Written by Visnja Grisa

Over the past decade, and exceedingly so over the past few years, after the ‘pandemic’, more people are looking into a more self-sustainable way of living. Seeing how desperately we as humanity depend on an abstract system to feed, clothe, heat and cool us, and everything else in between, one can’t help but wonder is there an alternative? 

Nature! Says everyone, we need to go back to nature! 

But what is a modern man in nature? Usually just a lost cause looking for a plug for his phone. 

He is bored and lost in nature, living pampered with all his needs meet, nature is just pleasant scenery with a good smell, and nothing else. 

So no, nature won’t heal us untill we take life in our own hands and become human again. Transhuman agenda has been here for too long and only now what we are at the verge of becoming robots, we talk as though this is an agenda for the distant future. No, we are  aleady there. We are too removed from our natural selves, just like from the soil under the cement under our feet.

To become human again we need to grow what we eat and not let be poisoned by the food that we buy. We need to make our own clothing, recycle the old one, and not pay a lot of money for sadness and suffering tainted brand clothing. We need to stop being hypocrites. 

We need to feel the joy, miracle and sweetness of something that we help make with our own hands. Feel competent, empowered, self-confident, yet humble and amazed with miracles around us. Because nature is miracle, and concrete is dead.  

Let’s get back to life! 

Come, join our weekly workshops on self sustainable vegan living on Fruška gora mountain. 



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