The March issue of the Awakening Times brings great wisdom and knowledge on Life Topics!

Film is a cultural touchstone of our times. It can turn you inside out, bring revelations, shatter illusions, educate and inform you; change your life, change YOU. Film is unmatched as a vehicle for emotional and intellectual communication; a medium like no other and perhaps the art form which has the greatest potential for positive transformation among all the arts practiced today.
What will we do with this potential? Is there a responsibility to create and curate a more uplifting type of film? Does that responsibility fall upon the filmmaker or the viewer? What does film do to your mind and internal makeup? What should you watch if you want something which leaves you feeling lighter and clearer or better informed for having watched it?
These questions all tie into this month’s theme for The Awakening Times: Purposeful Film. This issue presents a series of discussions and interviews on the effect and potential of film, the potential it has if made and consumed with purpose and a great list of recommendations to get you started.
Not neglecting music, we also hear from the award-winning composer and musician Shri Sai Shravanam.
We also hear from Sameera about her journey through a diagnosis of stage 2 cancer and the physical, psychological and spiritual experimentation which ultimately lead to a disease-free body and greater sense of purpose.
Read more on highly practical advice on caring for and nurturing your parents as they move into old age and most especially into their retirement years.

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Have a look at The Awakening Times March 2021 Edition!

What Film Means To Me

Film means a lot of things to a lot of people. Hein Adamson shares what it means to him and how the cinematic fare he grew up on in the late nineties shaped his outlook on life.

Two Kinds of Movies: Which One You Prefer?

Movies can be inspired or insipid. They can enhance us or diminish us. This article highlights the responsibility we have to ourselves in being aware of what we watch and why. We also get a shortlist of recommended movies and series which transcend mere entertainment and deliver experiences and messages which are well worth chewing on and absorbing.

Tashi and The Monk

There is an extreme power that lies in each and every individual no matter how difficult a past they had. We have the power to transform our lives and bring hope and happiness to the lives of other people and beings as well. Tashi and the Monk tells a story of how one Monk with an extremely unhappy childhood, who succeeds in transforming the lives of children with the same unhappy stories. It’s all about compassion and care. Watch it and be moved.

Conveying Spiritual Teachings through the Art of 3D Animation Movies

Discover the beautiful Kung Fu Panda trilogy. Highlighting the simple, but profound wisdom presented in the movie, this article shows how animated film is uniquely suited to conveying the truths of life and existence in deeply moving and unexpected ways.

What is the Purpose of the Soul?

Enjoy the review of the movie SOUL by Pixar; a wise story beautifully told in the way that only Pixar can.

Upgrade Your Life with the Movies

If you have ever been curious about veganism and wondered what it’s about and where to start, then look no further. The Mohanji Youth Club presents us with a list of powerful documentaries focused on the ethical, economic, environmental and health implications of continuing to eat and live as most of us do today and the positive impact that switching to a plant-based lifestyle would have on us and the world we inhabit.

Gods Among Us

Learn more about the enlightened ones who have walked the Earth in days past and who are present with us now; their purity, teachings and their selfless expressions. Discover what the presence of a true Master can mean to us and the prime importance of trust and faith.

The Birth of Pure Jovial: The Road to Recovery From Stage 2 Cancer

Sameera Khan shares how she was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer and how she healed herself completely, without aid or encouragement through the determined discipline of body and mind and adopting consistent positive habits and outlook.

The Phenomenon of Sound and Beyond – Interview with Shri Sai Shravanam

Award-winning musician and composer Shri Sai Shravanam, shares his experiences in music and in working on movies with the very best artists in their field. Taking us on a journey through a landscape of inspired creativity, spontaneity and divine inspiration.

How to Take Care of Elderly Parents

This article gives us a few practical tips to helps us care for our elderly parents and know how best to facilitate active, independent and fulfilling retirement years.

Archaeology of the Soul, Part 8

Find out how you can achieve more than you believe you can when you are inspired and guided by Mohanji.

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