You are getting closer to your enlightenment, in spite of what you may be experiencing physically and emotionally in your life. In fact, the more unsettling things become, often it is a sign that you are clearing on even a deeper level. But to your human self, it may feel like you are just not getting it, or you are doing something wrong. You may become increasingly disillusioned, wondering if you will ever get past issues of a physical or emotional nature.

Sometimes when I feel that I’ve had enough of the challenges of being human, of going through this amazing yet often overwhelming transformational process, and I consider going to the other side, I get sad. Not because I am afraid of dying. I’ve done it thousands of times, but, I am sad about leaving. I would miss the little pleasures. And at the risk of sounding sentimental, here are some of them.

I would miss that first cup of coffee at the café in the morning. I would miss that warm ocean breeze. I would miss the cacophony of crickets resounding throughout the night outside my window. I would miss my nightly walks. It’s a sacred time for me as I gaze at the stars. I would miss laughing with friends, the few I have left. I would miss listening to my music, those creations that give me so much pleasure. I would miss the taste of food, and I would even miss a good cry.

It’s the little things that, as angels, would make us nostalgic for being physical again.

But now we want to enjoy those moments more on our own terms, with our soul in our bodies, in good health and with plenty of money in our life. With passion in our heart. But a different kind of passion. Not a passion for a mate or a career necessarily, but a passion for life, for just being here. For feeling that fulfillment from the inside. And then watching it manifest on the outside.

We are becoming more lovingly and healthfully detached from the world news, from the suffering of others, even from the limited thoughts that come from our mind. We are detaching from the distractions, all the emotions that tell us we are not ready, we are not good enough, spiritually evolved enough, still searching, still learning, still needing challenges. From fears that tell us there is something wrong with us, that we need fixing, that we need processing, analyzing, or that we need more lessons. That we need something from the outside to save us.

But we just need more practice identifying with our spirit self, our soul self, and less identifying with our mind. That’s what takes time, and of course the physical body is the last to catch up, generally, with our consciousness. But leave room too for potential of spontaneous or rapid healing of the physical issues.

In my own life, I have had healings of issues of a physical nature that were considered incurable from a medical standpoint. They were healings, not by doctors, or medicine, or anything outside myself. In fact the conditions just slowly vanished on their own, never to return.

So with so-called incurable or persistent symptoms… Don’t ever give up on your body. Encourage it along in this process. It’s transforming in a major way. Try not to over identify with the illnesses or symptoms. It may take a while, but this too shall pass. And the same holds for the emotional symptoms.

Spontaneous healings are happening more and more, and medicine can’t figure it out. Physicians are not able at this time to understand the ascension process in the human being. They can try to treat symptoms, but sometimes when that doesn’t work, it’s time to own our divinity and allow it to do all the healing necessary. We can even remove the word healing and replace it with the word transforming. Setting free stuck energies. Loving ourselves as we are, so that our soul can come in closer and take care of it for us. Our soul has the capacity to do that.

Our body has the ability to totally rebalance. But it is working with the predominant energies. And if our mind keeps interfering with worry and concern, doubt and fear, the body will accommodate that. That’s OK, it’s a process and you are doing fine. Remember, you have been living in a mental world for so long, where the mind is considered supreme. Where logic and making decisions based on past experience are seen as intelligent and good. The mind was considered God for a long time. Going beyond the mind is relatively new. So give yourself a break. It will take the mind some time to trust in the soul. It’s happening, and interestingly, as we stop responding to all the fears generated from our mind, the mind gets a little panicky. And that is because the mind thinks that it can’t do its job of protecting us. It says, “Whoa, she’s not worrying about that serious condition much anymore? How can I protect her from it then?”

The closer you get to your enlightenment, the more stuck energies come to the surface to be set free. Often they are ancestral and ancient in nature. Imagine them as small children who are creating havoc because they just want to feel loved, but instead feel lost and abandoned. You don’t have to figure out how to heal yourself. You only need to have deep compassion for yourself, for everything you are going through. You may feel alone, but you are not. You have so much love surrounding you that if you allowed yourself to feel into it, it would blow your mind. So continue to love yourself as much as you can, and trust this process. Continue to allow yourself to remember who you really are.






Author: Maria Chambers
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