In A Revival of our Tradition and culture of Food part I in our October issue you could read more about current situation of different ailments and sufferings and the root cause of all these elements. It explains how to curb the diseases and lead a happy and harmonious life on earth by keeping our ecosystem in balanced way.

This article would like to highlight the problems caused by our own faults. Some are listed: consumption of Milk and milk products; hybrid vegetables and genetically modified crops and cereals as staple food (paddy rice and wheat, soya and maize etc), highly potent toxins in the name of drugs, over use of drugs, contaminated water with plastics and other heavy metals, meat and meat products, stagnant life styles, tinned and packed foods, carbonated sweetened drinks, adoption of non-native cultures etc.

The diseases like cancers and diabetes are not inheritable. These are the results of consumption of unhealthy foods and adoption of wrong life style habits mainly. In the past, cancers and diabetes cases were rare but now it is all pervasive. Cancer is a generic term for a large group of diseases that can affect any part of the body. It rises from the transformation of normal cells into tumour cells in a multistage process that generally progress form a precancerous lesion to malignant tumour. Tumour is only a local manifestation of a constitutional diseases and that the underlying cause is weakened constitution. There are so many diseases and ailments which effects the whole organism. We cannot highlight any specific reason to address the cancer and not only the cancer there are several other diseases. It affects whole organism and should be treated as such. Modern conventional medicine failed to recognize this, and instead focuses on removing the cancer through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation of all which further weakens the constitution.

Mentally retarded condition was rare in the past when compared to present. About ten to twenty percent got effected with autism. Alzheimer’s disease is common among forty to fifty age group. Malignancies of different types increasing day by day and year by year the mortality rate is also increasing but still we could not find a solution to curb it.  Milk is considered as a complete food and it is seeded strongly in the minds and if we stop consuming milk then forty to fifty percent of diseases can be eradicated. The production of milk is very low and naturally a cow can give three to four litres of milk as in of case desi cows. But today the cross-bread animal producing milk to meet the demand of millions of people! Is it possible, please think. A1 milk is now using is from Jersy cows which are hybridized/genetically modified for extensive milk yielding. By this the structure of protein in milk is changed at one portion of its amino acid sequence. This causes illness and hormonal imbalances in humans who consume it. These A1 cows are developed by genetically modified breeds to yield milk almost all 365 days by injecting hormones and steroids in their feed etc. So, by consuming those milk and products the chemicals get concentrated in our body and it induces mutations and bring hormonal imbalance. The trace particles will remain in our body as bio concentrates, as our body is not designed to disintegrate metals and heavy chemicals so, the liver, pancreas, kidneys undergo  tremendous pressure by this faulty eating habits and faulty foods,  bioconcentrates which our body stores causes hormonal imbalance, negative emotions, stress filled life, anxiety, nervous system malfunctioning, weakness, fatigue, haemorrhoids, tumours, autoimmune diseases, diabetic and the diabetes could trigger various other diseases including loss of sight, kidney problems, heart problems, bone, brain and reproductive problems and now the majority of the population is facing fertility problems etc. Our indigenous dairy animals produce A2 milk and India is endowed with rich A2 dairy animals since our civilizations, protecting the masses from ill effects of A1 milk. It is a matter of great concern for the health of people in India. There is an urgent need to go through our breeding policies to stop producing A1 milk.


Media is focusing the issues every day and debating on several issues. The net result is that the condition is worsening more and more. We could not find a solution to live healthy happily harmonious life on this earth along with other living beings. Science has found nothing for this problem but worsening day by day in an alarming rate. If we go on saying like this there is no end of problems we are knowingly or unknowingly became part of it and acting according to it. We spend time on debating on global warming but no proper solution we put forward. We are losing our natural resources, we are making our globe to warm, over exploitation of natural resources, and deforestation leads deterioration of life and it is threat to other living beings on the earth. The entire humanity is under dogma and fear of uncountable diseases.

The solution for the above problems and eradication of ailments through food:

Avoid milk and milk products, meat and meat products, refined salts, sugars, oils (mineral edible oils) rice, wheat, maida and foods made with maida, fast foods, processed and tinned industrialized foods, tea, coffee, plastics – these must replace with health giving foods such as millets especially rich/wealthy millets, and plants vegetables and plant decoctions, structured water, cold pressed chakki oils, mud pots and utensils, stainless steel vessels etc.

We need to understand it briefly on what type of foods we need to take for our healthy lives. All we need is Carbohydrate for energy in the form of glucose. The health giving and medicinal property of food is determined by the carbohydrate and fibre they contain, and the ratio should be below 10 which possess healing properties. The fibre and carbohydrate content in paddy rice and wheat is 0.02 to 1% and 60 to 79% respectively. That is the ratio of carbohydrate and fibre is 395 not at all a useful food. The food we eat gets digested and the end product glucose is released into the blood for our energy and metabolism but by faulty food habits of having paddy rice and wheat (modified) we get glucose instantly within thirty to forty minutes, glucose is released into the blood. By using refined flour like maida within ten to twenty minutes glucose is released into the blood. This is the one of the main root causes of several diseases. We should consciously understand and opt for right food which play a role in healing and eliminating the diseases and ailments.

What are those foods that must be our staple food? Find out in our December issue.



Author: Dr Sudha is founder of Anamaya Charitable Trust and Research Foundation in the Domain of Ethnopsychopharmacology – Drug development

She actively participates in Awareness programs on preventive Health care, Food and Nutrition, Yoga, Environment and Ecosystem. Currently doing research on a selected plant to prove as drug in Homeo System Through Anamaya (Trust) and Research Foundation.

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