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Learning continues as long as we live. Through short but insightful articles in this July issue, The Awakening Times team strives to support your learning in life in our own loving way, by covering a plethora of topics –  how to access the Learner/Disciple within you; Cherokee way of learning from the animal and plant world; how to apply the wisdom of the oceans; importance of spontaneity, flexibility and detachment; to float with the tide or swim for a goal – that is the question; what can one do in order to obtain a clean and unchanging vision of Divine; how free will truly works in relation to Divine will; how to develop your willpower and self-discipline; how to cope with the polar shift  on our planet and what it really means.

We welcome you to explore these topics with us as we continue to grow in love and awareness together.

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JULY 2015 Edition Features:

Awakening: Accessing the Learner / Disciple Within

Dive into the wisdom of the ocean. The sea and its grandness teaches us manifold lessons for life. Read this precious observation on how and what we can learn from the oceans divine blessings.

Human and Divine FREE WILL

What does true faith entail and how is it connected to divine law? Read this profound and deep exploration of free will and its relation and perfect flow with divine will.

Willpower and Self-Discipline ~ Guidance and Exercises

How many times have you tried to change your eating habits, stop smoking, or get up earlier in the morning? Read this simple guide on how to develop your willpower and self-discipline.

The origin of Disease and Medicine

A Cherokee narrative about the animal and plant world and their relation towards humans. How is animal cruelty by humans perceived by animals and plants? And what if human diseases and medicine origin from animals and plants as a response to this cruelty?

The Artist who tried to Capture the Image of the Lord

How can one obtain a clean and unchanging vision of the Lord? The symbolism and message of this short story by Sathya Sai Baba about the artist who tried to paint the image of the Lord Krishna truly speaks volumes.

The Metaphysical Effects Of A Magnetic Pole Reversal

How will the magnetic pole reversal that is currently happening on planet Earth affect us? Will the GPS work? Will human brain ever be the same? In this mind boggling exploration Gregg Prescott raises these and many more pertinent questions that simply can’t be ignored in the present time.

Miraculous Days with Mohanji – Part 1

“Predictability is a trap. Stagnation is a trap … This is the tragedy of human existence. There is no evolution possible unless we take the plunge.” In this sincere narrative Rajesh Kamath shares his direct experiences with Mohanji, and realization that he can begin to understand a true Master only by connecting to the spontaneity, flexibility and detachment in every moment.

A Letter from Hunter S. Thompson that Changed My Life

A letter written by Hunter S. Thompson 57 years ago reveals a powerful formula applicable to all: a man must choose a path which will let his ABILITIES function at maximum efficiency toward the gratification of his DESIRES. Whether to float with the tide, or to swim for a goal – to be or not to be – is a choice we must all make at one point in our lives. This insightful article is not to be missed!





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