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The very presence of an Enlightened Master uplifts even the weakest beings towards their full potential. His words break the chains of illusion that engulf our minds and hearts. His leadership is directed towards only one goal – liberation from the world of duality and the endless wheel of karma.

But oh, the path is far from easy. It is challenging, tricky and thorny, filled with traps of all sorts. Behind every corner hides Maya (illusion), ever-ready to swallow its fugitive children striving to become awakened and pull them back into a long, dark dream, the slumber of unconscious living.

But He stands on the same path, right beside us. He receives the blows of dark forces onto himself and burns the enemies of Liberation through the mighty fire of consciousness. His eyes shine the diamond light of stars of higher vibratory planes, the light that leads us towards the purest source, the source of our existence.

His physical form is just an illusion, a joke if you may, a deceiving manifestation of the eternal, unknowable Lord Shiva, the hidden Master of our souls. He is That. He is the One.

Oh, how happy are the children who have found their Father and can play near his holy feet. His gaze flashes through the eons and guides us always and forever. In the consciousness behind those eyes is where we shall dissolve, the same consciousness from which we came into being.

This interview is a humble attempt to encapsulate the words of light in the space and time of the world of today. The time in which we live is unique and belongs to one of the most exciting cosmic stories ever! We live in the time of universal AWAKENING and transformation. Millennia of darkness and deep slumber are slowly melting like snow in spring. We are living in the time of Shiva! The great fire of transformation will swallow our scant lives and turn them into a magnificent divine existence.


Thank you beloved Father!


[pullquote] Mohanji is a contemporary Spiritual Master who delivers the most profound truths with laser sharp clarity, simplicity and humor. Mohanji expresses many Masters, and many Masters express through him. He always says that “in terms of consciousness, we are all One”.

Mohanji’s eyes are the gateway to his consciousness. To connect with his consciousness effectively, all that is required is to look deeply into both of his eyes on the picture at the same time for a few minutes daily, with full faith and deep surrender, and just be receptive.

Mohanji’s grace flows and one can experience it. It does not matter where a person is on this Earth. Miracles follow. Answers happen. Calamities dissolve. Cures happen. His grace is to be experienced.

What is the reason for you to bless us with your presence on Earth? Please tell us more about your mission.

The reason for every incarnation is fulfillment. The word fulfillment is reasonably generic. Fulfillment is spread over body, mind and intellect. We have fulfillment every moment. We live for fulfillment. Karma is equal to fulfillment. If there is karma – there has to be fulfillment. So, every being on Earth has come here for some level of fulfillment. For some earning is fulfillment, and for some serving is fulfillment. We cannot engage in any activity that does not provide us fulfillment. This being the truth, my existence cannot be different from it.

The mission of every guide on Earth is to lead a generation and beyond to the light of truth. Truth is very simple – YOU ARE THAT. You are the imperishable, immovable, colorless, formless, self-illuminating, brilliant entity that exists beyond time and space. Once we have mentally understood this theory, we have to move towards realizing it. The journey is from intellectual understanding to realization. Our mission is based on unconditional love, i.e. unbound love or love beyond boundaries and expectations. Its pillars are purity and faith. Purity in thoughts, words and actions; and complete faith first in yourself, and then in the supreme non-manifest. The concept of divya deha has always been with us, but the caste system has interfered. We should first express our innate godhood by respecting ourselves first. If we don’t respect our body and see it as God, then we can’t connect to the God in the universe. The ultimate aim is complete liberation which is well beyond realization.


mohanji smiling


Can you please tell us more about Consciousness Kriya?

Consciousness Kriya is a very sacred technique that was given to me to spread as a guiding light for seekers to achieve oneness with the supreme consciousness. All Kriyas are a mixture of regulated breathing and visualization. This combination works to cut the mental barriers and connect to the source. Visualization automatically vanishes when the operating level shifts spontaneously. When we get home, all visualization drops off.

To be effective, Kriya needs constant and committed practice with complete dedication. Hence my Kriya team does a lot of scrutiny of the candidates before they are accepted for initiation.

Breath is the only faculty in our system which we can regulate. This is exactly the tool that we use to break the sheaths of conditioning and connect to higher frequencies. This is used to upgrade ourselves. The aim is to achieve a gradual increase in awareness and through that to touch the highest pinnacle of oneness in consciousness. The methods associated with Kriya are to achieve this end.


Shaktipat is such a precious and powerful energy. It used to be given very selectively in the past by masters. You have made it available so easily it seems. Why? And what is the significance of Shaktipat for the world?

All children need assistance to walk in the beginning. Parents help. We live in a world clouded with ignorance. We are concept driven. Our operating software is called concepts. Concepts always alienate us from the truth. Shaktipat is transfer of energy in a regulated frequency to cut across the bugs that have entered the system over time in the form of concepts and corresponding blockages and help free movement. The original meaning is to awaken the shakti energy or kundalini energy which is lying latent in your system. In order to awaken that energy, we should first of all clean the clutter. So, each shaktipat is precious. It has the potential to remove the clutter in the physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, spiritual and every other layer or level that usually earns dirt as we live our life. It speeds up the process of elevation in awareness. Yet again, there should be receptivity. Receptivity is essential at every stage. Faith increases receptivity. Doubts block it.

I am aware that shaktipat has always been sacred and precious. All my shaktipat initiates and I always do it as a service. We never charge a penny for delivering shaktipats. People have had numerous transformational experiences with our shaktipats. Shaktipat has the potential to change lives for good. But, we should maintain the purity of intention as well as remove all expectations. We should deliver it as a service to the world. We should expect nothing when we deliver such priceless energies. If someone misuses the power of delivering shaktipat, it will affect him adversely through lifetimes. Abusing anything sacred can be quite detrimental. Shaktipat is a powerful expression of unconditional love. Shaktipat is an expression that shows we sincerely care. In a conditional world of transactions, this may not be easily understood. But, the effects of it are already visible in many. Some choose to acknowledge it. Some deny their own experience and fall back to their own cozy bed of comforts.

Commercial spirituality happens only because people are not willing to leave their comfort zones and walk the true path of pathlessness. Our dependency on predictable stuff and predictability invariably leads to exploitation.


How can I recognize the light path from the dark path? How can I recognize a binding and avoid spiritual groups taking advantage of me?

Dark path is demanding. It binds. It breeds fear at least temporarily. So, whatever binds you and controls you, or whatever gives you fear instead of freedom must be considered as not-so-white. Whenever someone tries to bind you to a man, a cult or a ritual, be watchful. Second level is the gut feeling. Like all beings, human beings also have the power to understand between the good and the negative. If you feel your vibrations are not matching with a situation, go away from it. Everything should match – a deep YES within, at all levels. You should feel comfortable. You should feel at home. Unity in consciousness is divinity. Criticism, judgment, fear, insecurity, persecution, slander, jealousy, hatred, lies and anger are of lower frequency and just basing out of mundane minds. This is your benchmark. If you feel hatred towards even one person, time, situation, location or material, then you have work to do. Your love should become so overwhelming and all-encompassing that it should be totally unconditional. This is what spirituality is for you. True spirituality is not self-growth. It is the elevation of a society because of your brightness. There is zero possibility of any darkness in this brilliant brightness. So, anybody or any book that tries to control you instead of liberating you, is not good for you. Run Away! Run Fast.


mohanji shivaHow do I recognize the subtle difference of having lost connection on my path versus having ‘graduated’ to the next level on my journey and hence having found a new teacher?

Causeless joy, peace and love are the key signs of elevation in awareness. Teachers happen when the student is ready. And teacher is always in relation with the student. When a student happens, a teacher happens. Teacher is a state just like student is a state. A teacher or a student is never permanent in their roles. A teacher can be a father, a husband, a lover, a pedestrian, a shopper, a barber, a cook or any other role every a human being plays in his or her lifetime. The right knowledge will come to you at the right time, through a person, a book or life experience. This is the truth of existence. Live your everyday life to the fullest. Keep asking, what else can I do? Life will blossom on its own. Guides and teachers will appear to you. But, at that point in time, do not have any mental images or blocks which make you to discard the available guru and chase after the one of your imagination. Accept the one who comes to you if he is taking you to your inner freedom and liberation. Walk with him, hand in hand until you cross the forest of your mind and see the light. Never drop his hand. A true teacher needs nothing from you. If any guide tries to bind you, run away as fast as you can. Do not use your mind to understand the teacher. Mind can only analyze based on stored benchmarks. Feel the teacher, practice the teachings with full dedication. Evolve.


Are there mistakes in life?

Yes. The fundamental mistake is non-awareness of our core potential. The second mistake is our notion that we are separate from God. We attribute human limitations to God to create social cages. When we limit God, we limit our true selves. The third mistake is we think all beings around us are separate from us. Lastly, the biggest mistake would be wasting a lifetime over acquired concepts and failing to realize your true nature.


Where do you see the world heading for the next 50 years?

I like to see peace ahead of us. Peace has to blossom in the minds of people before it dawns in society. A peaceful mind makes a peaceful society. Greed and possessiveness over what we can never own has to find its end. We cannot own any piece of land beyond our lifetime. Then the land owns us. Eventually land owns man. We foolishly create empires imagining that we have all the power when we have such possessions. We can own the world only if we lose our own peace. Peace is your right. Ownership and possessiveness necessarily mean attachments and expectations. This erodes peace. The transactional tool is peace. I would like to believe that the Earth will bring forth a change in the mindset of people, forcefully or spontaneously through the shift in operational frequency. Much destruction could happen, especially that of concepts, man-made dos and don’ts. There is nothing good or bad in life. All that binds you is not good for you, while all that liberates you is good for you. When concepts are broken, there will be peace. Concepts are in every level of existence. Concepts of life, love, marriage, relationship, society, power, money, greed, men, women, children, animals and birds… so on and so forth. All concepts should melt and dissolve into spontaneity, free flow and peace. Being natural is the key. Being in love with a life of selflessness is the key. Everything else is unnatural.


Is there a point in one’s spiritual development when astrological predictions no longer have any value, i.e. when one transcends the influence of planets and stars?

True. Astrology is an explanation of a person’s life based on the time of birth as per the alignment of stars. This is the destiny or chosen life, pre-birth. Destiny can be changed especially through the proximity of elevated masters or contacts with higher beings, increased awareness through spiritual practices, or leading a life of selflessness. As awareness increases and subtlety grows, we are more in control of our destiny. We will defy all rules. This is even more applicable when mind completely dissolves and life becomes completely purpose-oriented. A purpose-oriented life is a life based purely on dharma. This also means freedom. Human body is perishable. Many saints even attain control over their perishable body by penetrating into the cellular level and re-configuring it in such a way that the cells neither decay nor change. The divya deha concept of the Siddha tradition is based on the principle of immortality. Mahavatar Babaji is a living example of this truth. Immortality is the key for defying the influence of stars on human life.


If a person is on a spiritual path and has a partner, does spiritual intercourse, i.e. love making between a man and a woman, interfere with the process of spiritual growth and raising of Kundalini Shakti?

It does not. If the purpose is clear, everything can lead to the same destination. Kundalini Shakti is also called Maheshwari or the great goddess. When the great goddess moves through the middle meridian, our dimensions start changing. It moves from YES or NO to WOW! When the great goddess merges with the creator through the crown chakra, it opens up fountains of pleasure like a thousand orgasms. This is why the scriptures say, if you need to love a woman, love the goddess with all intensity. The result is incomparable.

When the great goddess moves through the middle meridian, at each point, jingles or sounds of chakras can be heard, the bija mantras Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om…

mohanji lightThere is nothing called spiritual intercourse. It is all procreation. There is a desire and a fulfillment behind every sexual union. There is nothing good or bad about it. If it is consensual there is mutual gratification. There are certain breathing methods or techniques in pranayama which can delay the orgasmic process, as well as raise those vibrations upward instead of downward. This can possibly lead to awakening of kundalini. Then again, these are complex techniques and an amateurish approach towards the same will not result in any elevation. Sexuality is inherent in every being. It is equal to hunger for food or thirst for water. It is maintained in every being to keep the species going. Man has explored every aspect of himself, including the sexual aspect, to attain higher realms of awareness. As the scriptures say – What goes up is good and what goes down is bad. Thus some male saints even recycle their sperm upwards and circulate the energy inside. However, this cannot be achieved through sexual suppression. The seeker must transcend sexuality spontaneously with time and increase the awareness levels. Isolation and lesser accumulation of impressions do help in the path of liberation.

With regards to women, the whole mode is different as Shakti is related to motherhood and sacrifices that status brings forth. Women go within spontaneously while having a child in the womb, they start feeling more, becoming far more subtle and selfless. From that feeling they can raise their vibrations to that of universal motherhood, which is indeed the play or display of Shakti energy. There are rare exceptions in all cases. There are male and female saints born with awareness. They reach the track sooner because the path is well set before they took the incarnation. Very high souls always come to earth for a higher purpose. They are born Shakti incarnates whose love and purity are immeasurable.


What is darkness? What is its nature? How can we transcend it?
Darkness is a state of the mind when identifications overwhelm awareness. This usually means being frontal lobe oriented. Connecting to the spine and operating from a larger periphery will help remove the darkness of mind. Darkness and light are phases of mind and they never stay forever. Awareness is the light that expels all darkness at all times. Remember who you are. Remember yourself as brighter than a thousand suns. Darkness is absence of light. Even a small amount of awareness can eradicate darkness completely.


Without negativity there would be no game of duality – doesn’t that make it equally relevant to positivity? What is the proper way of treating negativity in this world?
Negative and positive are two sides of the same coin called life. What you feed grows in you. If we concentrate on what expands us, makes us feel good and makes others feel good, that will be positive. Positive stuff like LOVE expands our hearts and makes our life worthwhile on Earth. Negative and positive are equally strong and available for us as options on Earth. On an experiential basis, both are the same. But, negative breeds more emotions and repetition. This leads to binding. Anything that binds leads to a repetitive existence. Hence negative is not so good. Otherwise, both are just two aspects of our existence. One leads to the other or one illuminates the other.

How much influence do positive and negative entities/beings have on our path of life? How should we behave towards them in this new age of mass channeling of higher/lower entities?
All entities have equal importance. One type binds. One type liberates. When we are after sensations in spirituality, there is a very high chance that the lower entities can deliver that and bind you without your being conscious of it. When you need nothing, including sensations, and your only aim is GOD, and you will not stop until you become one with the supreme consciousness, then the entities that bind and control may leave you alone. They would certainly try you with various temptations, such as some psychedelic drugs, sex or even some compelling rituals.

Those who are bound will try their best to prove that this is the best state to be in. They will convince us that traveling the beaten track is the best. They will even recommend getting attached to certain system, religion or cult which ensures certain communion with God. First of all, they do not know that God always remains above everything and is totally unbound. They never agree that you are your own path to reach God and the path is within us all. The path to Godhood lies within all of us. All of us are directly connected to God. Some methods suit some, some don’t. This is because all creations of God are unique and incomparable. Most rituals and activities are just to entertain our virile mind and to keep us at the level of sensations. We must raise ourselves above everything to start feeling – let alone being one with God. So, if we avoid all that binds us, if we stick to our own path of inner silence, if we do not crave sensations and are willing to let go of every desire, we become one with the silence within. And this silence is the sound of God.


Nowadays we can access a plethora of spiritual knowledge on the Internet. How much true knowledge is out there on the internet? How to choose what is good for us?

I understand. Most of it is re-formulated traditional knowledge. Much of it is there to charm. Most are opinions of someone. True knowledge cannot be sitting in the internet. It sits within us. All forms of external knowledge are just another pointer for us to go within. When we read many books, many opinions, many comparisons and many concepts, we will become increasingly confused. The mind and intellect will become stronger. These walls start becoming higher and higher. These are the very walls that we need to cross over to reach the subtle vibrations of God. External knowledge usually binds us to the gross because it reinforces our mind. Mind becomes more and more relevant because it needs the storage space. The more we use the mind, the more it becomes indispensable. We can use a cue, a direction from external knowledge, if we like. But, reading, intellectualization, analysis, comparisons, etc. are anti-spirituality. The primary understanding that every seeker should have is that all that they need is within them. They will be kissed from within at the right time. All they need to do is dilute their own identities and identifications. They are free to take guidance from an available guru, book or internet. But, the moment it becomes addictive, the thickening happens. The alienation from truth will be visible in their attitude of intolerance. Intolerance is ignorance. The other side of this is gratitude. Gratitude is the expression of one’s union with the subtle. Unconditional love is also the same – clear connection with God. Hatred, comparisons and intolerance are signs of alienation from God.


mansarovar mohanThere is an informal story of your latest experience on Kailash. Some people said that you expanded so much during Kailash Parikrama 2014, more precisely during the holy dip in Lake Mansarovar, that it attracted many souls from the astral realm to come towards you and become liberated.
Can you tell us more about it?
There are numerous beings connected to us at every point in time. This purely depends on the frequency from where we operate. Beings connect to all those who operate in higher frequency for the sake of liberation. This need not always be human beings or beings in physical forms. All beings, physical or non-physical, have similar existences and aspirations. When we operate from higher frequencies, we express similar powers spontaneously. Inner silence leads to expressions of unlimited powers. Inner silence is a perpetual state of Samadhi. If I explain more here, it may sound like self-propaganda , that I am blowing my own trumpet. Those who witnessed it or felt it could possibly explain what they saw.

It is important to know that the human form has a weak acceptance ratio. First of all it has duration. It is perishable and it has its chosen states and expressions. There will be much similarity between beings. This leads to confusion and masks the subtle aspects from the public. This is why it takes further generations to accept and recognize a past master. Therefore, most of the great masters are regarded after their death and not recognized while they lived.

We are the world to some people. We mean nothing to others. Between this connection and disconnection lies our life. This is the frequency difference. Every frequency cannot connect to every frequency. It is not easy for gross to connect to subtle or understand subtle. The more we operate in gross, which includes the intellect, ego, rational existence, atheism, etc. the more the options of potential subtlety are removed from us. Someone who is proud of his intellect can be considered a self-imprisoned slave who is proud of his prison cell. (Similar thought from Fr. Antony Demello).


[pullquote] Editor’s note:

This is a story narrated by a lady (she lives in the West and does not want to reveal her identity) who is a psychic medium; she sees visions literally as a motion picture in front of her (as opposed to visions that are mental images).

“It was about 10pm and I was cooking food at home one day. I saw Mohanji travelling in a bus, going up a mountain. There were lots of people in the bus, but I also saw thousands of disembodied entities going along with them in the bus; it almost looked like a swarm of flies surrounding these people. And then my vision ended. The next day at the same time, i.e. around 10pm in the night (Ed: which was around 1pm in India), I saw Mohanji half-naked and taking a dip in a big pond. He was surrounded by many people who were also taking dips with him. All around him, I also saw those disembodied entities diving into the pond like kingfishers and then rising up and floating away to liberation. I saw this happening for a while as Mohanji continued to take dips in the pond. Suddenly, I saw Sai Baba appearing in the sky. Behind him, I saw dark clouds in which there were many dark and fearsome entities looking down on the scene in the pond. Sai Baba looked at me directly and said that Mohanji may get killed if this continued. He commanded me to start reading Satcharita immediately. I stopped my cooking right then and started reading; when I finished a chapter of Sai Satcharita, I saw that the scene was still the same in the pond and in the sky. I looked up at Sai Baba and asked him ‘Please save Mohanji. He’s doing a lot of good for the world, the world needs him.’ Sai Baba looked at me with compassion and said ‘OK, I’ll save his life, but then he will face a number of challenges ahead.’ With that, my vision ended.“

Our discussions corroborate that the days and times of these visions coincided with the schedule of Mohanji’s trip to Kailash in 2014 and his specific dates to and in Mansarovar.

This action put you in the middle of the attention of some negative forces whose goal is to keep souls trapped. It caused different sorts of turmoil in the core group of your followers. Is it true? 
Yes. This is how it is understood.

There are many tests on the spiritual path. Yet, you have said many times that on the Shiva path there is only one test, which is always the same. Can you tell us more about it?
Bhagawan Krishna has explained that whenever man understands his origin and connects to the un-manifested and super illumined consciousness which is pure energy, the gross aspect takes a toll. Gross aspects include body, mind and intellect. Dissolution means detachment from everything gross or melting of all the identities. This is often painful because we may have gathered and entertained many subtle emotions while in existence. The path of Shiva is that of total silence, stillness of being and the state of being Shiva. It is the path of total annihilation and dissolution. Depending on how deep our stored data is, the act of letting go will be equally painful. When we start connecting to our original form which is sheer brightness of being, we reduce lifetimes to come too. This could potentially become our last existence on Earth. That would also intensify this incarnation. Thus, the path of Shiva is the most profound as well as the most difficult of all paths. Those who come here have usually traveled many lives before they reach here.

You mentioned once that there is a certain time in the life of every spiritual seeker when he/she achieves empty mind. This is the time when it may happen that the seeker abandons his/her Guru because of lack of patience. Can you please explain more about that phase in every spiritual seeker’s life?
Every seeker goes through stages in evolution. The first stage is usually a stage of excitement or experience. When he starts practicing a particular method, he will experience a corresponding change within him. The second stage is the stage of stagnation. The same practice cannot produce a different experience, so it becomes stale. His mind revolts. He will start doubting the path, the guru, and whatever else he is connected to externally. The mind plays its regular tricks. The third stage is the stage of vacuum. A particular practice repeated consistently creates an element of emptiness inside. This is also a stage of confusion. In this stage an average seeker either consorts with negativism or positivism. Negativism leads to complete confusion. He/she may feel everything is lost. He may doubt his guru, his path, his techniques and everything else. He may even doubt himself.

On the other side, he could nurture the emptiness which he has acquired over repeated practice, thus overcoming the state of stagnation, and use this empty space to bring in the positive vibrations. With further practice, and with conviction and consistency, he will cross the barrier of the vacuum state. Then comes the bliss state. The bliss state is a perpetual state. In this state the seeker is in the mode of complete acceptance. With himself, with the society, with the environment, with the time and space. In that level of total acceptance there is absolute peace inside. That peace remains forever. Those who drop off at the first or second stage will keep repeating the pattern without achieving any particular progress. So every seeker must be aware that there is nothing that can substitute consistency in practice. Discipline, love, faith and conviction. There should be maintained a willingness to go till the end of the road with the given guru, with the given method and the given time.


Many followers think that when Guru says something it is unchangeable and it must happen exactly in the way Guru said it would. When events develop in a different way, completely opposite to what Guru had said, followers are disillusioned and they lose faith in their Master. Sometimes it seems Masters are doing this deliberately. Please explain how to handle Guru’s words.

The guru is equal to constitutional truths. A constitution that remains the same, a principal. The Principal articulates that individuals are karmic beings, they are acting out of a particular set of karma. When a guru articulates a particular dharmic truth as a command or even as a suggestion, if the listening disciple acts it out with total surrender, conviction and dedication, the guru takes over and accomplishes the task. Here, when we say a guru, we mean master who is connected to the source, and not a teacher of knowledge. When a guru articulates a truth and it falls into the ears of disciples whose faith is inconsistent, if they chose to partially obey and partially disobey there cannot be a desired result. Disillusionment happens in the minds of disciples when there is no surrender or less connectivity with the guru. When faith is inconsistent, the presence of the guru in the disciple’s life will be ineffective. When the disciple analyses, compares, criticizes, judges and doubts a guru and his words, a guru’s words will not bear the desired fruits.

The guru who is connected from the source sees everything from above, without emotions, based on purpose. The disciples normally cannot see what a guru sees. So it should be compensated with faith. Take your time to recognize and accept a particular guru. Once recognized and accepted, nothing should shake the faith in the guru. True gurus never insist, they just guide and allow the disciples to exercise their free will.


mohanji master


Many articles and books talk about young and old souls inhabiting our planet. It seems that if someone is a young soul it automatically means he/she cannot achieve spiritual heights. How important is it whether we are an old or a young soul? Can a young soul attain liberation in its first life on Earth?
There are no hierarchies in souls. More time spent on Earth only means that those souls had more desires to act upon. There are various possibilities for each soul, depending upon their agenda on Earth. It is not easy to decide or decipher the depth and the pattern in each soul because soul is just a carrier of a constitution which manifests as existence. In that context, if liberation is the key agenda it does not matter whether a soul takes one life or many lives. They can taste liberation.


You mentioned that this particular time is important for spiritual development because awakening is happening to many. Thousands of Internet sources talk about extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, mass awakening, global turmoil, etc… Why is this time so special compared to the time in which Jesus or Buddha lived? Could it be that there are more Masters on Earth now than in the past?

The frequency is shifting. The vibratory level of Earth and the corresponding planets of the Milky Way have changed. There is an axis shift which results in polar shift. The changes that the time provides are conducive for shifting gears in the path of spirituality. Being fluid, being flexible, being objective and being aware are the only eligibility requirements for a total constitutional shift. During the times of past masters such as Jesus and Krishna, the frequencies on Earth were different. Communication was different, awareness levels were different, the collective consciousness was different and overall levels of acceptance were different. The masters of the past were no less than the present masters. The presence of the present masters and their visibility is due more to the expansion of communication platforms. The past masters did not have the luxury of such platforms during their times. Every change in frequency has its good and bad effects. The good effect is that it gives wind to the wings of true aspirants on the path of liberation. It also gives suffering and confusion to those who operate in the levels of comfort zone spirituality, which also means superficial spirituality or armchair spirituality. Those who are fluid and able to let go and move on are always benefitted because the wind is favorable for a smooth sail.

The polar shifts are bound to create much turmoil on the Earth plane. The scriptures talk about manundharas, or the cycle of yugas. In each yug such as the golden age, dvapara yuga, treta yuga, and kali yuga the cycle repeats itself. There is a repetition of eras and events through time and space, so each cycle is complete in itself and by itself. To quote a small story from Ramayana. After the war defeating Ravana and winning back Sita, Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Hanumanji were coming back from Ayodhya in the Puspaka (aerial car) through the sky. While crossing the ocean, Sita’s ring fell down into the water. Hanumanji immediately jumped into the water to fetch the ring. However when he dived all the way deep into the sea, he found many rings there. He was confused, so he came back up to the Puspaka and told Shri Ram what he saw. Shri Ram said Sita’s ring had Ram written on it. Hanumanji dived back again to fetch the ring with Ram on it. When he went all the way down and reached the bottom of the sea, he checked and he found that all the rings had Ram on it. He realized that, at the same space at a different time, history had repeated itself. Thus in short all that we see, all that we do, all the incarnations, all the events have repeated themselves many times over. We are just acting out the same story over a different time. There is freshness in the experience because we do not remember the past.


shaktipat by mohanji


What happens if someone insults a Guru or treats him with injustice? Is there a way to redeem such action and nullify its consequences?

Every thought, every word, every action once produced, cannot be revoked. A thought, word or action whether positive or negative has its corresponding effect. The author of the event will immediately reap the results too. The result will depend on the intensity of the activity.




Author: Milan Bojic, Biba Mohan

Article Review: Caroline Moscato

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