition, a gift to feel the woman who
comes for advice or help, to listen to her emotions besides what she tells, to see the person and
not just what she says.
Sometimes when a beautiful independent woman comes in who is struggling through life, most
people are tempted to think that she has no problems, that everything is fine for her, but we
always need to consider the unspoken, the layers of pain from experiences survived, both good
and bad, that shape our lives. Because the invisible forces that shape our lives and build our
character also influence the state of our body and soul.
From a medical perspective, attending check-ups, eating healthily, reading product labels,
and maintaining regular physical activity are important.
A woman’s body sometimes shyly gives signals that something is not right, so it’s important to
attend check-ups regularly. Early detection of a large number of health problems almost
guarantees treatment without consequences.
However, it’s vital how we live our daily lives. How we cope with stress, whether we are
satisfied, what our relationships with loved ones are like, and whether we work on ourselves.
Whether, alongside big goals or in the hustle and bustle of acquiring things that sustain our
existence and the existence of our family, we have time to devote at least half an hour each day
to our own pleasures. If we didn’t have the opportunity to learn in the family, it’s okay and quite
normal to go to psychotherapy, to learn how to nurture relationships with people who matter to
us. To cultivate love in our family to listen to ourselves and others and to maintain balance.
Next, since every living organism in this world is unique, it’s important to know our own
specificities. Our genetic, so to speak, strong and weak points and live life accordingly. Life is

in harmony with our mind and body, which is a unique path to joy and health. Getting to
know what fulfills us and working on it.
Never forget that the way we organize our day is the way we secure our future. The one in
which we should realize our full potential in all spheres of life.
For a woman, it’s important to be educated, informed, fulfilled, and to work on herself, and it’s
never too late for that.
Gynecological exams are not always pleasant but they are necessary. They are important for
every woman who, in the fast-paced times we live in, must find time for a regular check-up at
least once a year, regardless of whether she has any symptoms or not.
*Choose a doctor you trust to make the examination as comfortable as possible.
*Ask if anything is unclear
*Don’t allow a little discomfort, embarrassment, or lack of time to put your life and health
on the back burner.
*Remember, preventive check-ups are protection against any illness. They serve to detect
and address changes in time without consequences.
In gynecology, symptoms are often not very pronounced, so a woman may think, “Well, it’s
okay, I’ve gained a little weight or my period is a bit late, nothing serious, my discharge has
increased, etc.” Then, when the symptoms become more pronounced and force us to seek help,
the problem may have progressed further and require more serious treatment.
From the holistic point of view she emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself and
one’s health, but this by no means implies self-medication. If there is a problem and the
doctor prescribes a therapy, it should be followed exactly as prescribed. If you use supplements,
teas, or anything natural on your own, you should inform your doctor and consult with them
about everything.

Although acupuncture is becoming more prevalent as a form of treatment for some people,
there is a slight hesitation. Therefore, Dr Slavica Vasiljević emphasizes that it is a serious
science, a branch of medicine with over 5000 years of rich tradition and insight into human
health and life, which can explain many things and always has room for advancement,
acquiring, and applying new knowledge.
Perhaps it seems unusual to us to think of our body as a network of energy flows through
which chi, the life energy, flows, but ultimately the truth is always one, and the teachings of both
Western and Eastern medicine can be logically connected. Just as Western medicine naturally
uses terms like nerve endings or blood vessels, in acupuncture terminology, it is common to say
that a particular organ has its specific energy, that the path of that energy passes through

specific acupuncture points connected by pathways or meridians, and that disrupting this energy
flow creates imbalance or health issues, which can be restored to balance through stimulation of
the right point and of course, changes in certain lifestyle habits.
However, it’s wonderful to know that often just by needling acupuncture points and without the
use of additional drugs or medications, circulation in the cervical spine can be improved,
migraines alleviated, problems with painful menstruation resolved, sleep regulated, menopausal
symptoms eased, and numerous other health issues addressed.
The acupuncture she performs for women who are seeking conception also has the potential to
stimulate ovarian energy to produce quality eggs and to calm the storm of thoughts and fears
that also affect the success of conception. It can increase blood flow to the uterus and boost
sexual desire.
What’s good is that most of the things she does when it comes to acupuncture in gynecology
can be immediately checked on the spot, for example, by ultrasonic measurement of follicles or
the position of the baby who refuses to turn head down before delivery. Therefore, expectant
mothers often opt for acupuncture as a natural option to turn the baby so as not to undergo a
cesarean section due to a breech position.

Inspired by her patients, Dr Slavica wrote:
“Mother’s heart, child’s classroom.”
Motherhood awakens the best in us, that primal love that cannot be described in words, only
through actions. The need to embrace, love, think, act, to simultaneously embrace and protect
another being and to give them wings, that never changes, regardless of the moment in life, no
matter how old the child is or what kind of relationship you currently have. When you wish
someone else all the best you always think of them and want to help them selflessly, even if that
help is just stepping aside to show them what they can do on their own. It is also leaving the
most beautiful part of yourself, a treasury of your most beautiful emotions for the future. It is a
picture of that biblical love where happiness is what you give, without expecting
anything in return.
For all those couples who still do not have biological children. The truth is, that it is not
necessary to give birth and be a biological parent to be a mother. There are many options from
adoption to participating in the upbringing, and helping the children of people we love; there is
always an opportunity where there is a will to provide someone with a loving upbringing joyfully.
Being a mother is an endless, continuous job.

PREGNANCY, a blessed state
The main advice is the elimination of fear. When we are afraid and constantly worry about
things that could go wrong, we put a great strain on our minds and create an unpleasant
situation in our minds and bodies, which are the home for our baby for at least 40 weeks.

Also, very important advice to future mothers even before conception is that the choice of
partner and the quality of our relationship, love, and respect are crucial. If there are
previous negative experiences with pregnancies or fear and anxiety, I would recommend
therapy to every future mother, ideally before pregnancy.
Enter pregnancy with joy, with faith that everything will be fine, nurture good family
relationships, and of course attend regular check-ups and follow the doctor’s advice. Pregnancy
is indeed a physiological condition, but it is not an illness. Our people have had and still have a
word for it, although it is less commonly used – pregnancy is a blessed state. That’s how we
should think about it, that’s how we should experience it.
Healthy living, wholesome, home-cooked food, and a healthy relationship with our environment
are things we should strive for anyway, especially during pregnancy. It’s important to take care
of emotions and thoughts because what we believe and think leaves an invisible mark on our
children. It’s not easy to fulfill all of this, but it’s good to strive for it, and that’s always my advice.
Goodwill, peace, love, kindness, and everything will be alright.


The greatest joy she experienced were those situations where people try everything, especially
when it comes to conception, they give up on everything, on themselves and the doctors, on
everything, and then spontaneous pregnancy happens and it delights us all.
It reminds us that what exists is a miracle and a gift from God who doesn’t forget us even
in those moments when we forget ourselves.
She recalls: “I remember one couple who, after ten years of infertility, decided to give up. It’s
one of those cases of infertility for which no concrete cause can be found. Physiologically
everything was fine, so the couple gave up. One day, the woman came to me because her cycle
was late, without even thinking that the cause could be pregnancy. Nothing could be seen on
the ultrasound, but I had the impression that the pregnancy had just occurred. They no longer
had the strength or the will to do a beta ACG test just in case, and on my insistence, I myself
took blood for analysis as a Christmas gift for them because I had a strong feeling that it was a
pregnancy. Nine months later, we celebrated the birth of their wonderful baby boy. I remember
there was music everywhere, and I remember how many times they requested the song
“Slavica is her name.” (a famous folk song in Serbia). It was a magnificent moment, one of
those I will never forget.
Of course, there were situations where the father would come to the ultrasound and faint out of
excitement upon learning that they were expecting twins. Many pregnancies happened when it
was uncertain until the very end, with lots of bleeding, complications, and finally, joyful news.”

The strength of a woman who can endure everything, both suffering and joy, pain, and every
challenge she sets for herself is miraculous!

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