In the article published in previous number of The Awakening Times we highlighted the health problems caused by our own faults: consumption of milk and milk products; hybrid vegetables and genetically modified crops and cereals as staple food, highly potent toxins in the name of drugs, over use of drugs, contaminated water with plastics and other heavy metals, meat and meat products etc. We talked about food habits that affect the diseases like cancers and diabetes and how to improve our food habits.

In this article we talk about importance of consciously understanding and opt for right food which play a role in healing and eliminating the diseases and ailments. Find out what are those foods that must be our staple food.

A Revival of our Tradition and culture of Food, III part

There are several types of millets or otherwise called Chirudhanya or Trunadhanya now called as Siridhanya by Dr. Kadharvali. He did intense research and revived five types of millets which were all most in extinct stage. Among those five, three types are cultivating in different parts of South India especially in Andhra Paradesh, Telangana, Karnataka. In Kerala Chama or Sama (Little millet) is used once on an auspicious occasion known as Tiruvadira. Now most of the southern states started cultivating these millets and we can say that the Millets occupied their own space back.


There are so many grains all over the world using as main course of food. Among them:

Ragi or Finger millet












Little millet/Sama etc

We lost all the natural seeds of those wealth grains. In India and in some parts of the world all the other grains are modified genetically. But by our luck here and there some farmers preserved the desi seeds and still cultivating.

We almost forgot our food habits and agriculture being adopted by our ancestors. Ragi has been the mainstream food in some parts of South India (AP, Karnataka, Telangana) Millets are not a temporary food instead they occupied the main course of food and in many diets all over the world and in India also. They were back they probably belong. Millets are healthy and wealthy substitute to rice and wheat largely due to their nutritional values and low glycemic index that makes them more suitable for diabetics. Millet not only a food but also provide therapeutic effect also because of low GI. Now this is the time to replace our diet and food with the super millets.

Above all, there are five millets to be used for healthy wellbeing. They not only provide nutrient but also medicinal properties they possess. These millets are categorized based on their Carbohydrate and Fibre ratio. They are:

Foxtail millet/Italian Millet

Kodo millet/Himalayan Millet

Barnyard millet/Japanese Millet

Browntop millet/American Millet

Little millet/African Millet

These five millets called Siridhanya or Rich/Wealthy millet because they cater all essential nutrients and also healing properties by Nature. By practical experience and research by Dr. Kadharvali (Dr. Kadharvali Revived all those lost millets again) and several others including myself can say is a very balanced food gives energy and health.

By nature, the grains are provided with carbohydrate interwoven with fiber and possess all other vital elements for our nourishment.  All the above mentioned rich millets or siridhanya the fibre content ranges from 8 to 12.5 percentage and carbohydrate content is in the range of 60 to 69 percent and the ratio is about between 5 to 8.8.

The foods whose carbohydrate ratio is below 10 are have shown healing properties. If we consume these foods, glucose is released into the blood in a regulated manner that means these foods offers slow and steady release of glucose into the blood and by this energy is generated in required amounts as and when needed. So, there would be no sudden shock of glucose in the blood and no diabetes. Release of glucose into the blood is determined by the dietary fibre present in the food grain. The ability to not release glucose more than the required quantity into the blood, the presence of nutrients and proteins make Siridhanyam or Rich micro millet extraordinary. When people with persistent non communicable ailments or diseases like diabetics, kidney ailments, blood pressure, heart ailments, malignancies etc., adopt eating these millets from six weeks to two years depending on their conditions they can get rid of their ailments and can lead a healthy life. The uniqueness of this millets is they not only offer dietary fiber but also healing effect of diseases and it meets the specific requirements of the body. The balanced availability of natural dietary fiber along with all essential nutrients, minerals, proteins etc., inherently makes Siridhanyam very special. In these millets the fiber is present from the core of the kernel to the outer layer which is encapsulated with carbohydrate, they fully enable in providing good health and this piece of information helps us in protecting our health. If we adopt eating these Siridhanya or Rich micro millet, bone marrow would be invigorated, and blood would be purified. Kodo millet offers cleansing of blood and blood related organs, kidneys, liver, good for diabetes. Foxtail millet offers health in nervous system and all nerve related problems and joint problems. Barnyard millet provides healing for liver and liver related ailments. Brown top millet act on gastrointestinal ailments, constipation, all nerve related ailments, joint related ailments etc. Little millet provides health to reproductive systems etc. Other disease conditions related to different systems in the body will get healed by this millets. Prevention is better than cure by choosing right food as staple food rather medications. There is no doubt these are A Nature’s gift. It’s a great boon to all of us to live a healthy life through our own age old food. One can eat all types of millets as mainstream food (major and minor millets).

For future generations, we must provide a healthy atmosphere for their healthy survival. We need to promote organic agriculture or ecofarming. Promote farmers for the cultivation of millets which is dry land farming. By this the farmer also benefited. A balanced ecosystem should be maintained. How we need to preserve our natural resources to our coming generations is a big question. But there is a simple way.

Adopting eco-friendly farming methods and cultivating our own staple food but not genetically modified rice or wheat.

For cultivating rice, we need approximately 6-8000 liters of water, for wheat 10,000 liters of water, for sugarcane 30-40000 liters of water, and meat and meat products about 50,000 liters of water. For the cultivation of millets, we need only 300 liters of water. So, if we adopt and promote cultivating millets as our mainstream of food we could save our natural water resources. This is a piece of information presented here. In later segment we can discuss about millet agriculture and its methodology in an elaborated way. By this we can reduce the effect of global warming. Present Food is the main cause of global warming and no one is interested to talk about this. We must protect our earth and resources provided by Nature and offer a disease less life for future generation through a balanced ecology and biodiversity. We must switch over to conserving culture than consuming culture.

I sincerely thank to Dr. Kadharvali for his intense research in revitalizing the lost grains and established it in prevention and eradication of different ailments. It triggered my research and observation turned to these millets rather on new chemical entities for new drugs for cancers. I could be able to see the evidence practically in so many people with various ailments. The information is not limited and in the present article it is mentioned that each and every issue is interconnected, and remaining topics will be published later.




Author: Dr Sudha is founder of Anamaya Charitable Trust and Research Foundation in the Domain of Ethnopsychopharmacology – Drug development. She actively participates in Awareness programs on preventive Health care, Food and Nutrition, Yoga, Environment and Ecosystem. Currently doing research on a selected plant to prove as drug in Homeo System Through Anamaya (Trust) and Research Foundation.

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