Written by: ANISHA (Sanja Dejanović)

In the country where I live, Serbia, and in the capital city, Belgrade, it was recently decided that the usual New Year’s fireworks would be canceled, and the funds allocated for the fireworks would be redirected to animal protection associations. When I shared a link about this on my Facebook profile, I encountered comments suggesting that the money would be better spent on funds for sick children. I responded that it’s not about one being better than the other, but that both causes are important since we are all children of God.

One lady commented that she loves animals but loves children more. My reply to her was as follows: “I believe you, but I wouldn’t tell that to God because Christ said that even among the smallest of us… the same life flows through all of us here, without distinction.” While I trust her love for children, personally, albeit superficially acquainted, I know enough to be aware that meat is still on her menu. Therefore, I wouldn’t agree that she loves animals, probably just dogs and cats and those not accustomed to being on the dining table as food. However, she is not the focus of this story; it is about all people who claim to love animals while consuming them under the pretext of food.

But they are not. On the first page of the Old Testament, it is written: “I have given you plants and their fruits for food.” Later, in the New Testament, Christ delivered the message that even in the smallest among us, the same life exists. In ancient India, no one who consumed meat could enter a temple because it was considered impure. In the Ostrog monastery, a very spiritual and visited holy place in Montenegro, it is forbidden to bring in meat at this time.

Setting aside the spiritual aspect and focusing solely on the physical and health aspects, meat does us no good. I have watched many lectures on this topic, and personally know several people who battled cancer, changed their diet by eliminating meat, and experienced healing. Changing such a habit realistically transforms our entire lives. One thing leads to another. The energy required to process meat in our bodies could be used for creativity, spiritual insights, but it unnecessarily goes into something that brings us no good, neither spiritually nor physically.

It’s incredible that people believe we need protein from cows or bulls that eat plants. Where do they get their protein? We need amino acids from proteins, and all of that is found in plants (grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables).

I have a wonderful friend with whom I am very close. When I met her, I discovered that she has not eaten meat for thirty years. Since her husband still eats meat, I asked her what happened all those years ago. She told me the following: “One night, I dreamed of the Virgin Mary. She stood in the middle between two waters. On one side was clean water, and on the other, dirty water. She told me, ‘Choose.’ I immediately chose clean water. The Virgin Mary then said to me: ‘Then you must give up something. Start with meat.’ From that moment, dear, I never took another bite of meat, nor did I crave it.” This dear friend of mine is a very vital, positive person in her fifth decade of life, practices yoga, accomplishes much during the day, and, like me, engages in healing people, assisting them in finding their own healing. This is the role of a healer on Earth, and healing belongs to God, that perfectly divine energy, intelligence, consciousness, as it is easier for some to perceive.

From any perspective, animals are not meant for our food but for coexistence with us on Earth. And this comes from someone who used to eat a lot of meat; in fact, it was my favorite, a delicacy, as I used to say. I was conditioned to believe it was food, but it isn’t. It’s a serious and incorrect program released into collective consciousness that we, as individuals, need to free ourselves from.

A spiritual teacher once said, “If you must eat meat, eat fish because it is genetically furthest from us.” This makes sense when someone transitions from a meat-based to a plant-based diet. Some people can switch immediately and easily, while others’ bodies need time.

My motivation was also Christ’s commandment: DO NOT KILL. He didn’t say, “Do not kill a human,” but simply, “Do not kill.” As someone who adored wearing leather for years, I now seek quality shoes made from synthetic leather. Additionally, a video prompted me. It showed a bull being dragged to the slaughterhouse, falling to its knees, with tears streaming from its eyes. Then I realized that four-legged animals, in particular, are so similar to us, as we both have four limbs, blood, offspring, feelings, just like them. If I don’t eat human flesh, there’s no reason to eat theirs. Long ago, I started practicing Reiki and cleansing myself, my blocks, programs, and fears. Why would I ingest the fear of an animal imprinted in that meat served to us? No animal was happy and joyful when it was killed. We need to realize that through such a diet, we introduce fear and violence into ourselves. If someone perhaps lacks empathy for animals, they should at least find empathy for themselves, not harming themselves, which, in turn, helps animals. When I mentioned Christ’s commandment in conversations, some would say, “Well, I’m not killing anyone.” You may not be killing, but you support it. Pythagoras said before the new era, “As long as we continue to kill animals, there will be war on the planet.” And our dear spiritual teacher and friend to all of humanity, Mohanji, also sends that message to the entire world by living it.

So, it is truly time for us to awaken and reflect on what we are doing with our lives and the lives of others. 

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