Love is the basic fabric of existence. It is foundational, supportive. It is almost like the connective tissue of our bodies; a medium through which the seemingly separate systems and structures of our bodies are harmonized as a single, unified whole.

Kindness is love in motion, love made tangible; the tangible expression of one-ness within seeming many-ness. Kindness is the, calm silence of the oceanic depths spoken as the waves and froth upon its surface. We are the waves, we are kindness.

Kindness is gentle; a cool breeze on a hot day, a drink of water for a parched throat, a warm smile, a friendly embrace, a soothing balm. The nature of kindness is such that it can never weigh anyone down, can never be the cause of regret or guilt; it is always light and bright, it can only ever be uplifting. Kindness is a hammer that can crack the hardest shell and break any barrier. Kindness is attractive, magnetic. When we are kind we draw people to us, we create a place for ourselves as part of a community. We create a sense of purpose and begin to perceive and appreciate our own value.

When we perform an act of kindness towards ourselves and our brethren; which is to say, towards anything which carries the same spark of life which gives us life; plants, animals, birds, fish, insects and humans of every variety; we are experiencing fullness. We are affirming, consciously or unconsciously, through that act of kindness; that at least for that moment, while we are acting kindly, we are in a position to give, we have surplus. We are affirming that we are not in need, not lacking. We are expressing our completeness. When we are complete, needing nothing, we are free. Freedom is experienced as inner joy. When we see only joy within ourselves, we see only joy outside of ourselves and life itself joyous.

Kindness is not pie in the sky. Its effects are quantifiable. Experiments and study reveal that acts of kindness create dramatic changes in the human body. Kind acts dilate restricted blood vessels which ease the burden on the heart and promote smooth circulation. Kind acts produce mood-enhancing hormones and re-establish hormonal balance in general. Kind acts reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, mitigate the effects of stress and relax tension. Those who make a routine of kindness live easier and live longer.

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Author: Hein Adams, TAT editor

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