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As we bid farewell to the month of April, marked by the celebration of Earth Day, we reflect on the profound interconnectedness we share with our planet. In this edition of The Awakening Times, we explore various perspectives that underscore our relationship with the Earth and our collective responsibility towards its well-being. From transcendent artistry and ancient Vasthu principles to innovative technologies and the power of forgiveness, each article offers profound insights into nurturing a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

As Mohanji reminds us, “All that we need as a species to express is kindness and compassion. There’s nothing else Earth needs from us. Just be considerate. Just be compassionate. Just be kind. And that will create a big difference on this Earth.”

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in this edition:

  1. Interconnected Realms: Edmondson’s Ethereal Brushstroke Explore the captivating artistry of Kerry Edmondson, whose paintings serve as a bridge between worlds, inviting us into a profound communion with nature.
  2. Mother Earth’s Day: A Time for Reflection and Action Join us in reflecting on the significance of Earth Day and recommitting ourselves to the vital task of environmental stewardship.
  3. Exploring Vasthu Principles: Navigating the Wisdom of Harmonious Living Delve into the ancient wisdom of Vasthu and learn how its timeless principles can guide us towards balanced and harmonious living.
  4. Introducing Tesla Metamorphosis: An Interview With Anya Petrović Gain insight into the transformative potential of Tesla Metamorphosis through an enlightening interview with Anya Petrović.
  5. Using Technology to Help the Planet? HSC Products – First Impressions Discover innovative products from HSC that harness technology to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness.
  6. What Do You Often Lie About? Explore the psychology of deception and its impact on our lives as we delve into the complexities of honesty and integrity.
  7. Forgive Yourself and Others and Let Go Embrace the transformative power of forgiveness as a pathway to healing and liberation from past hurts.
  8. Maša, Ljubica, and Wolf: A Tale of a Safe Haven for Animals Embark on a heartwarming journey to an animal sanctuary in Bosnia, where unlikely bonds flourish in an environment of love and compassion.
  9. A Heartfelt Call to Craft a Kinder World: A Note from Sanja Dejanović Join Sanja in her impassioned plea for cultivating kindness and compassion, igniting positive change in our world.

May the wisdom shared within these pages inspire you to embrace kindness, compassion, and mindfulness in every interaction, fostering a harmonious relationship with ourselves and the precious planet we call home.

Warm regards,

Lea Kosovac

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