The highlight of this month’s activities was the three-day workshop organized by the Early Bird Club and the Mohanji Youth Club. Lakshmi Paniker, a professional dancer was conducting this program on behalf of the mentioned two platforms. Also, the participants heard about her journey with dance, as well as the workshop itself.

Honorary guests opened the event, representatives of the Embassy of India in Belgrade who made this cause even more special – Mr. Rajes Kumar Pipal with his wife and daughters who participated in the dance, and Miss Ivana Arandjelovic.

Lakshmi says that dance is a special experience through which we can strengthen our self-confidence.

The goal of such programs is to bring more movements among young people, more actions, socialization, willingness for change, and desires for sports and other physical activities. In addition, dance restores mental peace and boosts the vigour and vitality associated with producing the happiness hormone.

Here is a testimonial from one of the participants: 

“The dance workshop with Lakshmi was exciting, interesting, and useful. I enjoyed it. I learned Bollywood dance steps. Nice gathering, nice atmosphere.” – Verica, Serbia


This week Srđan Mareš, a yoga instructor, talked about how yoga had influenced his life and what he had changed from the turbulent twenties to the present day.

The inspiring journey of Srdjan may encourage you to live a more fulfilling and happy life because happiness is our birthright.

In cooperation with Mohanji Serbia and EBC, Staša Mišić, Mohanji Acharya, conducted Conscious Gapless Breathing, a powerful breathing technique given by Mohanji.  The program started every morning at 5 a.m. Participants could opt for a longer or shorter version, 21 or 11 days.

The participants shared some amazing experiences:

“I am doing this challenge with Staša and I feel very good. I recreated an early morning waking routine when I start the day with Conscious Breathing. One of the best ways to give me quality time.” – Petra

“I can say that this is one of the best techniques that work on many levels; with Staša as a wonderful instructor, everything is possible.” – Spomenka

 “During the 21 days of detox breathing, a couple of important things happened to me. The first is that I overcame laziness when getting up; otherwise, I’m a night owl.

Secondly, some situations that I had “pushed under the carpet” resolved themselves; some people with whom I had a conflict even appeared to me, even though they live in another city and it is unlikely that we would meet, and we resolved the situation in the best possible way, totally painless.

Third, I felt a strong connection with my ancestors who are not alive, as well as their energetic support.

And fourthly, some scenes with associated trauma from my childhood appeared to me that helped me realize why I have some strange patterns of behaviour.

I thank Mohanji for coming up with this technique that “works” and endless thanks to Staša for conveying it to us so responsibly, in detail, and with style, so it wasn’t difficult at all for us to enjoy it.” – Nikoleta


 Sunday Evening Corner continued with educational stories connected with an important task to contemplate, such as: 

  • Think about at least two reasons why people depend on animals and can’t live without them.
  • Should we work like ants, crickets, or maybe we should be a bit of both?
  • How important is it to appreciate our opponents?
  • Is it better to be beautiful like a pearl that shines, or is it better to create something beautiful and be like a shell?
  • We ended as usual with the Freedom Meditation.

A New Workshop

Tanja Bundalo, an abacus teacher, held the interactive workshop ‘Shake out Your Brain Cells’ on 17.12.2022 for the youngest members of the Early Bird Club.

 The workshop started with riddles and continued with finger exercises. Then, kids learned to calculate on the abacus and solved many interesting brain games such as looking for a hidden mouse, reading backward, counting cubes, solving the mysterious story about geese, and other mysterious tasks.

Since the main task was to laugh as much as possible and have fun, in one of the meetings we told jokes and fulfilled that task to the fullest.

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