Life is a never ending process of learning. We keep learning from everything and everyone around us. In fact the whole world can become a teacher for us if awakening of the learner within happens. This learning series is about sharing a few lessons picked from here and there.


Old Sea, New Lessons

It was a sunny December afternoon, when my family and I visited the seaside beach at Cherating. The Sea as usual was wonderful…the endless, expanded body of water with its waves wrinkling its surface. He had been there for ages, seen many years roll by. Many people visiting his shores, surfing his waves or diving deep into his body had enriched him with their varied experiences. Old Sea had seen so much and seemed so much wiser as I approached him. I felt he had lots for me to learn this time.


As his waves touched my feet and washed them over, I recalled an old time ritual performed by my father on the occasion of kanya pujan. It is a ceremony performed on the Ashtami following Navratri in India, whereby each householder washes the feet of the female children who are worshipped as goddesses thereafter. And I felt the same blessing ensue from my heart for the Sea, as it did for my father, being touched by his humility in performing this act.


Days before this visit we had been to a gem factory. Here they displayed gems of all sorts, procured from the sea depths. Looking at the surface of the Sea, I was simply awed by his modesty, how he did not feel the need to adorn any of those gems to boast of his grandeur. Its very form spoke for itself. The gems and pearls we consider so rare and precious, lay hidden in his depths. So non-exhibitive, so rich, yet so modest! An entire world throbs within him, yet on the surface he is only plain salt water.

lady at beach


Looking at the Sea, a series of entities connected to his existence flashed before my eyes. How melting glaciers run through rocky mountains, dusty plains, dirty city waters flow into the rivers, emptying themselves into his vast recycling- plant like body. How humbly He accepts all that comes into it!

Vast yet within limits

Covering seventy percent of the planet, his enormous body knows its limits well. It is amazing how the land and water on Earth have a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s freedom of space. They hardly ever encroach upon each other’s domain. Surprisingly, man-made divisions do not divide this single big body of water, though each piece of land names differently the face of the Sea they view. Unlimited though by such divisions, He knows His own limits, and stays within them. Can we call this self-discipline?!

Falling No Further

It is amazing to note that every drop of water that flows down to the Sea doesn’t go further down. It has only two options, either it rises or it will stay still as being one with the Sea. So the sea either makes you one with its being or makes you rise, it doesn’t let you fall further. A good reason to smile as you look at the Sea!

A great teacher

After all these lessons I learnt that I found a great teacher in the Sea. He teaches volumes without a word!


~Om Samudraya Namah~




Author: Jyoti Prateek

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