What causes PCOS?
Polycystic ovary syndrome commonly called PCOD or PCOS has become very common with women.
This condition is caused by water cyst or multiple cysts forming in the ovaries. The cause for PCOS is
due to hormonal imbalance, poor life style, overweight, lack of sleep and sedentary life style.

If the condition is not addressed, it may lead to:

  • irregular periods,
  • bloating,
  • weight gain and
  • difficulty in conceiving.

Such a health condition can be a sign of trapped emotions in that part of the body.
If women are unable to express their creativity and find their authentic path, that may result
in PCOS. Patients with such syndrome very often have some form of depression and
anxiety disorder.

Prevention and regulation:

PCOS can be easily overcome with regular yoga practice, adding simple exercises like walking, being

active, avoiding junk food, and keeping one’s weight in check.

The practice of specific yoga Asanas can address the issues effectively and prevent future



Trikonasana -twist

Prasarita Pada Uthanasana


Supta Baddakonasana

Pranayama: Kapala Bhati, Nadi Sodhana

Special thanks to Usha Lakshmi, the main faculty of HSTY and yoga therapeutic teacher, who created
the original text and supervised this modified version.

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