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This month, we’re trying something a little different at The Awakening Times. Our vision is to contribute to the enhancement and refinement of humankind by spotlighting organisations and people who are making positive contributions to the world. We want to tell stories that are personal and inspiring, we want to share great books and movies which linger and transform, we want to find and share knowledge that encourages new and broader perspectives and that is actionable here and now. Our vision is help create a world, of stability, community, sustainability, health, joyous vigour, non-violence and ultimately: liberation. We are going to start introducing regular sections each month. So, from here on out, among other things, you can expect to read about good books, good movies, good art, rejuvenating food, different ways to heal, inspiring projects and a monthly musing from renowned humanitarian Mohanji, who was the initial inspiration behind The Awakening Times. Things are going to get better and better and we sincerely hope you find something a little different here, something valuable and, of course, something you enjoy.

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Have a look at The Awakening Times July 2021 Edition!


Moringa – Green Gold

Natural healing and nutrition expert Sjarn Day Mansoor breaks down what is so great about this miracle herb; a simple primer on what’s in it, what it does, and what it’s good for. Take a look at the chemical and ayurvedic properties and why you should consider adding it to your daily routine. – Sjarn Day Mansoor


Asokan Nanniyodu – The Body is mere Imagination

An introduction to the philosophy and paintings of visionary artist Asokan Nanniyodu, whose art is a spiritual discipline and an expression of subtle truths and visions born in dreams and deep meditative states.
– Sophia Verba

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Deep Wisdom Written Simply

We review the deceptively simply written 1970 novella Jonathan Livingston Seagull. How much punch can a book that fits into a pocket have? A lot! A journey through the life, lives and lessons of a seagull named Jonathan who knows only the pursuit of perfection through flight. – Hein Adamson


Seven Years in Tibet – From Arrogance to Humility

We review the gorgeous Jean-Jacques Annaud directed, 1997 movie starring Brad Pitt and based on the memoirs of mountain climber and long-time friend of the Dalai Lama, Heinrich Harrer. True adventure is more about inner transformation than exploration. This movie has both. – Annette Adamson


Humane Airports – Speaking out Against Racism

An incident of racial profiling at Frankfurt Airport sparks The Humane Airports campaign, which was started with the notion that we have the responsibility to take action when we see discrimination being acted out, and that our voice and the solutions we might offer are necessary and valuable. – Hein Adamson


Fruit Tree Plantation Drive – Nourishment and Shelter for Generations to Come

We take a look at Ammucare’s imminently practical answer to some of today’s most urgent problems: Plant more fruit trees. A single fruit tree can nourish thousands, humans and animals alike, for decades or even centuries, and house and protect as many beings; in world where natural habitats are callously decimated and millions go hungry every day. – Sanja Stankovic


Introduction to Homeopathy – Part 01

Homeopathy is among the most widely practiced healing methodologies being practiced today. Read about how it all got started and why it’s a non-invasive and appropriate form of treatment for all ages and types of constitution. – Izabela Jovovic


Nutrition for Conscious Living – Part 01

Sameera Khan affected a total cure for her cancer through diligent study, self-experimentation and a complete emotional and physical lifestyle overhaul. Here she touches on the necessity and benefits of being more conscious in our purchasing habits and our consumption of food. – Sameera Khan


Coherent Water – Transformation and Immunity through Water

Analemma is a company which is experimenting with a new crystalising technology which transforms water from an element of mere hydration to a substance which affects both plants and animals in a profoundly positive way. Immunising against and even reversing damage done to our bodies by ever more pervasive radiation, environmental toxicity and our own detrimental modern lifestyles.
– Madhusudan Rajagopalan & Hein Adamson


Fear and Mindfulness

Mateo shares a few penetrating insights into how fear diminishes us physically and emotionally, and suggests a few simple but powerful things we can do to reduce our vulnerability to fear and help bring our usually over-active and over-stressed minds to focus and stability in the present moment. – Mateo form MYC


Mohanji’s Musings – Enlightenment and Dissolution

Extracts from renowned humanitarian and spiritual teacher Mohanji’s profound insights into the nature of enlightenment and the journey of life as it continues after enlightenment. towards complete dissolution of all aspects of an individual and eventual merger with divinity, the subtlest of the subtle. – Hein Adamson

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