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We are celebrating one year of The Awakening Times Magazine with you. In this special anniversary issue you can read an exclusive interview with Raja Yogi Mohanji, the  inspiration behind Awakening Times.  In this special edition Sadhguru shares enriching insights into the history of yoga, Yogananda guides us on how to overcome addictions and many more inspiriting articles about Shiva, Transformational Truth from Sages and our Inner Journey.

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April 2015 Edition Features:

Dawn of Yoga

Who was the first Guru and the first Yogi? Is it quantity or quality that matters when it comes to spreading of spiritual knowledge? Find out this and more from an excerpt from Sadhguru’s book “SHIVA Ultimate Outlaw”.

20 Transformational Truths From Sages Throughout the Ages

Let us learn from those who have tasted the highest and shared their experiential knowledge and wisdom with the world. Paul Lenda highlights 20 transformational truths  that can make us more proactive and more inspired to make the dream of ‘realized life’ come true.

Why We get Stuck in Self-Sabotage & How to Overcome it

How do we get ourselves to the point that we easily and naturally make choices that are in complete alignment with our soul’s deepest desires and alignment with the healthiest version of our own selves that we all long to become? This article is a guide on how to move into higher vibrations and explores the power of talking lovingly to ourselves.

Who Is Shiva: Man, Myth or Divine?

Read about Shiva, the divine darkness, the very source of the yogic traditions and his contribution in the making of human consciousness. Explore what modern science and Shiva have in common and who the first seven disciples are.

Mohanji – The Mirror of Consciousness

True spiritual treat – a deeply insightful interview with Mohanji, the inspiration behind The Awakening Times and one of the living Masters of today, the time of awakening globally.

Understanding Idol Worship through an Experience

In this personal experience sharing, Ayush Dixit sheds light on a controversial practice of idol worship, analyzing its necessity and purpose, while skilfully weaving into it other insights like his own experiential understanding of merging with the consciousness of the Master. Read on.

The Swamis and the Mysterious Light

This beautiful short story about two swamis living in caves, a mysterious light and wondering village reminds us of what is truly important for our inner journey and the presence of a teacher.

How to overcome addictions

Yogananda explains the three most addictive delusions wine, sex and money.  He guides us how we can learn to use our powerful will to take control of our life, to overcome addiction and escape our bodily prison.




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