Four Rooms of Mrs. Safija is a fine dining restaurant in Sarajevo that exists for over 14 years now. As the owner of the restaurant changed her eating habits seven years ago to vegetarian now vegan food, the menu in the restaurant changed accordingly and now you can find many more vegan options than before. “Large majority of people in the Balkans are meat eaters. Therefore, I aim to help people discover plant-based options in a very subtle way. Also, I have noticed that most people have resentment toward any kind of label, therefore we don’t use any. However, in the past month, we have created a vegan signature dish, and the way we present it is attempting for many guests. They are surprised to see what one can make with a simple ingredient such as celeriac for example,” said Dalila Lakomica, the owner of the 4 rooms of Mrs. Safija restaurant. 

One of the most popular events is the monthly Vegan Brunch which offers a huge variety of plant-based meals. “People love the taste of food from their childhood, mostly traditional meals that their grandmothers prepared. That is what we try to do with this brunch – a familiar taste of food, but all as vegan options. Everyone loves it.”

Dalila has created the whole concept, but nothing would be possible without her team that works harmoniously under the supervision of Chef Adis Doljančić, He is a young Sarajevan who has made significant accomplishments and brought refreshment to the traditional Bosnian gastronomic scene. He is very creative and found vegan cuisine very inspiring. “We have decided to make an educational platform and hire very young staff in the kitchen to train them and teach them from the scratch the proper way of food preparation. However, we invest a lot of time and effort in their personal development and the conscious way of cooking, “ said Adis.

“This task is not an easy one. It is just the beginning of the transition, but I strongly believe that in time people will more and more decide to eat a plant-based meal for different kinds of reasons”, added Dalila. “I am happy to give a contribution to our society through this subtle way of plant-based food introduction. Hopefully, we will grow bigger.”

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