The Oct/Nov issue of the Awakening Times brings great wisdom and knowledge on Life Topics!

This power packed edition of The Awakening Times brings you inspiring and insightful articles that are based both on spirituality and living a practical lifestyle! This edition features Shaman healer and Master, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq from Greenland who travels the world speaking on climate change! Read about 10 lessons of Yoga and join the Mohanji Acharyas as they take you along their journey of Being Light in Darkness! And find out all about establishing inner joy and contentment through Kindness and Compassion! 


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Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq: a Shaman, a Healer, a Master with a task of ‘Melting the ice in the heart of man’

“The greatest distance in the existence of Man is from his mind to his heart.” — Elder Angaangaq

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaqs family belongs to the traditional healers from the land of the “Big Ice” in Greenland, and he has travelled to over 70 countries around the world talking about the real impact of global climate change his people first noticed in 70s. Discover more about his tribe that was one of the first to warn the world of the impending disasters from the melting of the big ice, which has since accelerated to catastrophic proportions.

Being Light in the Darkness

Mohanji Acharyas share their journey through 2020 as they continuously strive to be the light, in this world of darkness. Find out what the key learnings they took from this year are and how to maintain inner strength despite turbulences in the world outside.

Anna the Animal Whisperer

Anna is a professional animal communicator/whisperer who has been practicing this interesting and for some unbelievable technique for 18 years in America, Europe, and South Africa, with domestic and wild animals, often trying to understand animals and help them the best she could.

Anna shared her insight about what innocent animals are going through because of humans. Read more to find out how is she communicating with animals, why it is important for humans to be connected with nature and much more.

Deepak Jayaraman: Playing to your Potential

Are you curious about how to identify your potential and play to your best? Deepak Jayaraman, an Executive Coach and the CEO of Transition Insight, share with us how play to our unique potential go through major transitions in career and life.

Through Kindness to Inner Joy

Through our thoughts, words and selfless actions, when we help the helpless beyond the boundary of species, we achieve contentment and fulfillment. Kindness is not something that demands hard work. It originates from the simple act of doing no harm to others. Read more and join us in making the world a better place for all species!

What Are Boundaries & Why Do You Need Them

If you have ever felt like it is your job to make another person feel better, like you need to fix them or the situation by being more positive, by saying kind words, by twisting yourself in different ways all for that person, this text is an important step for you towards building your boundaries. Read this article to discover how to keep your Self in a healthy space, to keep your Self from real hurt, to develop and maintain boundaries.

10 Lessons Traditional Yoga Taught Me

Read Monika’s story from a fitness trainer to a yoga instructor. Monika Nedic shares a few of the insights and life principles which came to her spontaneously through her attentive practice of traditional yoga and how to take care of your body, feel your body, connect to your body through yoga.

REIMAGINE – The Birth of an Anthem

It is said that everything we want to build in the world first arises in our minds. If you can imagine it, then you have the power to create it. Read the story of The World Consciousness Alliances’s anthem for peace and unity, ‘Re-Imagine’ from inception to poetry to song.


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